6 Digital Tools To Boost Your Productivity & Transform Your Biz

Just over a decade ago, it would be hard to imagine what the future workspace would look like. But the early 2010s saw a sudden rise of cutting-edge digital tools as well as digital marketing tools that would transform how people work forever. Since then, a lot has changed, and these technologies have only improved.

This article aims to help remote workers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to elevate their workspace and boost productivity with a list of six cutting-edge digital tools including digital marketing tools:

What Is A Digital Tool?

These powerful tools encompass interactive websites, applications, and software that demand user accounts to unlock their benefits.

From tracking your budget to learning a new language, digital tools hold the potential to transform your life and workflow.

1. Project Management Tools

Project management is a challenging task. It requires excellent people skills, proper time allocation, and knowledge about the work. Integrating these tasks into a single platform makes project management software much more effortless.

Project managers can efficiently plan, schedule, allocate resources, and assign roles. These project stakeholders can use the software to communicate and exchange resources.

Project management software enhances the workspace by facilitating the tracking and planning of project resources, stakeholders, and components. It also simplifies third-party collaboration with time tracking and record maintenance.

2. Video Conferencing Platform

Much to the dismay of large corporations, going to the office is slowly becoming a thing of the past. This has led to a shift in how organizations communicate. Video conferencing platforms have seen a dramatic rise in popularity, with most meetings now taking place online.

These platforms make it effortless for people in the company to hop on a quick video call to discuss a project or schedule a more significant meeting with the rest of the team. Businesses can easily schedule meetings with partners or vendors thanks to integrations with other tools like calendars.

This technology saves a ton of time, effort, and resources related to business travel.

Granted, in-person communication is still precious. But, businesses are now gearing towards strategic in-person meetings while keeping everyday communication online.

3. Password Manager

With so many digital tools, businesses are at constant risk of a cyber attack. Employees have various online accounts, and a single slip-up can lead to a lot of trouble for the whole company. Weak and predictable credentials are a leading cause of data breaches.

Yet, even Fortune 500 companies still use weak passwords that can be cracked in seconds. One simple and inexpensive solution to this problem is a password manager.

Password managers are increasingly popular tools that significantly improve the level of security in the workplace. Employees can easily manage the passwords for all of their accounts. Not having to remember passwords by heart leads to stronger passwords.

The password manager can even generate a strong password for you and securely store it where only you have access. Password managers save a lot of time. Some have other advanced security features, like alerting you of phishing sites.

4. Officer Manager Software/ Digital Tool

Having employees and no physical office has created the “virtual office.” One essential component of the virtual office is an office management tool. These tools allow remote employees to communicate, share, and manage everyday tasks and responsibilities.

However, office management tools are not limited to virtual settings. Employees working in an office also need office management tools to help with payroll processing, HR management, and other essential tasks.

These administrative processes can take up much time, affecting productivity and efficiency.  Here are a few of the office management tools like factoHR, BambooHR & Zoho. 

Office management software like Flanco incorporates several tools to help these processes by automating repetitive tasks, giving managers and employees more time to deal with more personalized issues.

The best thing about these tools is that they can be highly personalized. Organizations in different industries have vastly different technology needs.

Office management tools are flexible, allowing managers to set rules and critical tasks. Specialized tools also focus on helping specific industries and use cases.

5. Marketing Automation Digital Tool

No matter how great a product offers, a business will only succeed if people discover it. Marketing is an essential part of growing a business.

Digital tools have opened many doors for business leaders to grow their companies. Since marketing involves monotonous work, incorporating a marketing automation tool can significantly improve the workspace.

Marketing automation tools can help you to incorporate the data you collect meaningfully and put it to good use. They can generate personalized workflows, assisting businesses to understand customer needs to deliver the right content at the right time.

You can see one of my favorite digital automation tools below in the video in action: 

6. AI For Marketing

AI tools for marketing are revolutionizing the industry. These tools analyze data, optimize campaigns, and personalize even video content with precision. They streamline workflows, boost efficiency, and drive results.

Marketers leverage AI to target audiences effectively, improve ROI, and enhance customer experiences. From chatbots to predictive analytics, AI empowers marketers to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the curve in today’s competitive landscape.

With AI tools, marketers can automate tasks, uncover insights, and deliver targeted messages at scale, driving growth and engagement in the digital realm.

Final Thoughts On Digital Tools

Today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape makes incorporating cutting-edge tools into your workspace essential for staying competitive and maximizing productivity. These digital tools empower businesses to operate efficiently and effectively.

For example, marketing automation tools and video conferencing platforms facilitate seamless communication and expand reach. In the meantime, office management tools optimize workflows.

By embracing these innovative solutions, you can elevate your workspace and unlock new opportunities for growth in the digital age. Stay ahead of the curve and embrace the power of technology in transforming your work environment. 

What digital marketing tools or other digital tools are you using today for your business? I’d love to hear more about them in the comments below.


What are digital tools?

Digital tools are interactive websites, applications, and software that demand user accounts to unlock their benefits.
From tracking budgets to scheduling tasks, digital tools hold the potential to transform your life and save you time.

What is project management?

They are workflows for managing multiple projects between multiple workers.

Why is video conference still big?

It is cheaper than flying out to meet with clients and other workers from afar.

Why do password manager digital tools save time?

People have a hard time remembering many passwords and have to look them up which can up a lot of time.

What do office manager digital tools do to help save managers time?

They can automate many processes like payroll to save a manager a lot of time.

What are some digital marketing tools to save marketers time?

MissingLettr, The Buffer App, Later, and Agorapulse are some of the tools that save marketers time.

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  • Marketing automation tools can help greatly Lisa, especially for globe trotters like myself. I always maintain some presence during EST time in the States no matter where I am in the world. For example, here in Vietnam I am working on an 11 hour time difference from NYC. Since a decent chunk of BFP readers call the USA their home I automate at least a few updates to be seen during roughly 6 AM to 6 PM, NYC time. Tools add passive elements to our marketing campaigns.


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