Learn 7 Latest Social Media Updates You Should Know

The Latest Social Media Updates Today

It seems every day in the past week or so a social network has made an update to their site. Some are minor updates but many are major updates. I thought a round-up post would be helpful for you to stay on top of your social media updates.

Social Media Updates


1. Facebook Mobile Profiles – This was a great post by Mike Alton from the Social Media Hat on the changes you can do today to your Facebook profile for mobile. You know how many people are now accessing just about everything on their mobile, right? This post will walk you through the latest social media updates you can implement for your Facebook mobile profile. One of the best social media updates of late.

2. Facebook Notes Updated – Another Facebook update to lure bloggers onto Facebook more. This post is via Social Media Today. They had the most thorough explanation of what Facebook notes are and how to use them. I would not delete your blog for this one! It may be a good addition to your blog.

3. Twitter Moments – This one came out yesterday via the Twitter Blog. It allows you to Twitter Momentssee the best of what’s happening on Twitter when you log in. Twitter gives you the ability to engage and follow Moments too. You can choose via 4 topics for Twitter Moments:

  1. News.
  2. Sports.
  3. Entertainment.
  4. Fun.

In sports for example you could follow the MLB post season live. Very cool! If you are regular reader of this blog you know this is my favorite of all social media updates. I learned on Fun that McDonalds is now serving breakfast 24/7. One can always learn something via Twitter. (Not sure still? Check out Twitter Resources.)

4. Facebook Pages – This post at The Social Media Examiner gives you 5 checks. With these 5 checks you can see if your Facebook Page is up to date. Facebook recently updated their business pages for mobile prior to the Facebook profiles (your personal Facebook account). So be sure to read the 5 ways to check if your Facebook page is updated properly. The mobile Facebook Pages now look awesome on your phone. Be sure to view yours and your favorite Facebook pages out on your mobile.

5. Pinterest Buy ButtonPinterest has expanded it’s buy button. This is great news if you are selling online or like to shop via Pinterest. The post that shares this is from We Are Social Media. If I still had an online retail store I’d be paying closer attention to this one. Pinterest was a great source of sales over 2 years ago. I can only imagine how it has increased since then.

6. Instagram Updates – There are actually several for the popular Instagram social network. The business to business community explains them at their blog. They include images no longer need to be square. You can share rectangle images via Instagram. You are able to message more and use “threading” to message others on the social network. Brands can now interact directly with their consumers. You can also share other’s photos. This is one I can’t wait to try out. Have you shared other user’s photos on Instagram yet?

Beautiful #autumn day in #NewEngland #fall #nature

A photo posted by Lisa Sicard (@lisapatb) on


7. LinkedIn Messages and More – If you message on LinkedIn you’ll notice the new look. I noticed it on my mobile recently and loved it! Gigaom has an awesome blog post on the LinkedIn details. LinkedIn also introduced a New LookUp app as well to help you find people there. They seem to be focusing more on internal conversations vs external ones.


Social Media Updates Wrap

So do you think those are enough updates to keep you busy this week? The changes just seem to keep on coming. Nothing stays the same for long anymore. We must be ready to change and learn new things each day.

Which of the latest social media updates did you like the most? 

I’d love to know more in the comments below….


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  • Hey Lisa,

    Looks like I’m the latest one here. I’ve notice that recently a few social media sites have been doing some updates and I’m glad that you listed some of the sites with their updates.

    I’m more interested in what happened with Facebook since I use it more often than the other sites as of now. So I’ll check out the two articles you recommended here!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Sherman, last but least 🙂 Oh yes, it is crazy how fast things are changing today, such a fast pace. It’s not easy to keep up with them all either. I hope you liked those 2 I found on Facebook. Have a great new week Sherman, and did you get a lot of rain from that storm?

      • Actually we haven’t.. It rain a couple of times within the last two weeks, but it’s all been sunny 98% percent of the time. How’s everything on the east coast?

        • Wow, you’ve been lucky Sherman. We have not had much rain at all, it’s been rather dry though some is in the forecast. The ground is really dry for this area…..

  • Those are all interesting updates Lisa,
    I think I’m actually missing a lot of things :). I didn’t hear about any of these updates before now although, maybe its because I’ve been very busy with a lot of things lately. Don’t even have time for myself.

    Will have to check out the links you provided on the post so i can read more about the updates especially that of Facebook mobile profile.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Theodore, I know what you mean – its so hard to always keep up each day or week with this stuff besides everything else. That’s why I thought it was a good idea to do a post like this one. I feel like if I’m offline a day or two I miss a lot now. But sometimes other things in life are much more important 🙂 thanks for coming by and for the input. Have a great day!

  • Hi Lisa, nice round up. Like to Pinterest “buy button,” it’s interesting how many social media sites, particularly Facebook, are trying to get a piece of the e-commerce action.

    • Thanks Andrew, yes, it really is. I think Instagram too, I imagine all of them soon. Snapchat is another one looking to get in on the action. Thanks for coming by and for the input Andrew. Have a great new week ahead.

  • HI Lisa, Yes, social media updates tend to come about every day! Many of them are important but it’s hard to keep up with them.

    Thanks so much for this roundup to help us keep on top of all of these social media updates!

    • Hi Carolyn, So true now, before it was monthly or maybe weekly especially with Facebook. I hope you had a nice weekend Carolyn and have a great week ahead.

  • Hi Lisa,

    We all know that social media plays an important role in the field of blogging. For business use and personal use, social networking websites are making it easier to connect with other people.

    It’s necessary to know all the current trends. I just read a post at Carolyn’s blog about Twitter moments. I am amazed to know about it.

    I have started using Instagram few days back and it’s really great to be on it. I want to know more about it and here you are.

    It’s always good to know more about these social networks.
    Thanks for the information.

    Have a wonderful day.

    • Hi Ravi, it sure does in blogging and business. Which of the social networks do you use the most Ravi? I like the Twitter moments, they are cool to follow along for live events. Thanks for coming by and for taking the time to comment here, enjoy the day ahead!

  • Hi Lisa,

    It’s that you did a round up on this. I’m like the worse with it comes to keeping up with changes in social media platforms.

    Like you I’d be more interested in sharing another person’s picture. Not really sure how they would have it work but it must be easier that having to do it manually.


    • Hi Lea, It’s not easy keeping with the changes on the social networks. They change so fast now. For so long Twitter did not make any changes and now it seems weekly or daily they are. What do you mean by sharing anothers picture – not manually? Thanks for coming by Lea and have a great day!

  • Hi Lisa,

    I feel good that I come across a good post with fresh details. I’ve recently published a new post on “New Facebook Features’ where I’ve listed the fresh features on Facebook and thus I’m familiar with them.

    But I completely unaware of other updated on active social networks like Pinterest and LinkedIn. I’ll check and make use of them.

    Mike’s posts are always helpful, and I enjoyed reading this post on “Facebook Notes.”

    Thanks for consolidating the social media updates in one place, have a good day ahead.

    • Hi Nirmala, thank you. It is hard to keep up with all the details of each of the social networks today as they change so rapidly! I will have to check yours out as well. Thanks for coming by Nirmala and sharing with us. I hope you have a great rest of the week!

  • Hey Lisa,

    thank you for the excellent social media roundup, so much goes in on the social media that it becomes pretty difficult to stay updated.

    Seems like I haven’t read any of these posts, will check them all out now.

    On our website, we get over 76%+ traffic from the cell phones and the tablets. So I guess optimizing our facebook page for the cell phones might be a good idea.

    Good to see the Pinterest Buy button. Pinterest has provided us with some excellent conversion rates in the past on some of my niche sites. I guess the Buy button is a really good addition because their membership base really loves to shop,

    Good to know that Instagram is accepting other image dimensions and isn’t forcing us to make the images square. This is surely a great idea, will check it out by uploading some of my images from the inventory now.

    Uttoran Sen,

    • Hi Uttoran, You are welcome. Yes, that is just amazing isn’t it how many access it via mobile now? I haven’t purchased anything yet on Pinterest but it will surely make it easier in the future to do that. I keep forgotting that about Instagram and take the vertical pictures for it. Thanks for stopping by Uttoran and have a great rest of the week there. What do you sell on your website?

  • Hi Lisa,

    Is it sad that as a Social Media lover, none of these excite me? I’m more upset with Twitter for removing the share count as well as the talk about opening it up to more than 140 characters. I feel like I’m getting grumpy in my ripening age and think if it works great, why mess with it?

    Social Media Networks are popping up fast but will they last long? Like Periscope and Blab?

    Thanks for sharing these gf!


    • Hi Brenda, LOL, I do like the Twitter moments a lot, kinda fun.
      I’m upset about the counter too – it sorts of like working without a grade without it 🙁
      I haven’t checked out Blab yet, guess that is next. I did install Periscope and watched a few videos on it. I’m not a fan of making videos yet myself. The things we bloggers have to do.
      I hope you are enjoying your weekend Brenda!

  • Hey Lisa,

    More updates…

    I like the Twitter Mentions, that’s kind of cool when you first open Twitter and can see some of the latest stuff but I only just log into it in the mornings and then I never get on Twitter itself again because I use TweetDeck to tweet.

    I’ll have to check out Mike’s post for the Facebook profile updates via mobile. I’m sure there are some things I’ll need to do and I’m also interested in notes. I used to use them a long time ago so I’m not sure if they will be better than sharing blog posts but I’ll read up and see the direction that might be taking.

    I did notice the updates LinkedIn had done but Pinterest and Instagram really don’t concern me.

    As Adrian did mention though, I’m kind of bummed about the change Twitter will be making next month. Whether those numbers are accurate or not, it’s impressive to new readers of mine to see the kind of shares I get on my posts. Heck, the numbers aren’t really accurate for anything we have online so I’m not sure why they’re doing away with that but just more change coming.

    Thanks for these updates and I’ll be sure to share your post as well.

    Enjoy your day and what’s left of this week.


    • HI Adrienne, me too, those Twitter mentions are really nice! You’ll have to log in a little more often 😉 Yes do check it out as many people are now using mobile more than desktop for Facebook. You’ll want to be sure yours comes up well. Did you like their notes before Adrienne? I never used them.
      It will be really interesting to see what happens on the Twitter counts. Some marketers are doing petitions against it too. We have a month to see how it all plays out.
      Thanks for coming by Adrienne and for sharing. I hope you are having a great weekend. I just went to an art festival and am eating kettle corn with the dog 🙂

      • Hey Lisa,

        Well I normally just log-in once a day to Twitter and that’s enough since I only get on Twitter once a day anyway.

        As for Facebook, I’m curious but I’m not using it for business exactly so I don’t really care if they don’t like how my set up is. I know, horrible of me to say right but I don’t focus on Facebook as a big source of my traffic. As a matter of fact, I don’t even have a Facebook or Twitter app on my phone because I never use them. I’m always on my computer and when I’m not I don’t want to constantly check my accounts.

        When I first got on Facebook I used the notes all the time. But they were kind of like notepad. I had hell adding an image because it’s like when your blog post is acting up. You save it, publish it and then you find out it’s all over the place. I quit using them after that and most everyone I know did too.

        I really hope they don’t do away with Twitter counts, spot on or not they help. I guess we’ll see soon enough right!

        Hope you’re enjoying your weekend Lisa.


  • Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for sharing these updates with us. I would not have known about these had it not been for doing posts like this!

    I’ve noticed the Twitter Moments when I log in…it’s pretty cool.

    Out of all of the updates you shared I’m excited about the Instagram. I haven’t tried the share button yet but I will be now that we can do that!

    Thanks for always keeping me updated and informed. 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • Hi Corina, you are welcome. Yes, there were so many it was hard to keep up lately. So I figured I should share away. I hope your week has been going well. I’m looking forward to a 3 day weekend here 🙂 See you back in the socialverse Corina.

  • Hi Lisa,

    I am probably somewhat late to the party, only because I haven’t done much in regard to social networking through my mobile phone.

    I know a lot of people use their devices to do quite a bit of their work…so this will be helpful should I try to implement any of this.

    I have tried to share posts from others to my blog’s FB page…and couldn’t figure out how to do it.
    I’ll have to take a look at the links you’ve shared here. other than Instagram, I use them all.

    Thanks for the info.

    • Hi Dana, Welcome to Inspire to Thrive. It’s never too late. What type of phone do you have? I love using mine on the go. You could copy and paste the link to upload it to your FB page or use the Buffer app either on desktop or phone. Depending on how your blog is set up you may need to upload the photo too, most set-ups it grabs the image but some still don’t. Thanks for coming by and have a great day Dana.

  • Hey, Lisa, you missed the biggest one (in terms of marketing): Twitter decided to switch off the share counts (to be implemented by Nov 20) and also the unofficial “count API” used by the developers. The share counts will disappear unless the developers will pay for Gnip access (unlikely).

    • Hi Adrian, oh yes, that WILL be happening. I wonder how that will all play out. Will it be just the shares on the Twitter feed or all the share buttons we use on our websites/blogs too? Twitter is surely making changes quicker now than ever before. Maybe it will be a way for them to make money? Thanks for the input on this one Adrian. Have a great rest of the week.

      • 1) All the share buttons unless the developers pay Gnip. Because they are based on Twitter API.

        2) Gnip was acquired by Twitter, but the official explanation is that the share count is quite an irrelevant metric – that’s correct, I always said it.

        • Hi Adrian, thank you for the response here. I wonder if it will be a money maker for them. Will they be replacing it with another metric I wonder? How many times a link was actually opened from a tweet maybe? You got me thinking this morning. Thanks Adrian and have a great day.

          • I cannot know for sure, but my guess is that they won’t replace it with another metric. As for the number of clicks, that’s the only metric I always took into consideration. That’s a piece of info they already provide in the Analytics section 😉

          • Thank you Adrian. I will be interesting, I’m sure many marketers are not happy with this at all. I’ve seen petitions etc around the net too.

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