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How Tweens Can Point Us To The Future of Social Media

The Future of Social Media

Do you ever wonder where social media will be in a few months, a year and beyond? There have been many posts written about the death of Facebook and the rise of Instagram. But what else are tweens using today and how will it trend the future of social media for tomorrow? Will they continue to use social or will they move on to SnapChat and other type of social media sites that are more private where mom and dad will not see them? Ever since moms, dads and even grandparents joined Facebook the younger set especially teenagers left Facebook.  Fortunately for Facebook’s financials they own Instagram. Now that was a smart buy! Snapchat did not accept Facebook’s $3 billion dollar offer that was rumored back in December of 2013. It is estimated that 26 million users have flocked to SnapChat.

How Tweens Love To Communicate

Tweens and teenagers alike love to communicate via messaging. Ever try to call one today on a cell phone? Even 5-7 years ago my sons did not answer their phones. But send a text or a Facebook message and they were much more likely to respond that way. Today’s younger tweens probably don’t even know how to dial a telephone or answer one. But they can text away, snap photos and share selfies instantly. This will surely impact the future of social media in the coming years. Marketers and parents will have to learn to adapt as well.

What Other Social Media WebSites Are Popping Up?

Be on the lookout for these other and newer social media networks popping up in the coming months and years. It will sure be interesting to see how sites like Facebook will change as these new social media sites come online and users try out the latest thing online.

If you missed my Facebook post the other day, you can see why I’ve been wondering about the future generation a little more.


Check out the trends of kids using Social Media Today to see how the future of social media may play out in the coming years:

by NowSourcing.
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Where do you see the future of social media going in the coming years? Are tweens going to point the way?

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