Using Webmaster Tools To Find Holes In Your Keywords

Webmaster Tools Can Help You Find Holes in Your Keywords

Do you often check out your Google Webmaster Tools? I do check daily for my retail websites. I use it mostly for broken links (Under Health, Crawl Errors) but lately I started to look at the keywords info section and learned some new tools within them available. An eye opening experience for me and maybe you too?

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How often do you log in to your Webmaster tools? Of course it is the first step to finding out more information about your website or blog. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. I don’t get in often to mine for Inspire to Thrive as I do for the retail websites. When sales go down the more I go and check out what could be happening. The same if your traffic stops coming to your blog, right? See the 3 great reasons to check your webmaster tools out below.


Log in to your webmaster tools

The part that intrigued me was the Queries with Change. It is under Traffic, then Search Queries.  This  part was new to me. It’s right next to the basic tab. Have you seen it on yours?

with change Webmaster tool


Now what really opened my eyes and bells going off for me was the results for Halloween Scrubs – the search query dropped for them 100%! Not surprising since it is November but made me realize how often things may change in search. So it is time to plug some of the holes. On the holiday page I still had the keyword Halloween, no more today! Just holidays and Christmas are relevant.

Eye opener in webmaster tools


So what does this mean for you with your Webmaster Tools?

  1. You should log in often – at least weekly if not monthly to your webmaster tools.
  2. You should scroll through many of the pages for the search queries and see which keywords have changed either in queries or in the average position.
  3. Change some of your keywords and meta to make your page position better and to reflect what queries have gone up.
  4. Make a list of all your pages keywords and description titles.  It will be a great reference tool for you when things change with keywords as they will.
  5. Don’t forget to check your keyword density too when you do make changes.

When is the last time you checked your keyword changes in Google Webmaster tools?

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