Real Estate Agent Tips to Grow Your Business in Less Time

There is never a more noble, rewarding, and fulfilling job worldwide than being a parent. But we must accept that it’s a job that is never easy, and anyone who says differently is lying.

The constant worry can be infuriating as a parent, especially when the child is still under the age of 5. Even though raising kids might be rewarding, there is still that craving for fulfillment you get when you are a working professional.

This makes it even harder to maintain a work-life balance, especially when you have young children or elderly parents. As a real estate agent with a family, maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be pretty challenging.

Especially if you want to be selling real estate while maximizing your profits and also spending enough time with your children or elderly parents.

real estate agent with kids growing biz
Learn to do more in less time as a real estate agent or service business with kids or elderly parents.

But no need to worry; real estate is one of the most flexible professions ever, but only if you are organized and adhere to your schedule. So if you are a real estate agent with kids or elderly parents, here are some tips and insights that you can use to grow your business while ensuring you work in less time.

Automate Lead Generation

In order to grow your client base and business as a real estate agent, you must generate real estate leads. The rise and advancement of technology have made the real estate sector much easier to run without much difficulty.

Since the invention of customer relationship management systems (CRMs), you can automate several processes like collection, lead generation, processing of information, and lead follow-ups. This automation process is also very helpful in helping you decide which buyers pose a serious interest in your listings.

There are usually two kinds of leads in real estate: buyers and listings. The more you can automate the lead generation process, the more time you have to focus on selling.

Most browsers can act as buyer lead generators, and you can also use automated email drip campaigns. However, you can grow your email list with a real estate website. For listing lead generation, you can automate it through a real estate postcards campaign.

Utilizing lead automation is a vital tip for real estate agents seeking to efficiently expand their business and engage potential clients. By incorporating automation tools, agents can streamline lead generation processes, allowing them to focus on cultivating meaningful relationships and closing deals.

These tools can assist agents in various tasks, from organizing client information to providing timely updates, enhancing overall productivity and enabling agents to find properties from and other platforms more effectively.

With all these processes being automated, you will find out that there is plenty of time freed up, allowing you to spend quality time with your family while also being able to grow your business.

Batch Your Outreach

As a stay-at-home parent and a real estate agent, it sometimes becomes hard to reach out to your buyers through emails and phone calls without something arising that will cause you to lose focus.

To avoid such scenarios, you are recommended to select and allocate a specific period in which you will be free from all distractions. Then, you can deal with your buyers or respond to any interested parties in your listings. This technique is known as batching your outreach.

With this technique, you can deal with each lead and query while spending the last time on them. Journals can be a handy tool when using this technique since they will help you discover and set up ideal times for the reach-out process.

If you have other agents working under you, you can grant them the power to run the whole process and they should only contact you in cases of emergency.

batch your time
Learn to batch your time and teach others on your team to as well.

Since there is no better product marketer than a satisfied client, you should always have a detailed plan on how you can profit from their satisfaction by turning them into sellers. By doing so, you’ll have a broad outreach that translates to the growth of your business.

Grow Your Team

The real estate industry is very demanding, let alone when you have kids or elderly parents to take care of. So it is advisable that you not get into this venture alone; you should always have a team backing you if you want to be successful and for your business to grow.

When you have a team backing, you can delegate duties or even set up departments. Each department deals with and specializes in different stages of the process. (This goes for all kinds of businesses today, not just real estate.)

By doing so, you will be able to create enough time that you can be able to spend quality time with your family. You do this while not having to face the fear of your business being stagnant.

You must train and mold your agents to adhere to the rules and regulations you have set since they are a reflection of you and your firm. Also, always have a feasible and manageable staff and pay structure to avoid your firm incurring losses.

That is because the outgoing funds are higher than the funds generated by the firm.

Real Estate Agent Bio Samples

Having some real estate agent bios for your team to follow is key to helping them create a great real estate agent bio. These can help your team grow as more agents get known locally.

Providing real estate bio templates to your new agents will help get them running out of the gate. Oftentimes, people stumble when writing their own bio and put it off. A well-written real estate bio can make a difference for you and your team. You may want to consider hiring a pro essay writer for them.

When you have a team backing, you can delegate duties or even set up departments. #realestateteams Share on X

Set An End Time Every Day and Stick with It

Structure and rules are essential in achieving the desired goal in any field. So as a real estate agent, systems, and regulations are necessary if you want to spend quality time with your family while also being able to grow your business.

This may mean you have to hire a marketing agency for your real estate business.

Since life as a business owner has no pause button or off days, you are responsible for ensuring that life-work balance is achievable. The life-work balance works best by setting up rules and adhering to them.

You can decide that your official work hours begin from 10 o’clock to 3 p.m. with a short break in the middle on regular weekdays. Then, during the weekends and holidays, you only work on Saturdays.

However, that is until mid-day while the whole of Sunday is reserved for family day.

set up an end time
As a real estate agent or small business owner, you must set an end time for your day.

Once you have implemented such a structure, you must adhere to it thoroughly so that no part of your life suffers the consequences. By doing so, you’ll find that you spend enough time with your family without abandoning your work.

Not only that but your business also grows, and family bonds strengthen as a result.

Conclusion of Real Estate Agent Work/Life Balance

In working in a demanding sector like real estate, structure, and preparation are essential for maximum success. But what is success without having people enjoy it? So don’t let your life obligations make the other responsibilities suffer.

By adhering to the above-listed practices, you will find that you can grow your business while still having time to spend with your family.

What other tips do you have for work-life balance as you grow your business? I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

Lisa Sicard
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