How To Give Awesome Customer Service Now To Overlook Products

Customer Service Now – Can It Outshine A Product?

customer service nowRecently I traveled to Canada and each night we stayed at a different motel/hotel. We were on motorcycles and we all were tired when we arrived at a destination later each afternoon. There were 3 of us couples traveling together.

On our third evening, we came to the Pinecone Motel. It was an older motel and not fancy-looking. Upon arrival, a very nice couple introduced themselves to us as the owners. They offered to carry in our bags. I asked the manager about WIFI and he asked for my phone. He took care of setting it up for me. (I thought, this is odd, why is so accommodating? Or is he trying to get info from my phone?) 

We went to our small rooms and I noticed there was no hairdryer so I inquired at their front office. He shortly came running over to bring me a hairdryer.

The Customer Service Now Gets Better

motorcycles in constructionOur motorcycle that afternoon was filthy dirty after riding miles through road work. The road work put us on gravel for miles and then pure soft dirt. We were the third bike to enter this road and we could see our 2 of our friends ahead on their motorcycles. They were swaying and tipping all over. We thought one of us for sure would be going down.

There was a motorcycle behind us that we could no longer see. Apparently, that one went down in the dirt. We were quite shaken and tired when we arrived at the Pinecone Motel. The manager came out with towels, water – a hose, and soap to help us clean up the motorcycles. Wow, what great customer service now we thought.

The Great Customer Service Now Continued

The next morning, we were told they would serve breakfast. We didn’t see the dining room in the back but when we entered we were all in awe. It was an old beautiful dining room.

The owner’s wife came out with the best homemade blueberry waffles we ever ate. Next, they offered other food and drink as well and as much as we wanted. It was all complementary.

The other couples asked if we wanted to stay another night, at first we were like no, the bed was small and not very comfortable. But then we realized the owners would do anything for us so we agreed to stay another night. Of course, there are reasons why your customers may lose trust in your business. But they didn’t give us any reason not to.

Customer Service at the Pine Cone Motel

The Awesome Owners

When we left the second and final morning – the owners came out and took our pictures and then they poised for us.

We learned they were from South Korea and it was only their 2nd year in business. They were slowly fixing up the old place.

Naturally, I had to give them a shout-out on social media and put their photos near their sign on Instagram and Twitter.

Naturally, I had to give them a shout out on social media and put their photos near their sign on Instagram and Twitter. #customerservice Click To Tweet

Is Service More Important Than Product?

I wanted to do a review for them on Yelp once I got home. (They are not there – only on  They really made me think – “is customer service more important than the product itself?”

[clickToTweet tweet=”Is customer service more important than the product itself? #customerservice #loyalty” quote=”‘Is customer service more important than the product itself?'” theme=”style3″]

Since I could not give them a review I gave them a review on Instagram and Twitter.

How Do You Perceive Customer Service Now?

Do you purchase products and services because of who stands behind them and they will be there for you? I know have stuck with Hostgator for my hosting company because they are always there when I’ve had an issue over the years. There may be better hosting or pricing out there but I’ve stuck by them for their support and customer service.

I recently read a great piece on an undercover experiment on 28 web hosting companies’ live chat support that was done. I really could relate to it because I love using the live chat vs. the telephone with many service companies as it is quicker and easier. It was amazing to see one once they were contacted by chat that it required the user to use email. That is not an example of good customer service!

Another example I experienced was trying to buy shoes online. The site didn’t work, so I called and they said they could not take any orders. This was a big major retailer. 2 weeks later the shoes arrived after I was told the site was not accepting orders.

No doubt Twitter can be a great way for other businesses to give customer service as I’ve written about before. It’s a quick and easy way to reach companies that no longer answer the phones via a human being. You’ve experienced that before right?

Why Give Reviews?

People love the feeling they get when they review something or someone they really like. It feels good to let someone know how much you appreciate them and/or their services.

I love giving others reviews when I truly love a product or service. I recently reviewed Ryan’s eBook. Ryan was a huge help in creating my latest eBook Learn to Tweet and Thrive on Twitter on Amazon.

He really simplified the eBook project for me. I could not have done it without Ryan’s eBook on how to create and publish a successful eBook. Thank you, Ryan!

How To Get Reviews – Show Them LOVE

  • Go beyond the customer’s expectations. – Don’t promise the world and only deliver the small potatoes.
  • Manage expectations. – Be sure to manage their expectations so they will not be disappointed.
  • Give more than you tell them you will do. – Go beyond the average to please them.
  • Listen to your customer. – Learn their needs and then you can service them correctly.
  • Be Friendly. – People like to do business with people they like and can relate to.
  • Thank them. – Last but not least be sure to thank your customers for choosing you and doing business with you. Send them a note or call and thank them.

And of course, when you receive this kind of treatment from a business, give them an awesome review.

Recently I had a customer give my Facebook page a review, I was thrilled.

[clickToTweet tweet=”‘Don’t promise the world and only deliver the small potatoes.’ – Inspire to Thrive” quote=”Don’t promise the world and only deliver the small potatoes.” theme=”style3″]

 Customer Retention

It is much easier to retain a customer than to find a new one. It will save you time and money by keeping your current customers happy. Imagine, customers, saving you time and money! According to Sam Hurley’s article, it costs 7x more to obtain a new customer! Think about that one for a minute.

Today it is harder than ever to retain customers as the world wide web opens more options for many to choose from. People can shop around even when they are in a brick-and-mortar store. They quickly take out their mobile phone to compare prices.

That’s where customer service now comes into play. Imagine if that retail store had someone on staff to ask customers if they needed help or could bargain on price or product?

Customer Loyalty

Many today believe customer loyalty is dead. People no longer have one or two options when shopping for products or services. They can go online and find many more options out there.

But with outstanding customer service now you can retain your customers today. Sam Hurley on Post Funnel recently did a piece on the psychological triggers to use for customer retention.

Understanding the psychology behind the customer behaviors, emotions and tendencies is a technique to achieve and maintain that loyalty.


Do have any loyalty to a product or service today? Do you give great customer service now in your business?

I’d love to know-how in the comments below!

  • Hi Lisa,

    That was an awesome reception they gave you. Who wouldn’t give them a positive review like you just did now after this so much love they showered in you, nothing knowing you are a blogger too and you were going to give them free publicity.

    Being good is good. When we give more than what we are paid for, it goes to show to our customers that we respect them.

    Meanwhile, my eyes are glued on that motorcycle. I need this type.



    • Lisa says:

      Hi Emenike, Oh yes, they certainly did. They were so accommodating and it made up for the smaller bed. Which motorcycle is your favorite there? Thanks for coming by and taking the time to comment today Emenike. Have a great day!

  • Mary Sara says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Very well explained, You’re right about customer service. Nowadays No one Focus on that, they want money nothing else.
    I agree that we should give more than what the customers expect to get. Something I need to do when I do create my product, whatever that will be.
    Thanks for sharing these amazing information .
    Have a great day ?

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Mary, welcome to Inspire to Thrive. It is sad to think it’s all about money, isn’t it? I think valuing the long term relationship with clients is the most important. Money will follow after that. Thanks for coming by and have a fabulous Friday Mary.

  • It must have been pretty darn fun to go up there on bikes Lisa. Way cool.
    Fabulous experience you had too. I swear, even if the product is pretty solid, if the love and authentic delivery, and fabulous heart-centered nature of the service offered is top shelf, I will leave a glowing review for any hotel or apartment or business or anything. I just had a coffee at a 7-11 here in NYC. I have never ever come across a nasty or rude person at any 7-11. Even better? All 7-11 employees I have come across over the past 6 years has been so nice, incredibly kind, and super helpful. From NYC, to especially Thailand, where the employees are so pleasant and helpful….in remote areas, in Bangkok, in Chiang Mai. The products in 7-11 are solid compared to other spots but I always go there because the service is A Plus, and always suggest local 7-11’s I go to in Thailand especially. Ditto for an amazing 7-11 I visited at the airport in Copenhagen which had tremendous staff and also, first class, quality, Wholefoods like fare to boot.
    Awesome post, inspired message.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Ryan, it was awesome! The air smelled so good once we hit upper Maine. Canada was beautiful and smelled wonderful from the back of the bike. Very clean air and no humidity.
      Oh yes, now that we understand the importance of reviews we do like to help those folks out if so deserved. I would probably not write a bad review, I just would not write one if I didn’t like the service somewhere.
      Good to know on the 7-11’s, we don’t have many around here anymore.
      Thanks for coming by and sharing on this one Ryan. Much appreciate. Have a nice weekend ahead.

  • Andrew M. Warner says:

    Hey Lisa,

    First off, what part of Canada were you in?

    Now onto the post. You’re so right about customer service. It’s a shock that many businesses still don’t focus on that. They figure that once they have your money they don’t need to do anything else but they under estimate that bad customer service leads to bad reviews.. which leads to less business.

    I can’t remember a statistic I quoted for a post I wrote not too long ago but it was something like 90% of people either choose to purchasenor not purchase something based on a review. With that %, customer service is essential for success definitely.

    – Andrew

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Andrew, St. Johns, New Brunswick (where motel was) then on to Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. It was so beautiful, peaceful and humidity free.
      Yes, customer service really is important. We would never consider going back if it wasn’t for the exceptional service they provided and how well they treated people.
      Wow, 90% is quite a large percentage Andrew.
      Thanks for coming by and for your input and added info to this post. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  • Lisa,

    I am getting hungry for waffles now! 😉

    I haven’t done many reviews over the years, but when I do, I want to focus on the positive things. You have created a wonderful story here!

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Martin, yes, those waffles were so good. Blueberries there are grown everywhere and I believe are wild and tasted sweet. I would go back for the breakfast and the services they provided. Thanks for coming by and have a great rest of your week.

  • Hi Lisa,
    Great article about great customer service.
    I rarely give reviews. So rare, in fact, that I’ve given a whole two of them in the last couple of years. One was for one of Ryan’s ebooks, with a 5-star rating, on Amazon. The other was a bad review for a restaurant, now closed, in Malden, MA.
    I don’t have any products yet, so the extent of my customer service is writing my blog posts and replying to comments left for those posts.
    I agree that we should give more than what the customers expect to get. Something I need to do when I do create my first product, whatever that will be.
    Before I moved out of MA, I used to be a regular at the local Texas Roadhouse. I went there all the time. So much so, that most of the people who worked there knew me by name. If it wasn’t for the way they treated me, I wouldn’t have kept going back. The ultimate was the second to last time I went there, to celebrate my 50th birthday and, at the time, what was supposed to be the last visit before I moved, the asst manager comp’d our entire $75.00 bill. I knew something was up, but didn’t think it was going to be that. Yes, customer service is very important and they know it there.

    Thanks for sharing this story and I’m glad you had a great time while there.

    Have a good one……Chris

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Chris, welcome to Inspire to Thrive. Interesting you are from New England 🙂 Do you know yet what kind of product you will be providing? What a great story about your time at Texas Roadhouse. Is there one now near where you live? We have one in this area and they are very good too with their customer service. Half of the battle is how people are treated at a restaurant or anywhere when they go to purchase a product or service. Did that customer service at Texas Roadhouse outshine their food? Curious …. Thanks for coming by Chris and have a great day!

  • Hi Lisa,

    Good for you! I love to give reviews too. If I am treated well as a customer I will shout it out everywhere I go. Maybe its because I do everything online? But you went way beyond when they weren’t on foursquare and put them on Instagram. This is the way to do business on both ends.
    Giving more than a customer expects is the WOW factor that keeps them coming back.

    I can say my customers are loyal. They become close to me and I genuinely care about them. If I give them something they never expected, they are happy and that makes me happy. It’s a win-win all around.

    BTW I enjoyed your trip via pictures you have taken and posted on Facebook. But the best was when you visited me and said “Lets take a picture.” Instead I did a FB Live with you and it came out great!


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Donna, yes – that could be why do give them if you are online often 🙂 I believe it is a win-win when you can achieve that. You do give that personal touch Donna.
      Thank you on the pictures. It was so beautiful there. I love your area and north of it. I’m so glad we were able to meet and hang out for a while Donna. Thanks for getting me to use video – I did another on my page the week after. I will try to do it weekly thanks to you Donna! Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  • Hello Lisa,

    Adorable vacations pictures over here 🙂

    Talking about the customers services, its our first priority to help them with their problems.

    We are here to sell our services and people do get to buy from us, but its not about making money and selling them once, its about
    helping them out if they face any trouble regarding our services. One of the main things, that would make our business stand tall.

    If the relation is made once, they would always get to our site, when they had to get something. They would never fly any where
    else if our product and services both are well provided to them.

    Thanks for the share.


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Shantanu, thank you. Yes, you make a good point, helping customers is a must and is a part of that customer service. Once they do trust a company they probably would not look elsewhere for the same product or service. They would remain a happy and loyal customer. You are welcome. I appreciate your coming by and have a great day!

  • Vishwajeet Kumar says:

    Hello Lisa,

    Wonderful vacation Pics. I hope you enjoy it a lot. Well Customer services is really very important for a business to retain themselves in the market. Today people don’t hesitate to invest if they get quality and friendly customer support. This implies to all business whether it is online or offline. Great Points here, Thanks for sharing your tips with us.

    Have a great day 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      HI Vishwajeet, thank you. I loved it 🙂 I so agree – it can apply to both online and offline. Customer service is really important and so many skip this step of their business. You are welcome. Thank you for coming by and for your input Vishwajeet. Have a wonderful day!

  • Bren Lee | Designs by Virtual Bren says:

    Hey Lisa,

    I’ve enjoyed seeing your vacation pics on social media. This quaint little hotel you stayed at deserves full reviews! How awesome of them to be so accommodating! I bet they were tickled with the pics of them and the thought of you writing a review on their blog.

    Just goes to prove how essential good customer service is. Not only at motels/hotels, but in every type of business.

    Fab post gf! Happy Monday!


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Bren, Thank you. It was so beautiful there and I took so many pictures. I still have a few left to share. They were the nicest people and it really made the difference in the stay. I would go back again because of them and the delicious homemade breakfast. They are fixing it up too and it would be nice to see the improvements in time.
      It certainly is, customer service is crucial to businesses today. People don’t have the loyalty like they once did.
      Thanks Bren and I appreciate your coming by on this one. Happy Monday!

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