Seamlessly Create With Creative Fabrica Studio And AI

Using AI in graphic design has been a buzzword in the industry for the past several years. AI technology uses algorithms encoded inside computer programs to generate graphics. When the user enters specific keywords, language, and prompts, new images are rendered. Creative Fabrica, a platform for digital design and creator tools, has developed a free online web editor called Creative Fabrica Studio.

It incorporates Spark AI, a feature native to Studio that incorporates artificial intelligence to generate new and exciting images. 

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AI In Digital Design

Studio’s Spark AI uses a large database of images that have keywords assigned to them. It allows the users of Studio to create any design imaginable, by simply describing it.

When users add those keywords or phrases to the AI, the system will generate images based on that input. This new way of creating designs has revolutionized the creative industry and enabled everyone to be creative.

Creative Fabrica Studio: Creation Made Easy

Creative Fabrica Studio is an online design tool with the goal of making design accessible for everyone.

It can be accessed from any computer with internet connectivity. It offers access to thousands of design assets available to everyone some premium assets are only available to paid subscribers of Creative Fabrica, available to test out with a free trial. You will just need to use the Creative Fabrica download to get started.

It’s completely free to create with Studio, as are many of the features of the program, including a free background remover, SVG converter, and of course, their exclusive AI image generator, Spark AI.

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What Can Studio Create?

Creative Fabrica Studio can be used to create logos, social media posts, invitations, cards, and images. The versatility and ease of use allows it to be used by designers, crafters, marketing professionals, and creative business owners.

Studio allows users to create designs from the ground up or by searching the free templates available for use. The program offers dozens of pre-sized options for a variety of creations. These include mugs, print on demand (POD) goods, social media posts, and invitations.

Additional Free Tools In Studio

In addition to the myriad of creations that are available within Creative Fabrica Studio’s suite of tools, there are also several free features for image modification.

These include: filters, converters, background removers, and more, making the program a truly comprehensive tool for any digital designer.

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Using Spark AI In Creative Fabrica Studio

Creative Fabrica Studio hosts intuitive AI technology in the form of creator tools. Thus, allowing for the creation of images based on specific search criteria as well as modifications of images using AI.

This is free for all users.

Background Remover

AI is used in background remover programs to isolate the main image from the background. From the canvas, you can easily access this tool by clicking on the Spark AI tab and the magic wand icon.

Once prompted, users can add an image, and the program automatically isolates and removes the background within seconds. Once the background has been removed, the image can be saved and used for your projects with a transparent background.

background remover

AI Image Generator

The free AI image generator in the Studio program allows users to input text prompts to create images from scratch.

To create your design, you need to enter the text information in the form of text prompts,. These are specific, grammatically correct, and concise, with the most important criteria first.

Then, define the style of the image desired, and include a minimum of 5 to 7 words.

You can choose to write the text prompt yourself, or let the randomizer create a prompt for you.

The system takes just a moment to create images based on the words entered to transform ideas into reality. Any images created with the image generator on Creative Fabrica Studio are the owners to keep.

The image can be downloaded and saved for future use, or it can be layered with additional elements and assets within Studio to create a one-of-a-kind design.

ai image generator

AI Inpainting Tool For Creative Fabrica

This feature of Studio allows the user to add an almost-perfect image to the canvas and use the cursor to brush over the area(s) that you would like to modify.

Once complete, simply add text into the search box above the canvas to create a new image. This is useful if you want to add creative touches within an image, like adding or removing a hat from a person in a photograph.

Using Spark AI With Creative Fabrica Studio Templates

The templates within Studio are fully customizable, and allows you to create projects that suit your creative vision. But what if you need that perfect image that just doesn’t exist?

That is when Spark AI can help create a brand-new image that you can easily apply to the template.

We can showcase this example by using a template for a birthday card, and replacing the dog image with two cats instead.

creative fabrica layers

The layers panel in Studio shows all the layers of an image or a template. Thanks to this, you can easily highlight the asset (dog) you want removed from the card with a click of your mouse.

To add two party cats to our birthday card, use Spark AI to create the perfect image for the design.

By clicking the Spark AI tab from the toolbox menu to the left of the canvas, users can write a text description to create any design they want.

In this example, the text we input is for two watercolor cats wearing party hats. Spark AI will generate four images using AI technology.

To add the image to your project, simply click on your favorite and it will be added to the project and moved and resized easily.

card project

An Essential Addition To The Design Toolkit

It’s clear that AI technology is only improving, and the use of this fascinating high-tech feature in digital design is not going anywhere. Users are embracing this technology for designing, creating, and manipulating images that are beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

Offering this remarkable feature via Creative Fabrica Studio to users for free is one of the many reasons designers and crafters worldwide have made this brand a powerhouse in the digital asset industry.

Therefore, allowing designs to go from ordinary to extraordinary.

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