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Learn 7 Latest Social Media Updates You Should Know

The Latest Social Media Updates Today

It seems every day in the past week or so a social network has made an update to their site. Some are minor updates but many are major updates. I thought a round-up post would be helpful for you to stay on top of your social media updates.


1. Facebook Mobile Profiles – This was a great post by Mike Alton from the Social Media Hat on the changes you can do today to your Facebook profile for mobile. You know how many people are now accessing just about everything on their mobile, right? This post will walk you through the latest social media updates you can implement for your Facebook mobile profile. One of the best social media updates of late.

2. Facebook Notes Updated – Another Facebook update to lure bloggers onto Facebook more. This post is via Social Media Today. They had the most thorough explanation of what Facebook notes are and how to use them. I would not delete your blog for this one! It may be a good addition to your blog.

3. Twitter Moments – This one came out yesterday via the Twitter Blog. It allows you to see the best of what’s happening on Twitter when you log in. Twitter gives you the ability to engage and follow Moments too. You can choose via 4 topics for Twitter Moments:

  1. News.
  2. Sports.
  3. Entertainment.
  4. Fun.

In sports for example you could follow the MLB post season live. Very cool! If you are regular reader of this blog you know this is my favorite of all social media updates. I learned on Fun that McDonalds is now serving breakfast 24/7. One can always learn something via Twitter. (Not sure still? Check out Twitter Resources.)

4. Facebook Pages – This post at The Social Media Examiner gives you 5 checks. With these 5 checks you can see if your Facebook Page is up to date. Facebook recently updated their business pages for mobile prior to the Facebook profiles (your personal Facebook account). So be sure to read the 5 ways to check if your Facebook page is updated properly. The mobile Facebook Pages now look awesome on your phone. Be sure to view yours and your favorite Facebook pages out on your mobile.

5. Pinterest Buy ButtonPinterest has expanded it’s buy button. This is great news if you are selling online or like to shop via Pinterest. The post that shares this is from We Are Social Media. If I still had an online retail store I’d be paying closer attention to this one. Pinterest was a great source of sales over 2 years ago. I can only imagine how it has increased since then.

6. Instagram Updates – There are actually several for the popular Instagram social network. The business to business community explains them at their blog. They include images no longer need to be square. You can share rectangle images via Instagram. You are able to message more and use “threading” to message others on the social network. Brands can now interact directly with their consumers. You can also share other’s photos. This is one I can’t wait to try out. Have you shared other user’s photos on Instagram yet?

Beautiful #autumn day in #NewEngland #fall #nature

A photo posted by Lisa Sicard (@lisapatb) on


7. LinkedIn Messages and More – If you message on LinkedIn you’ll notice the new look. I noticed it on my mobile recently and loved it! Gigaom has an awesome blog post on the LinkedIn details. LinkedIn also introduced a New LookUp app as well to help you find people there. They seem to be focusing more on internal conversations vs external ones.


Social Media Updates Wrap

So do you think those are enough updates to keep you busy this week? The changes just seem to keep on coming. Nothing stays the same for long anymore. We must be ready to change and learn new things each day.

Which of the latest social media updates did you like the most? 

I’d love to know more in the comments below….