Improve Writing Skills Dramatically by Doing These 15 Things

When we learn, we have to develop various academic skills. Otherwise, we will not get the necessary grades and adequate education. Academic writing is surely among the most important academic skills. You may have great ideas, but if you cannot explain them on paper, they become worthless. That’s why it is important to learn how to improve your writing skills today.

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tips to improve writing skills
Here are 15 tips for you to improve your writing skills for blogging or any type of writing you may do.

We have written this informative article to explain how to improve your writing skills very fast. There are 15 things to do to become a great writer.

Clarify All the Rules to Improve Writing Skills

Your first step is to familiarize yourself with all the rules and instructions related to your assignment. This is what you should do every time you begin to write.

When you define the purpose of the assignment, you will avoid multiple mistakes.

Brush Up Your Grammar to Improve Your Writing Skills

Your second step is to polish your grammar. Ideally, you should brush it every day or at least every next day. You should pass at least two topics to remind you of the rules.

All students make regular grammar and your practice is important!

Manage Time Reasonably

Time is very important in writing. Every assignment is limited by a strict deadline that cannot be violated if you don’t want to lose essential grades. When you are in a hurry, the probability of making mistakes increases many times. The common issues when writing too fast because of a deadline are as follows:

  • You cannot stop and think over whether your argumentation is convincing;
  • You cannot check grammar, spelling, etc.;
  • There is no time for editing and proofreading.

If you miss these points, you will surely make a lot of mistakes or write weak parts. That is why good control of your time is critical. You should:

  • practice various time management techniques;
  • create a regular schedule;
  • set short- and long-term goals;
  • use a digital organizer;
  • prioritize your goals.
manage your time for writing skills
Learn to manage your time for writing skills and meet your deadlines.

Follow these recommendations, and you will quickly catch up with the pace.

Use Learning Apps To Improve Writing Skills

Make use of smart learning apps and software. They help to cope with a great variety of difficulties and enhance your productivity. If you want to save precious time and have advanced writing skills, you should use the next learning apps:

  • Grammar checkers. They help to define all the mistakes you may miss, and they check texts in a few seconds.
  • Topic generators. If you don’t want to spend too much time generating topics, use these smart generators. Add at least one keyword and check the ideas to cover.
  • Organizers. By using digital organizers similar to Evernote, you will save tons of precious time. They allow for scheduling for days, weeks, and months ahead. You will just look in your planner to check what must be done and when.
  • Citation generators. Thanks to these smart tools, you will also save a lot of time and will avoid mistakes in formatting your texts.

Mind that most apps are offered for free. Even if you have to pay something for them, the cost is commonly fair and cheap.

Vary the Length of Your Sentences

You should watch the length of your sentences. When you write too short sentences, your readers get annoyed by receiving too small bits of information. When your sentences are too long, your readers may be confused about what you try to tell them. That is why you should vary their length.

For example, you may write 3 short sentences and then add one long (about 10-15 words). This method will boost the readability of your texts.

Use the Right Lexicon

The words you use in your papers are decisive too. They may show your reader whether you know what you are talking about. Oftentimes, students use words that don’t truly belong to a certain topic.

Some tend to overuse technical terms or clichés. That’s why you should regularly enlarge your active vocabulary to know that you have enough knowledge of a certain subject.

As for the lexical recommendations, you should avoid using:

  • Slang;
  • Jargon;
  • Clichés;
  • Abbreviations;
  • Technical terms;
  • Acronyms, etc.

At times, you will have to use some technical terms if they are specific and vital. Nonetheless, you should always explain them in simple words.

Describe Complex Cases to Improve Writing Skills

At times, we cannot comprehend some matters, cases, or terms properly. You should not hurry on such occasions. Just try to describe each unknown word or phenomenon.

Don’t Over-Explain

Many students tend to give too many explanations. It is not good for the readability and the space of your text. Simply use one strong and clear explanation for each unknown concept.

Avoid Repetitions

One of the common writing problems of many students is the repetition of the same words or phrases. If you repeat yourself, it means you don’t know how to continue the story.

Be sure every next paragraph introduces a new idea and vivid words that will help your writing.

Don’t Procrastinate

You should be able to overcome procrastination. If you are stuck with your introduction, leave it for later. Focus on the conclusion, main body, or thesis statement.

Afterward, return to it refreshed and with great ideas or hire out for your writing.

Practice Free Writing To Improve Writing Skills

It’s necessary to practice writing regularly. Freewriting is the most popular and effective technique. Write for 15 consecutive minutes. Stop and check how good you’ve scored.

Repeat it until your text is perfect.

practice free writing to improve writing skills
Practice freewriting to improve writing skills.

Predict Possible Questions

When you write an essay or any other piece of writing, be sure you understand your audience. Try to predict what things they may ask and improve those parts so that they have no questions left.

Keep Things Simple

Another great tip that will help to boost your writing fast is to avoid complicated parts of your projects. Some students want to sound overly academic, and it takes a lot of their time and strength.

Don’t do that! The simpler your text is, the better comprehension will be reached and be found online.

Be a Constant Learner

It is also important to develop yourself constantly and learn something new every day. Try to learn 10 new words daily to improve your writing skills.

You should also find time to dig deeper into various subjects to boost your experience and knowledge.

Revise It!

Finally, you should always check yourself. Thus, you’ll avoid many mistakes and improve your writing skills along the way.

  • Apply various editing and proofreading methods;
  • Use checking tools;
  • Ask others for help.

Summing Up How to Improve Writing Skills

We have highlighted 15 great things to do to improve your essay writing skills in English drastically. They are universal and most of them are quite easy to follow. Use them regularly, and you will surely become an excellent writer.

What else are you doing to improve writing skills for you or your staff today? I’d love to hear more about it in the comments below.

Lisa Sicard
  • Hi Lisa,

    Rocking post! Overexplaining seems to be a big problem because bloggers generally lack confidence and clarity. Doubting your writing self leads to over-compensation. Overcompensating means overexplaining and engaging in repetition. Make your point. Exit stage left. Be confident! Have posture!

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Ryan, thank you. Yes, oftentimes, I will read a long blog post and it’s the same thing over and over. It’s like they are just trying to make a long written post than to get to the point and be done with it 🙂 Excellent point on posture and confidence 🙂
      I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks so, have a great day Ryan!

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