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The Contributor Requirements at Inspire to Thrive

We do accept sponsored content as long as it’s relevant content! See our long-time Inspire To Thrive contributors below.

  • We are no longer accepting new contributor posts. Only those that have been regularly or sort-after are being used.
  • First, all contributors here must have a Gravatar – Preferably a Face!  So, if you do not sign up here for one. You can meet the contributors here at the bottom of this page for examples. Each has been commenting on this blog for years and sharing posts on social media as collaborators.
  • Then each blog post must be at least 1,000 words long. Check out some SEO tips for blogging here.
  • Next, blog posts must be related to the topic of this blog:  Social Media.  Topics related to social media, blogging, SEO, or online business are great.
  • Of course, content must be original and not duplicated content anywhere else on the web. For this reason, we know how the Google gods feel about that.
  • And then, each post must provide some great images along with your text. One to 3 images are preferred. Finally, images that are submitted here must not be copyrighted images! The size of images should be 1024×512 pixels in JPEG format. To clarify, those images should be emailed directly to: [email protected]
  • Ultimately, every blog post must provide something of value or interest to the readers of Inspire To Thrive. Additionally, you may have a link or 2 to your blog or blog post. (Of course, as long as the link is relevant to your post). Each blog post shall also have several internal links within.

Become a Writer for Inspire To Thrive Here!

Finally, contact me here to inquire.

How to Become a Contributor for Inspire To Thrive

Of course, bloggers that comment here and engage on social media with me, have the first chance of being accepted as contributors on Inspire To Thrive. That’s because I’ve already met the contributors beforehand and am familiar with their work.

Hence, receiving emails from strangers to become guest contributor goes to the bottom of the pile and gets quickly deleted!

Or those that contact me on any social network that I’ve never met before do not work. You must have been engaging on social networks with me first.

Therefore, if you at least know my first name I’ll read the first sentence of your email.

I do accept sponsored posts along with the same guidelines. Please do not beg for discounts – another way to get your email into the trash.

Meet Contributors of Inspire To Thrivemeet contributors at Inspire to Thrive

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Want to be a contributor here at Inspire to Thrive? Without delay, do read the requirements above!

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