6 Reasons Bloggers May Slow Down Writing Blog Posts

Sometimes a blogger has to slow down writing blog articles. Their life becomes so busy offline that they can’t keep up online. You may have remembered the year my mom got sick and passed away from cancer.

writing block articles
When writing blog articles takes a back seat in life.

It was a tough time to continue blogging. However, some days it was therapeutic to write blog articles and on other days there was really no time to get online.

At that same time, my old day job at the newspaper got very busy. My company was bought out by another and we lost some co-workers. I had to go out of town for new training and still keep up. The commute was triple my normal commute so there was no time to get online before and after work.

The training was great though. It was all about online marketing, SEO, SEM, and social media. Who can’t learn more in this ever-changing arena right?

Does Slowing Down Your Blog Posting Harm Your Blog?

I recently read a case study on the frequency of blogging articles via the Blogging Tryant. They found it brought more traffic to write more blog articles but the comments and networking went down. Furthermore, you run the risk of getting burned out.

Hence, I found the same thing when I had to slow down my blog posts. The traffic went down but I began to get more comments. If I had been online and commenting more on other blogs I would have had even more comments on those posts.

Back then, I had been averaging 2-3 posts per week before mom got sick. After mom passed I started doing more things. Through her death, she taught me to live more offline. I began to do things on my bucket list before it becomes too late.

It’s only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth – and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up – that we will begin to live each day to the fullest as if it was the only one we had.    ~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.

Then along came a new granddaughter – my first. She came 3 weeks earlier than the due date. When I learned she was coming early of course there were some concerns. Thankfully everyone is doing well and all are healthy. She is now 8 years old as I update this blog post.

During that time period, it was hard doing 2 blog articles per week. In a perfect world, I would recommend 2 per week but it is okay if you cannot do 2 per week. It gives you space to comment on others and promote your own.

As long as you can consistently write a blog article, that’s what matters the most! Of course, you can update old blog posts too as it helps your readers and the SEO of your post. – Lisa, Inspire To Thrive

Now fast track to 2023 and I post more frequently between some sponsored content and updating of old articles like this one, it puts more posts up – sometimes up to 7 days per week. On rare occasions, I may publish 2x a day here on Inspire To Thrive. My newest blog, Rural Area Life only gets one post every week. However, today my blog is now also part of my business.  

6 Reasons To Slow Down The Frequency of Your Blog Articles

1. Time

Many bloggers don’t have the time to devote to writing quality content each and every day. Writing great posts can take a couple of hours to days. There is the process of finding good images as well as writing. And let’s not forget a little formatting too. However, some may use tools like Jasper AI to speed up that process. It has helped me here write quicker and better content.

2. Promotion

However, you want to spend more time promoting your last blog post. Promoting your blog articles take time. I try to make each post different for the different social channels. I also use Triberr to share others’ posts. Promoting is 80/20 and only 20% should be used posting your own stuff. I can’t imagine doing all that without Agorapulse or MissingLetter or Triberr.

3. Commenting

You want to spend more time interacting via commenting on other blog articles. It’s hard to spend time commenting (quality comments) on other blogs if you are always generating your own content. When others come back to comment on yours it will give you more social proof. That way your blog won’t be an empty community.

4. Research

Or, you need to do more research for your next blog post. Some posts take more time to research than others. You want to know as much as you possibly can on a topic before you post on it. Even if you are using AI, you need to do your own research. Some AI tools have older content that’s not up to date.

5. Need A Break

You may need to take a break as Harleena did several months ago. She came back all refreshed and charged up to blog away again. Blogging daily or several times weekly with no break can burn you out. I’ve seen many bloggers come and go over the past 10 years. Every now and then a broken link appears and you know, another blogger has sadly quit.

6. Guest Posting

Finally, you may be writing blog articles elsewhere on other sites as I did recently for UpCity about Twitter.  These guest blog posts take a lot of time too to write and prepare.

write a blog article consistently
Learn to write a blog article consistently to maintain your blog goals.

3 Reasons Not To Slow Down Your Blog Articles Frequency

  1. You may lose your passion or your habit of blogging. It may not be easy to get back into the swing of writing.
  2. The loss of traffic to your blog. If you are serious about making money blogging losing traffic may not be good. It all depends on what you want to get out of blogging.
  3. Your blog will not appear as a professional blog if you haven’t posted in months. It will drive people away.

Your Findings

How do balance your blog article frequency with your offline life?

So if one of your blogging buddies stops writing, you may know something is up, especially if they have been at for 10 or more years.  Please leave a comment below so we can discuss the frequency of blogging.

Jasper helping you to write content fast
Jasper AI can help you write content faster!
Lisa Sicard

78 thoughts on “6 Reasons Bloggers May Slow Down Writing Blog Posts”

  1. These days everybody is busy.
    Write when you can and share it with the world.
    Spend time with family and friends and I’m sure you’ll find the inspiration to write.

    1. Hi Garry, so true. When I spend time offline I always come up with more ideas to blog about. I can’t wait for the weather to break and go for long walks. Always inspiring. Thanks for coming by and have a great day.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I agree with you on the points or reasons for slowing down on blogging. For instance, I recently wrote an article on Instagram marketing. It’s actually a 2,000+ word blog post which took me 3 days straight on research alone. Even after completed the post, I still had to save it and edit for another 3 days. At this point a week has already gone.

    So as you pointed out, some articles required in-depth research which takes time. More is that at some point in your writing, you need some time out to refresh and rejuvenate your energy so as to come with renewed force and energy which will propeller you to the next level.

    But one thing that really scares many bloggers and prevents them from slowing down is the issue of loss of traffic. It’s certain that you will lose a considerable amount of traffic if you choose to take a break from blogging. However, taking a break is good for your health, so the point for bloggers to do the best they can to keep a balance in terms of blogging consistently and get burned out, and slowing down and become refreshed.

    Thanks for posting.

    1. Hi Moss, oh yes, some posts do require much more ressearch indeed. And taking breaks is key too. I think once you settle into a groove the traffic will grow. If you need a longer break you may lose a little but it won’t take long to generate it back again. You couild always update an old post too in the meantime. I’d love to see your post on Instagram Moss.
      Thanks for coming by and have a great day ahead!

  3. Hi Lisa,

    I do hope you are getting a bit better each day. I’m certainly thinking of you and your super hero warrior self and wishing you lots of strength and support through the healing process.

    Blogging is a funny thing. I used to think I had to knock out three plus articles a week and then I went down to two. Now this year I have gone to one article a week at each of my two sites and focused strongly on each sites mission and massive quality in the content. The interesting thing is my traffic has actually increased from this. So have my comments but I attribute that part to my theme goal this year of “Engagement”. Yeah…I love that part. My relationships have become so much more REAL.

    As far as monitizing on the blogs, I would think that pushing out quality content with prove the credibility of your self to where your readers become client based.

    Wishing you the best. Rest, take care and let others pamper you with love to heal.


  4. Hi Lisa – First time commenting on you blog. You have a lot of good content here, so I’m guessing I’ll be back. 🙂

    Like you I hold down a full time job and blog on my own time when I have time. The time I have available for blogging comes in streaks, so I have to take advantage of that time as best I can. As someone who is taking this little hobby a little more seriously than I have in the past, I’ve discovered it takes quite a bit of work to network with other bloggers. While that may take time, I’ve discovered putting in the time for networking is well worth it.

    Given all of that, I don’t have a desire to crank out multiple posts every week. I’d much rather take my time to focus on the topic, do the appropriate research, and ensure I’m writing the highest quality post that I can. If that means I only have the time to post 1 – 2 times per month on my own blog, I’m ok with that.

    Keep up the great work, and I’ll be back…

  5. Interesting stuff. Kevin is right, you get way more traffic the more you write but people who might visit often don’t feel they have enough time to read it all so those folks kind of fade away, and new visitors usually will only comment on one thing and move on.

    As for slowing down on articles, you know I have multiple blogs. I kept up on IJS and my business blog but the others suffered greatly. I was traveling a lot as you know but I also wrote for some other folks and I had to keep those commitments. When you have so much going on it’s easy to say “I’m too tired to deal with it today” and I did just that. It happens, and since I’ve been doing this since 2005 I figure I deserved some time.

    Sorry to hear about your mother this late into things. I also congratulate you on the grandchild, something I’ll never have in my life. Life… strange thing eh?

    1. Hi Mitch, yes Kevin sure is. I’ve been trying to get back to one post per week which used to be easy and now it’s gotten harder but life has changed a lot in the year both personally and professionally. I used to have lunch hour to work on stuff but those have become far and between. I have enjoyed some time offline too which is a great thing, right? Thank you about my mom – I can’t believe it’s been 6 months already. I was making jasmine rice which I love the other night and suddenly remembered that was the last thing I had made her on that last day. Weird how some stuff pops into our heads. Thanks too on the grandchild, she lives across the county but I did see her at a month old. Hope to see her again in the upcoming year, strange being a far away grandma (like a virtual one…) You never know what life’s twists and turns will do Mitch, strange – maybe to some and not others.

  6. Hi Lisa,

    I think all the things are true but for me I slow down writing articles cause I need more motivation. And I also ran out of ideas many times and sometimes it took me a week while thinking on what should I write about. Anyways it was a great tutorial thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. Hi Rohit, than can happen to 🙂 I try to read more or go for a walk and do something different to change my mindset. Jouust be careful not to go too long or it will become a new mindset and you may not post for sometime. Thanks for coming by and have a great day!

  7. Hi Lisa,

    There is definitely a time and season for everything. I don’t blame you one bit for taking a step back to enjoy your life a little after the events of the recent past in your life.

    Like you said, sometimes you just have to enjoy life and the finer things in life that you may want.

    There are definitely times I sense I’m getting tired. I’ve decided that three blogs a week are good for me since I sometimes tend to write 2,500 word blog articles.

    I don’t want my writing to be a chore because it’s not for me. It’s for my readers, businesses owners and marketers who are out there fighting the good fight every day trying to figure out how to make the internet work for them.

    I also love to read other people’s work. I get ideas, inspiration and clarity around who I am and why I do what I do. I don’t want to lose my passion so I have to keep my mind fresh.

    This is also a great time for me to go back through your previous blog articles and read what you’ve previously written. So, you might see me occasionally pop-up on one of your older articles.

    I hope you have a great day and a strong finish to your week.

    1. Hi Don, oh yes. Wow, 3 blogs per week Don, do you work outside of your blog too? That’s a lot of especially the length you write. I haven’t done that many in quite some time but it’s been quite a year for me too. I also love reading others work but haven’t had the time either as much as I used to. Many bloggers have quit too this past year. It always saddens me when I see another one bite the dust. Thanks for coming by Don and I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I’m looking forward to the 3 day weekend here.

      1. Hi Lisa,

        Sure, I have plenty of time, lol… I am so familiar with my industry and work that it only takes me about 2 hours to write, proof and post the article. Then it’s off to marketing and promoting it.

        In fact, I’m building out two new products, 1-1 coaching program that is already roaring privately that I haven’t marketed and a Strategic Internet Marketing Mastermind (small group) that will be much less expensive than the 1-1.

        And, I’m finishing my speaker page and videos and I’m working on an eBook as well. Look at that, you got the first announcement. 🙂

        I really believe many are failing because they haven’t taken the time to figure out their business, audience, strategies, goals and objectives.

        Most of it could be avoided and I’m proof of it. I have done the HARD work and now it’s paying off. I have a long way to go to fulfill my goals but they are there.

        I appreciate you Lisa and let’s keep fighting the good fight and inspiring people to thrive!!!!

        ~ Don

        1. Hi Don, thanks for coming back to explain how you do it. Very inspiring I must say! Just an FYI: I’ve noticed your comments don’t show link because of the root domain not being used. I’m not with CommentLuv if I can get it through.
          Good luck in all your upcoming ventures Don, I’m sure you will do great!

  8. Hello Lisa,

    Congrats on the arrival of your first grand child! I can only imagine your hapiness – the Hapiness all moms feel when they become ‘grand-ma’. I still remember the smiles on the faces of my mum and mum-in-law when my wife and I presented their first grand child. Congrats!

    Back to the post. You see, Lisa, most often, it pays to slow down – especially if it burns you out and your productivity is running low and diminishing returns are setting in. I too slowed down and went to a weekly schedule. However, revenue dropped so badly and I lost my passion for even writing again. Presently, I’m reconsidering the daily schedule again.

    My advice for all? Experiment and by all means pick only what actually works for you!

    Do have a very great day!


    1. Hi Akaahan – thank you. It still feels a little surreal 🙂 I’m afraid of that too. I didn’t post for 2 weeks due to other family things going on but I finally did today and feel more inspired to write more. I think if you do stop for too long you lose your writing groove and interest. It’s a tough balance Akaahan but weekly may work if you spend enough time promoting and commenting at other blogs. At least that is what other readers have said here. It’s something I’m going to try til the year end. Have a wonderful new week and thanks for coming by with your input.

  9. Hi Liz, thank you. Balance is key! WIthout it we cannot succeed in any areas of our lives. Congratulations on your little one too. I just viisted mine as she lives across the country, she is so tiny. She was born 3 weeks early and just over 5 lbs.
    From what I’ve read here from other readers in their comments it looks like some who cut down to 1 x per week vs 2-3x per week actually gained traffic. I think it’s because they had more time to promote, etc. Not a bad idea!
    I hope you have a great new Month Liz and hope your granddaughter has a Happy Birthday coming up.

  10. Hi Lisa,

    You have a new granddaughter, congratulations! I do too. My granddaughter was born last December so she’s coming up on her first birthday. For me she’s added so much to my inability to find the time to get everything done.

    Honestly though, I never bought into the idea you have to blog every day, or even 2-3 times a week. Unless you’re just a writing maniac I never saw the benefit. I’m not a writing maniac so to write that much would mean my content would be less than worthwhile.

    I prefer to write and then let it marinate a little. Not everyone is going to have time to see it if you’re quickly writing new stuff. Besides if I’ve written a post that I think is something extraordinary I want it to sit out there awhile. I’d rather do as you mentioned and interact a little more and give myself time to thoroughly promote the piece.

    And of course you want to avoid burnout. It’s important to work hard but it’s also necessary to make sure you get to what’s really important in life, your family, your friends and your personal time. Balance is hard but necessary.

    Enjoy your new grand baby Lisa 🙂


  11. Hi Lisa,

    Wow, I’m so sorry to hear about your mom, as that must have been a horrible experience. You have no regrets because of the time you cared for her, and you were such a blessing and wonderful example to us all. Yes, it’s tough to get back online after a sad event like that. When my brother died, it was really hard to get back at all. It was three weeks until I could even go on the computer.

    Bless your heart – your job kept you so busy with all that training, I can completely understand how you may not have time to blog. Glad the content was right up your alley. 🙂

    I also enjoyed Kevin’s case study, very valuable info.

    You’re absolutely right! Need to quit thinking “someday” because that day may never come. I’ve been doing a lot of things that I initially ‘force’ myself to go enjoy, and I have had the time of my life.

    My husband and I went scuba diving when we went on our first cruise to celebrate an anniversary. That was a few years ago. Since, I’ve been visiting gorges, state parts, went zip lining and hot air ballooning! 🙂

    I completely agree with the importance of promoting your most recent post. I spend just as much time on content syndication as I do on creating the content in the first place, maybe more.

    Thoroughly enjoyed your post, Lisa, as I can really relate to what you’re saying and take away golden nuggets, so thank you for sharing!

    Have a great rest of your weekend.
    – Carol

    1. Hi Carol, thank you. I’m sorry to hear about your brother. Sometimes I find work and blogging therapeutic too. It can take your mind off things for a while.
      Yes Kevin’s case study was great and a few commenters here mentioned how they cut back to 1 post per week and that their traffic actually increased! I think because they had more time to promote and comment at other blogs.
      I’m glad you are doing more, too many people wait and don’t ever fully live their lives. They keep thinking “tomorrow” and it may never come. What is zip lining? I’ve never heard of that one 🙂
      You are welcome and Happy October, September really flew right by us.

      1. Hi, Lisa!

        Ziplining – oh so fun, and I waited till I was in my 50s to do it.

        You can see me on a zip line here:

        Talk soon,
        – Carol

        1. Hi Carol, that looks like fun once getting over the fear of doing it! Thanks for sharing. Where else do they do it besides in the poconos?

          1. Hey, Lisa – not sure as my daughter researched the closest place to us who offered it, and the Poconos (1-1/2 hours away) was the closest. 🙂

          2. Carol, I understand New Hampshire has several, I’m hoping to go before winter, thanks for sharing about it. Looks fun!

  12. Hey Lisa,

    Great post. I’ll have to say that when I slowed down my writing, I was much better off. Mainly because I couldn’t keep up. I started blogging last year July and I also created a podcast that I would put out. There was times I was doing 3 posts a week. Two regular blog posts and one podcast and it was beyond hectic.

    I gave up the podcast earlier in the year and went to two posts a week and even that was hectic … so now I’m down to one. I know that I could have double the traffic numbers with 2 posts a week … Monday and Thursday but for myself, I see no point. I much rather publish the one post and focus on promoting that post and getting comments.

    The one thing I really noticed from Kevin’s case study was that the comments went down. Unless you’re a ultra popular blog, or have an engaging community, that would happen I would think.

    There’s nothing wrong with taking time to yourself … and I actually applaud that. It’s needed at times.

    ” I’ve also found when I don’t post at least 1x per week I lose some of my passion for it. Not good, right?” I plan to take a few weeks off from blogging in the mid-December and I hope that I don’t lose the passion for it. Time for yourself to regroup is needed.

    Thanks for this post, Lisa. Great job.

    Hope you have a great week.

    – Andrew

    1. Hi Andrew, oh yes 3 posts per week would put me over the edge – especially now. I think I am headed into that one post per week as well. I’ve read other commenters here who have said their traffic increased – interesting! Maybe because they spend more time commenting on others blogs and networking on the social sites more.
      I hope you enjoy your regroup time Andrew. The most I’ve taken off from here has been 2 weeks. But not planned.
      You are welcome and enjoy the rest of your week!

  13. I haven’t been posting nearly as much as I used to myself lately. I really can’t commit to a set posting schedule. I just have too many other things to do. So lately it’s more like if I have time I will if not no big deal.

    I really enjoy summer, and tend to get out and enjoy it as much as I can. So, I usually don’t get as much done as what I would like. Now that it’s winding down I may have more time, we’ll see.

    I also work on programming projects from time to time. I never know how long they will take, but usually longer than expected or what I hoped for. That’s the way it usually goes for me.

    Nothing wrong with taking a break. You have to enjoy your offline life too.

    1. Hi Ray, I’m with you, hard to commit to a schedule of late. Me too – summer is great to go outdoors and enjoy nature. I do find it inspires me to write more at times as well. I’ve seen others who say they have increased traffic by going from 3 to 1x per week with their posts, very interesting.
      Thanks for coming by and for your input on this one Ray, have a great day and new month!

  14. Hi Lisa,
    Your post couldn’t have been better timed! It has helped me validate my own recent shift in blog post quantities. I initially started out blogging 3x a week. Then I realized how much time blogging can take, so after about a year, I dropped down to 2x a week. Lately, I’ve been struggling getting 2 a week out, and since the summer, it’s been more like just 1 a week. I’ve been troubled about that, concerned I would lose people, or just “fall off the map” but in the end, that one post a week feels better for me. My latest blogs have involved a lot of photography and have been more time consuming to put together, and when combined with the “rest of my life” I’m often tapped out after that one longer post.

    I’m sure I’ll eventually get back to 2x a week, but for now, I’m thinking I need to stick with the one, and do it right. What do you think?

    1. Hi Carol, I’m with you. If you read a few other commenters they are down to 1x per week and have gained traffic – very interesting. It’s really what we are comfortable with. Sometimes life can get in the way and you can only do so much. I may be down to 1x per week too. I thought I would have had one this week but I returned from visiting granddaughter to my dad being in the hospital. So the post takes a back seat for now.
      I’d love to hear from more folks too who only post once per week and how their traffic is.
      Thanks for coming by Carol and have a great rest of the week!

      1. I would like to do more than 1x a week, but that would take away from something else, probably my family (or sleep, which I value too much. lol), and with a teen closing in on college, I’m not willing to give up what little time we have left with him at home. So looking like I will be sacrificing a bit of blog traffic to gain time with family. That’s a win-win for me!

        I hope your dad is feeling better now! And enjoy that grandchild. They grow up so fast, don’t they!

        1. Hi Carol, oh yes time is so precious. It sounds like a win-win. So far so good with dad and hope to see that grandchild again within 6 months. Enjoy your weekend Carol!

  15. Hi Lisa,

    2x a week for me is too much. So far the once-a-week posting for me works the best.

    Btw, I forgot to congratulate you last time regarding your granddaughter. Congratulations!! Sorry about the death of your mom. Cancer is sure a back stabber!!

    Sometimes I feel like quitting, but Rob keeps telling me I need to keep going on posting once-a-week, if not I might lose all my followers. And so that’s what I’ve been doing. Even though I don’t feel like keeping up with my schedule, the once-a-week kinda thing is like a religion. Just gotta keep doing that momentum.

    I know you work outside your home too. And so I dunno how you keep your posts 3x a week plus answer all your comments! You must have a Virtual Ghost who’s helping you!! *LOL* or simply you’re just Wonder Woman. hehe…

    Anyway, enjoy the rest of the weekend.


    1. Hi Angela, I think that’s the direction I may be headed in as well. Thank you. I came back from visiting granddaugther to dad being in the hospital, awaiting more tests and praying it’s not cancer. Too much for one year.
      Yes, keep on going Angela, or you will lose that momentum, unless you just take one week off and try something totally different.
      Some days I don’t know how either Angela, but I’ve really slowed down between family, friends and work stuff of late. And I’m okay with that too 🙂
      I hope you have a great new month, where did September go?

  16. Lisa the joy of motherhood is lovely being able to see a grand child is wonderful.

    I understand that some people may take it for granted but understanding that the life we live is not ours but a gift by God to the world.

    Time for family is very important when we relegate it to the background we are likely to find ourselves in dire circumstances.

    I won’t say I know how it feels losing a loved one but I know what it feels feel pain but in all of this I try to look at bright side of life. Why you may have lost her to cancer it also important you focus on the love and beauty she showered on you.

    She contributed her own mite in making you what you are today.

    And I feel that you’ve done this in the life of your daughter.
    As regard blogging there are time when I feel gloom, weak and distrust but in this situation, what should we do?

    We should look at the number of life we’ve impacted positively upon. That way we can take that step even in challenging time.

    Thanks so much for I know you’ve provided much value.

    Do have a wonderful day.

    Peter Kanayo

    1. Hi Peter, oh yes, it was great to get to hold her and see her even grow a little the week I was there. Babies are so precious. Thank you for that. Oh yes, always try to look at the bright side and don’t write when you feel gloomy! It too will pass – right? Enjoy the rest of the week and Happy October Peter.

  17. Hi Lisa,

    Wow you have had your share of ups and downs this year. I’m hoping things will only get better here on out for you my dear!

    It’s funny how when one life is over a new one begins? Spiritually speaking I think your granddaughter coming early was God’s way of sending you joy during your time of pain.

    Yes blogging definitey takes a back seat to our life and the issues we have in it. No person in their right mind would put blogging first before family.

    I know I can definitely slow down but like you said losing the momentum would be a challenge to get back again. But I think many bloggers stress over this.

    I had found myself working all day and at night and on the weekends. It was called to my attention and now I totally disconnect on the weekends if we’re all at home. It’s been so worth it because I get to find out what my kids are up to.

    Was that Niagra Falls? That was beautiful! Lucky for you to have checked that off. I would love to visit one day.

    Happy Monday Lisa! Here’s wishinig you a great week hun!

    1. Hi Corina, Oh yes and since this my dad’s been in the hospital, happened while I was out vistiing granddaughter. Awaiting more test results. Hence no posts since this one.
      I don’t stress over it as much as I used to Corina, we can only do so much. I disconnect a lot too on the weekends now. It feels good to and start fresh on Monday.
      Yes, it was! So glad I was able to go, it was really beautiful. Hope you get to too one day.
      Thanks Corina and Happy October, where did September go???

  18. Hi Lisa,

    I can so relate to everything you’ve said here. I’m fortunate to still have both my 86-year old mom and mother-in-law with us but I just spent the past three weeks visiting my MIL in the hospital. After two operations, (one cardiac surgery and one for cancer) and a week of ICU, she finally came home yesterday. There’s nothing as important as family and our health.

    Previously, I had been blogging once a week (with a second post thrown in occasionally). Recently, I slowed down to writing articles for my #FridayFinds series bi-weekly. (Because my MIL was in the hospital, I didn’t publish last week at all and I’m hoping to publish again on Friday which would be 3 weeks!)

    My main reasons for publishing less frequently are that I have been prioritizing family first and (secondly) the amount of time that it takes me to research and write those posts (usually between 1,200 and 1,500+ words).

    Surprisingly, my blog traffic has increased significantly and my top traffic source (which had consistently been organic search for years) is now direct followed by referrals. That is huge to me! I never meant for SEO to be the main traffic source. It has a high bounce rate and who wants to be dependent on Google? So, (so far) slowing down with my blogging frequency has turned out to be a good thing!

    Congratulations on your granddaughter! Our only grandchild, (a girl) turned two this summer. There’s nothing like them.

    Thanks for sharing. I think often as bloggers we feel the pressure to write but some of our best content comes when we’re taking care of ourselves and our family.

    1. HI Sherryl, Oh boy sounds like you have your hands full. I hope all are doing okay. My dad’s been in hospital over a week now, entered while I was away vistiing new granddaughter. Hence, no new posts here since this one.
      Very interesting that your traffic increased at all let alone significantly. I think you are the 2nd or 3rd person to have that type of a result.
      Thanks, she is such a doll, tinier in person than in the pictures.
      You are welcome, and yes, we have to take of ourselves and family first.
      Enjoy the rest of your week and Happy October!

  19. Hey Lisa,

    I can totally understand why you would have a hard time finding the time to blog with all that extra traveling and training you’ve had to do. My goodness and I thought I was busy.

    It’s so sad that we have to loose a loved one before we find out just how important time and our lives are to us! I know your Mom meant the world to you and being there for her was the most important thing. Just like this past weekend, I had SO many things planned to do online but my Mom needed to go to the store and then ended up working out in the backyard and I can’t let her do those things by herself. She’s had two heat strokes but she hates me doing everything for her and wants to help. So I had to put aside what I had planned and spend that time helping her. She’s much more important than my blog.

    I’m fixing to actually back off from some blogging too next month and will be writing about that next week. I just have really got to finish my product and I have not had the time. Things keep happening and with posting twice a week and all the promoting and commenting that I do on top of my consulting, it’s hard to find some extra minutes in the day. I need hours for this stuff.

    I applaud you Lisa for taking time for yourself too. Life is work living my friend, it definitely is. Beautiful waterfalls by the way.

    You have a good week and do what you can when you can. We’ll be here for you.


    1. Hi Adrienne, and to add to it all dad is in the hospital now – good thing he didn’t come with me to see the new baby. Hopefully he will be okay, more testing today. So that’s why it’s taken me so long to respond here….

      Wow, 2 heat strokes? Did it take her long to recover? Oh yes, definately more important than your blog.

      Are you going to post 1x per week vs 2x per week? I can’t wait to see the product and I bet you can’t wait to have it done. That was like my last eBook, it took a lot longer than I expected it to.

      Waterfalls – Niagra Falls. Was able to get away for a weekend a while back – it was beautiful and on my bucket list 🙂
      I hope you have a great new week Adrienne and I’ll be by as I’ll be playing catch up this week.

      1. Oh Lisa, bless your heart. I hope Dad is recovering okay and that wouldn’t have been good if he’s gone with you is right although I’m sure he wanted to see that great grandbaby.

        Yeah, two heat strokes. One of them she lost her memory for an entire 24 hours. It was the weirdest thing ever but she recovered pretty quickly. She just really has to watch herself plus having had skin cancer three times she can’t stay out in the sun without being completely covered up which just makes her get hotter quicker. Our backyard as you’ve probably learned by now is all shaded all the time but it is rather hot here at times.

        Yeah, I made an announcement today that I’m backing off to once a week until I get this product finished. I just can’t do it all, I just haven’t had the time to finish it so it’s just been way more time consuming that I had planned.

        I’ve never been to the falls but my parents have. I hear it’s beautiful and your video definitely showed that.

        Thanks Lisa and hang in there girl. We can all just do what we can do.


        1. Hi Adrienne, thank you, awaiting more test results. Wow I didn’t realize heat stroke could do that. It’s amazing how our bodies change as we age too. What didn’t bother us when younger can as we get older. I hope she’ll do okay. I saw your headline Monday, will be coming by soon. It really is beautiful there and hope you get to see it someday too.
          Thanks Adrienne, much appreciated!

  20. Hello Madam Lisa,

    I for instance do see blogging as carrying a message across but instead not a matter of trying to just catch some numbers all in the name of having high number of contents.

    One thing that matters the most after hitting the publish button is of course promotion. We obviously need to slow down as bloggers.
    Thanks for this and please do have a great week.

    1. Hi Emmanuel, you are right about promotion. Something I must work more on here. It takes a lot of time. I have no problem promoting others but myself, sometimes that is much harder. Thanks for your input and have a great new week!

  21. Hey Lisa,

    Sorry to hear about all the emotional roller coasters you have been facing. They really make things challenging for us when It comes to blogging. A thing that takes a lot of focus.

    I truly understand that sometimes we have to post less frequently. My day job also made some changes recently and I didn’t lose my job but ending up having to relocate my family and I to a new state in as little as four weeks.

    I didn’t post anything for a few weeks. It just wasn’t working for me. When I sat at the computer it was hard to craft anything with everything that was going on since I was hit with that information.

    My time is already so strapped with a full time job, family and blogging. I slowed down posting because I am do a lot of updates etc to my blog. There is no way for me to be able to post and make all the changes at the same time with the limited amount of time I have.

    I hope you have a good week Lisa. Take care…

    1. Hi Steven, that’s for sure. I’ve been away this week visiting granddaughter , got 48 hr flight delay and dad’s been in hospital. One of those years I guess. What type of work is your day job? That sounds like yours got more challenging. I can’t imagine moving too! Sometimes our lives experiences can help us blog better and relate to others. Thanks for taking the time to come by and comment. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  22. Hi Lisa,

    Life sure has a way of slowing down blogging. I think we have all been through it at one point or another. I’ve always blogged once a week. I tried to do it twice a week, but it took me away from other things I needed to do.

    Right now marketing is taking first place, and blogging second. There are so many marketing techniques I’m acting upon and making new relationships with those that have come into my trainings and/or purchased my products.

    These days, I have been spending more time doing product creating, marketing and engaging with those I target market.

    I do love my blog and will only blog once a week. It gives me time to get around to all the other bloggers (like YOU) that I want to engage with. But since I took a leap in business, my blog has to play second fiddle.

    The funny thing is, I get just as much traffic, or even more than I did when I was trying out blogging twice a week.


    1. Hi Donna, interesting that you kept the traffic up, is that due to the marketing you have been doing? If so love to know more about it.
      Once a week is a nice schedule as it gives you more time to plan , write, comment and market along being active on the social networks.
      Thanks for coming by and taking the the time to share your input with us here Donna.
      Have a great day and btw I loved your photo on FB relaxing in that cool chair matching your outfit!!

    2. Hi Donna, well I will be over a week now since my flight home was delayed yesterday with many others because of Chicago fire. Gave me 48 hour delay. I think I’ve watched my granddaughter grow since being here. That’s great that you haven’t lost any traffic, love to know your secret sauce Donna 🙂 Thanks so much for your input and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  23. Hi Lisa.

    You are very right, life is so hectic offline that sometimes it gets real hard to even get online, let alone blog.

    Very sorry to hear about your mom.

    Thanks for sharing.


      1. Hi Lisa.

        How are you?

        My blogging was pretty erratic at one time. But now, I strive to get on at least one post a day..more if possible!

        Enjoy your weekend.



  24. Hi Lisa,

    I believe, you have given 5 most realistic reasons here… 🙄

    For me the promotion part is much more difficult as most of the time I get confused… 😯

    It is my sincere request please write a details report on “how you are using Triberr?”


    1. Hi Karmaker, thank you. There are certainly real, aren’t they? Yes, Triberr and Buffer do help. I did one post on Triberr here: http://inspiretothrive.com/2013/08/triberr-reader/ Let me know your thoughts – I could do a more thorough one too. The best advice I can give you with it is to have patience. It doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a few months to get in the swing of it and for others to share your posts.

  25. Timely post, lovely Lisa! I’ve been on an accidental blogcation (I changed hosts, finally, and my site content didn’t make it to the baggage claim. Ahem.), and it’s given me much-needed time for reflection that I didn’t recognize I needed.

    Whether planned, as you’ve done (I *love* that you’re living life, and checking items off your bucket list!), or unplanned, as in my situation, I think a break every now and again gives us the head space to assess what we’ve been doing – and why – and figure out if it’s still working or if it needs some tweaking, or even if we just want to take it in a different direction altogether.

    Blessings to you, sweets. I know grieving is a personal process without a standard timeline. I hope that beautiful granddaughter of yours brings you some peace, and even some joy. xoxo

    1. Hi Ellen, glad to hear this is timey for you too. Oh no, sounds like a technical glitch. Those can drag us down for sure! Been there, done that – thankfully not in a while but I do remember the stress of it.
      Yes, I think it’s good to take a break for anything/everything in life to reflect to and remember who we are and where we are going.
      Thank you, I’m sure she will. Can’t wait to go and see her. Thanks for taking the time to comment Ellen and I hope your technical issues are now behind you.

  26. Hi Lisa,

    You are right. There are many reasons for which bloggers shouldn’t write blog article regularly. They should take break.

    I am glad to know that you have your granddaughter with you now. I hope she is okay now? There are so many concern about children and we need to take care about them.

    In our life many bad phases come during which it’s hard to focus at the quality of the blog articles. Bloggers try to boost up their blog but they forget that if they keep writing the what about promotion of the blog article?

    I like all the five points you have included.

    Thanks for sharing this great article.

    Have a nice day.:)


    1. Hi Ravi, thank you. She is doing well and gained a little weight. She was just over 5 lbs at birth. Oh yes, trials and tribulations are part of life Ravi. It’s how we react to them that can make a big difference.
      It really is hard to keep up with the writing, sharing and promoting especially if you run into any technical glitches. That would add to the stress of it all, been there, done that – thankfully not in some time though. Hope you are enjoying the weekend there Ravi.

  27. Hi Lisa:

    What a timely post. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I’m both thrilled and sad for your gain and loss. I was so sorry to read about your mom’s passing.

    Yes, life always gets in the way of blogging/writing. This past summer, my son broke his arm falling 20 feet from a tree. I’ve also been working on my writing goals and trying to balance them with blogging, which is tricky. Most of the summer, I didn’t post at all and cut back considerably reading blogs. Being online zapped me of my energy. Taking time off definitely helped.

    Interesting point you make about losing the passion for blogging by not posting regularly. It’s kind of a catch-22 situation for me.

    Several weeks ago, I slowly returned to blogging at my blog. I’ve also had several pieces published at HuffPost/50. While blogging, I’ve been trying to build my writing platform to create interest in a memoir I wrote and am trying to place with an agent. For writers, platform is key to getting a book published. The balance of promoting and writing is like walking a high wire without a net. It’s easier if you’re organized and have good time management skills. I still haven’t mastered either and probably never will.

    Now I’m trying to post at least once a week but find that is even hard to do. I’m torn between posting at my blog and at Huffington Post. I write slowly, which is also a problem.

    Btw, I found a plugin that replaces TweetYourOld Posts. It’s called WPsite Content Resharer. I’m still tweaking my settings.

    1. I wish I could edit my comment. I didn’t mean to trivialize “loss” and “gain.” It’s sounds heartless.

      That’s what happens when you function on less than 7 hours sleep.

    2. Hi Lauren, glad to hear that. You are welcome. Thanks – strange how life works sometimes.
      Oh my God, 20 feet, is he okay Lauren? Yes, being online can certainly zap some energy out of you. I try to get outdoors more often now and feel energized by it. I felt like I lost it before writing this post. I could not get started again.
      Lauren, that is awesome about Huffington Post, does it draw more readers to your blog as well? If you don’t mind me asking do you get paid for it? I find it very hard to balance promoting, writing eBooks and blogging. It is NOT easy for sure!
      Thanks for sharing that plugin Lauren, I will have to check it out as well. Do you like it a lot better?
      Thanks for coming by and sharing your story too here Lauren. I hope you are enjoying the weekend, it sure got warm again!

      1. Hi Lisa -Zack had surgery in July, pins in his arm. At the end of August, they were removed and his arm healed perfectly. He’s doing physical therapy now. He had just passed his EMT license, when the accident happened. He was hoping to work as an EMT during the summer. He’s applying for jobs now. Thanks for asking.

        Huffington Post doesn’t pay. But the several agents I’ve corresponded with all told me to get on Huffington Post to help grow platform. That’s why I did it. I don’t know if it has increased traffic yet to my blog.

        The plugin might be increasing traffic. It’s pretty simple to use. Though it took me a while to navigate the settings. People have reacted to the old posts on Twitter. The ReTweetOldPosts plugin was never upgraded by the developer, so it wasn’t compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

        1. Hi Lauren, glad to hear Zack is doing okay now. I bet it will grow some traffic to your blog, Huffington Post is very well known with tons of traffic. Thanks for info on that plugin – something I will be looking into soon. Have a great new week Lauren.

  28. Hi Lisa,

    Such is life – a series of ups and downs. Yes, I knew about your Mom’s passing away sometimes back and I am sorry about that – I know how it feels losing a Mom having lost mine some years back, though congratulations on being a Grandma – you don’t look like one!

    I can so well imagine how busy life can get at times and blogging is the last thing on your mind. It happens with me too, and now with the new community and forum that needs constant attention and supervision, it just got a lot more busier I would say.

    Speaking of schedules, I enjoyed Kevin’s latest post about his case study too, and yes, though it might increase your traffic to a great extent, but what about the peace of mind? Nor can you really promote your posts, leave along make your return visits or comment on your blog either. I think posting once or twice is week is the best option.

    I mostly put up posts twice a week, though sometimes when I am caught up with family and other issues at home, I might get delayed by a day, and sometimes I might just keep it to once a week post, if it becomes overwhelming from me. I learnt to be flexible about this lately because I was too stressed out sometimes to even think of blogging, when there are other work that need attention. Somehow posting once a week also, doesn’t decrease my traffic because you can promote a lot more and visit more people, just as you mentioned. I think you should feel free to choose and do what suits you best. To each ones own, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing this with us. And I appreciate the kind mention of that post of mine when I took a break – solid one month break!! Something I dared to do, and was so happy and recharged thereafter. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena. Yes, it sure is. Life never remains the same, always changing too. Thank you. Yes, it gets hard with working full time too. Kevin’s post was great, especially about how he lost the joy of posting having to do it for 7 days straight. That would zap my joy of writing too 🙂
      I agree, once or twice is where it’s at to be comfortable and have time to promote and comment elsewheres. Flexibility is key, I think many bloggers put way too much pressure on themselves. It’s like we are all A type personanlities. And then I’ve seen many quit after a year because of the stress associated with it. Burn-out. I’m sure your month off helped prevent burn-out for you Harleena.
      Thanks for taking the time to come by and leave a comment. I hope your weekend is going well.

  29. HI Lisa; So sorry about your Mom. My father also died of cancer and I know how that is. 🙁 Congratulations on your new grandchild though – a real “Circle of Life” event!
    I’ve been fairly busy offline as well and haven’t published as many posts, but the Revive Old Post plug in keeps the brand running. 🙂 Sometimes, I even republish a post that I think people will enjoy and it usually finds a new audience (for regulars, there is a note that it’s a re-run). They do it on TV, so why not in the Blogosphere as well? 😉
    I agree with you that too frequent posting makes online life much too hectic, although I belong to a group that advocates daily blogging. LOL Not for me! As you said, it’s better to allow time between articles, so people have a chance to read and comment. We all have stuff going on offline, which in my opinion should take priority. Looks like you made it to Niagara Falls, but only the U.S. side?

    1. Hi Debbie, thanks. I’m sorry about your dad. Cancer is such a terrible disease. Yes, her middle name is named after my mom too. I wish mom could have seen her. She missed the event by a few months. I like that plugin too. I use it on my @Inspiretothrive handle. It’s great to have. I could not imagine posting daily. Way too much time with working full time. No, I went to the Canadian side 🙂 It was beautiful. Thanks for coming by Deb and commenting. I hope your weekend is going well there.

      1. That’s sad about your Mom missing the birth. Lisa, but her legacy lives on. Glad you saw the Canadian side as well! It really is quite spectacular, isn’t it? 😎

  30. Hi Lisa,

    Amen to slowing things down, and I love your snail image too.

    I’m so happy hearing about your new granddaughter. After losing your mom to cancer, life probably became so much clearer for you.

    We’re here for a heartbeat. Knowing this it makes sense to do what you most value. Do ONLY what you value and to most folks that means fewer blog posts, more networking, more detachment from outcomes and greater clarity in all that you do.

    I just released eBook #2 in my Blogging from Paradise series. It’s all about blog commenting, and how you can build an online empire through this marketing/connecting strategy.

    My effectiveness skyrocketed when I posted 3 times weekly, creating in-depth pieces, and when I networked much more frequently through comments.

    Outreach rocks.

    Slow down, post a bit less, make a massive impact when you post, network aggressively, make good friends and of course, do what you value.

    Smell the roses. Enjoy the ride.

    Thanks Lisa. Tweeting soon.


    1. Hi Ryan, thank you. Yes, this year has had so many changes for me. Some bad, some awesome. I didn’t know you released book #2, I will have to check it out. I loved book #1. I will certainly be smelling the roses more often. You are welcome Ryan and I hope you have having a great weekend there in Fiji.

  31. Hi Lisa!

    Thanks for sharing with us on what’s going no in your personal life. Sometimes Life gets in the way of our online activities and quite frankly Life is more important. I remember at times when I get some consumed with blogging and social media that Life is just slipping by me. I’ve been offline more now days and that’s because I’m enjoying my family more. Blogging is a passion but there are more things I’m passionate about offline. So don’t feel bad my friend. Your fans will always be here waiting for your next post. Enjoy life while you can because God knows it can be too short.

    Can’t wait to see pics of your grandbaby! Enjoy my friend!


    1. Hi Bren, you are welcome. Yes, that is so true – offline is where it’s really at. It’s not good to be consumed with anything and to have balance between what you do daily. Thank you Bren. I hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  32. Hey Lisa,

    Thanks for the mention! I really appreciate it. 🙂

    Great post. “Time” is (for me) the really big reason to write less frequently. It opens up your schedule and gives you more time to promote, read other blogs, comment, and spend time doing other things (in my case, spending time with my lovely wife).

    Hope you are having a great weekend, Lisa! Thanks again.

    – Kevin

    1. Hi Kevin, you are welcome. Yes, it is about balance in life too. Too often we get so wrapped up in one thing we let other areas of our lives slip by. Life’s too short for that to happen. Thanks for coming by and taking time to comment Kevin. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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