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  • Great comments rules, This is exactly post, that I am really looking for my website.
    Thank you for sharing information. Keep it up the work.

  • Comments are really a great means to exchange our thoughts …

    Lisa , you are right with your comments rules .

    In fact I found most of these comment rules are helpful for the person who comments !!!!

    Yes .. Like name and gravater , It looks professional when some use his Real name and use Real image of self …

    For few words comments it is just a waste of time and efforts as “Thank you” and “nice article ” never explain what you really want to say in appreciation of that particular article ..

    So I suggest all commenters to follow these rules for their own benefits as well …

    and more I am also going to make a comments policy for my blog ..

    Thanks for sharing a nice post …
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  • Thanks Lisa,

    This is a really nice and helpful post. Excellent guide on comment policy. All the listed guidelines are very clear. I was looking for such information on blog commenting. I will follow all the steps on my blog to improve my traffic.
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  • Hi Lisa,

    Absolutely love that you’ve given the rules on ‘commenting.’ As a matter of fact, I plan to implement some of those rules. I like the one in particular about they have to comment 3 times before receiving a backlink. Very cool.

    Great post. Short, sweet, important and to the point.

    Barbara Charles recently posted..Barbara Charles – A Shorter Path To Financial SuccessMy Profile

  • [Lisa, I’m not looking for a new backlink 🙂 I just figured out one more tip. You could delete this comment and add it as a PS to the first one. You decide what you think it’s best.]


    P.S. If you decide to follow my tip, each page of the blog will have a link to the Comment Rules page. Therefore the Comment Rules page will become very important in Google’s eyes. In my opinion, it shouldn’t be THAT important. That’s why I suggest that you add the code rel=nofollow to the links that point to this page.

  • Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for the shout out. It doesn’t matter whether someone agrees or not with your rules, but the fact is that your rules are perfectly fine.

    If I may, I would suggest one more thing: place a link to the rules at the bottom of the comment area. This suggestion comes from practice… I checked right now one of your blog posts, pretending that I’m a visitor who just landed on your blog… I didn’t notice any commenting rules other than the original CL rule you already had in place 😉

    Finally, your action proves that partially I misjudged you. It may sound strange, but I’m happy that I was wrong 🙂
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