What If Your Blog Became The Most Popular Blog Site?

What if your blog became the most popular blog site on the internet? What would that mean for your blog traffic, comments, income, and readership? Could you handle the blog’s popularity?

Recently, my friend Tom recently wrote about why you should have your blog or website ready for an increase in traffic. It reminded me of this original post I wrote back in 2013.

popular blog site
What if your blog was the most popular blog site?

The Most Popular Blog Post

A few years ago I received over 100 comments on one of my popular blog posts and I thought “What if this happened all the time, how would I handle it?” I know many of you who blog may receive more blog comments than that.

But at that time I also worked full time so it really leaves little time left to write new blog posts and clean house (what is that, right?) I wish I had the Jasper AI tool back in the earlier days of blogging!

Responding to comments takes time. And then what if you received more traffic and your server could not handle it, would you make enough money blogging to pay for a single server?

Your blogging wish to become the most popular blog site could maybe become your blogging nightmare!

Your blogging wish could maybe become your blogging nightmare! #blogging Share on X

The Popular Blog Post by Seth

Did you see the popular post-Marriage Isn’t For You? When it first appeared online back in 2013 it had over 2,000 comments on the blog post.

My Lord I thought, I could never respond to all those comments in a day.

Then when I went to link it up for this post, it has over 4,000 comments!  Seth’s previous blog posts had received only 2-6 comments.

Imagine going from 2-6 blog comments to 4,000 in less than a week!

The popular blog post on marriage was quite controversial and very touching. I discovered it via Alexa hot stories of the day, it was #1 that day.

Usually, you see things from the Huffington Post or Fox News, etc. on that top 10 list.

most popular blog post
Today this popular blog post has over 5,000 comments.
The popular blog post on marriage was quite controversial and very touching. #blogging Share on X

After the Popular Blog Went Viral

Since that post, Seth Adam Smith wrote another about it and how it had over 24 million views on that marriage post in just 3 days.

It made headlines everywhere online and on TV. He was shocked by his blog’s popularity. It was all done on the free WordPress platform.

You can see ads at the bottom of the posts. It appears the blog has been around since 2008. The writer Seth is an author and he has quite an inspiring bio if you read through it. He also has a podcast.

His marriage post really touched a lot of people and I believe that is what made it go viral and become a huge success. The post was an emotional connection for many reading the blog post and that’s what made it so popular.

It is one of the most popular blog sites.

According to Seth “The blog post was viewed over 40 million times, translated into over 20 languages, and published as a beautiful gift book.” WOW!

popular blog into a book
The popular blog turned into a book that you can purchase on Amazon.

So what would you do if you had a post go viral like that and your blog became the most popular blog site next?


What If Your Blog Became The Most Popular Blog Site? Share on X

Is Your Blog Ready for More Traffic and Blog Popularity?


Do you know how much space you have left on your server via your host? Is it a shared host?

Most bloggers start with the less expensive shared hosting packages and some are limited or unlimited and may be priced from $2-15 per month. VPSs are single server hosts and cost a bit more.

Since I wrote this blog post I’ve had to change my hosting from HostGator to SiteGround as I was running out of hosting space. So yes, it can happen to you!

Time To Write Content for Blog Popularity

Would you be able to devote more time to your blog if you received hundreds of thousands of comments?

And then what about writing more content for the blog to remain the most popular blog site? Writing blog posts can take time. Time for research, writing, and finding the right links to link your blog post.

Oftentimes, many bloggers may get burned out. Be sure not to let that happen to you!

Recently I signed up for Jasper, the AI writing machine. I’m loving it so much that I became an affiliate for them. Not only does it help me to write better blog content but it helps with social media posts and more!

Not only does it help me to write better blog content but it helps with social media posts and more! #JarvisAI Share on X

Money to Invest

Let’s face it, time and money are probably two things you haven’t given much thought to if your full-time job still gets in the way of blogging. But now that we’re talking about them.

You may not want your blog site to be one of those “amateur” blogs that post once or twice a month on topical issues just for their own sake – there will only be so many hours leftover from work before all other responsibilities take over!

You never know what can happen, and that’s why you need to have all the tools for blogging at your disposal. However, blogging tools do cost money. (But some popular bloggers make millions of dollars!)

However, if you are a beginner blogger you may want to invest in a blogging course to help facilitate your blogging goals.

But by investing in the right people and tools, when something does go wrong there is no shortage of help on hand! And you’ll be ready when your blog becomes the most popular blog site.

Time and money are probably two things you haven't given much thought to if your full-time job still gets in the way of blogging. #blogging Share on X

Outsource Your Site

You could hire or outsource someone that could contribute to your blog. And then, they could keep it going while you respond to the thousands of comments or replies on social networks.

Meanwhile, someone else could help you switch servers and keep up with the technical challenges that may arise with a bigger stream of traffic.

My techie Mayura has been a lifesaver here for over a decade now. Running a WordPress site is not always easy with things changing rapidly.

Many businesses that started with one person hatch into something more when others are hired and take over some of the duties. I now have a team to help Inspire To Thrive to inspire you online.

Your Turn on Blog Popularity

Would you be able to handle your blog if it became the most popular blog site next?

Therefore, have you ever given it some thought if yours become the most popular blog site? I wonder if Seth had.

Who are your favorite popular bloggers today? First Site Guide just published some of the top popular blogs of 2021. I’d love to hear from you about your blog in the comments below!

Jasper helping you to write content fast
Jasper AI can help you write content fast!
Lisa Sicard

138 thoughts on “What If Your Blog Became The Most Popular Blog Site?”

  1. You know Lisa I am with you there on the hosting front. The more you invest in hosting the better.
    When I first started as a freelance web developer well over a decade ago I purchased a business hosting account with a new UK startup who shall remain nameless.

    Initially, it was going great and with 5 new clients under my belt, the server I was on was coping perfectly. I then got a really big client via another contact of mine and built this business site in about 3 to 4 weeks.
    After the site was live for a few weeks the client rang me up to say that he was giving a presentation the following week to the welsh government for a six-figure business grant.

    Unfortunately, that same hosting startup experienced a huge DDOs attack that later the best part of two weeks. suffice to say my client did not get the grant and now the business no longer exists. I lost a huge client and a lot of my credibility plus it was the first time I had experienced a very very angry client.

    Ten years later though I am still in web development and a somewhat restored reputation but decided to scale it back a bit and take up the blogging baton once again after spending over three hundred dollars on a new domain name and roughly the same on some very specialized hosting with HTTP/3 integrated into it which is something I have wanted for a while now.

    All the best,
    Phillip Dews

    1. Oh my goodness Phillip, what a story! I feel so bad. I thought it was bad that my own site was down for days in the beginning because I could not reach my reseller. But having clients involved too, ouch! Good for you on the blog. I will have to come by and check it out! Thanks for sharing your very important lesson with us here Phillip. Much appreciated and have a great day.

      1. Haha, yea It was not the best of times as it was around the same time I built Ryan’s first blog theme so was glad to have him in my corner.
        The scary thing was this guy knew my address and he is an ex semi-professional boxer. I have since learned to purchase a virtual office as a business address, even though I work from home I don’t want all and sundry turning up at my front door.

        That’s another important lesson I think is useful

        1. Yes, I remember that Phillip, and I believe you did my first eBook cover too! (as you were recommended by Ryan). I didn’t realize he was a semi-professional boxer too. Very interesting and great point about the home address as well. Thanks Phillip for the info here.

  2. Not a writer but as a marketing person, your posts are very useful to read. Your post every time sharing some unique informative tips that cannot be found everywhere. Truly I am going to be your fan. Keep sharing. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Kane, welcome to Inspire To Thrive. I try to keep it simple, different, and inspiring here 🙂 I hope you do come back for more reads. Have a great day 🙂

  3. If all I need is a post about marriage to make my blog go viral, well, I have some stories!
    Lisa, I wouldn’t have the slightest clue what to do if this were to happen to me. I wonder if I could trust my kids to respond to comments for me. I’ll pay, say $0.50/comment.

    Maybe I’ll ease into it and create a viral social post first. 😂


    1. Hi SharlaAnn – LOL 🙂 I bet you would have lots of stories. I like your idea of having your kids respond to some comments. Not a bad way to give them an allowance. Just be sure you have enough hosting space. Thanks for coming by on this and make it a great day!

  4. I wonder how I missed this one all those years ago? No matter. I wrote on this topic in 2018, referencing an article by Zac Johnson that he wrote in 2008 (later repurposed); you even commented on it at that time. 🙂 Anyway, he’d mentioned that he’d written an article that went viral and made him a lot of money, but how the article was so popular that he had to add 10 servers to his account that was costing him $12,000 a month because his single server wasn’t close enough to handle the traffic. Definitely another warning to people who, like us, would love to be successful; be careful what you wish for if you’re not prepared for what’s coming.

    I count myself lucky in that, though back in the day my blog was popular, I never had monster numbers of visitors like Zac did or you do now. At least back then I was earning money from blogging, but nothing close to $12K a month; I don’t even want to imagine it; maybe 5 years into my current future. lol

    BTW, in case you want a brief refresher of Zac’s post (if it comes through): zacjohnson.com/how-i-made-86053838-profit-in-4-months

    1. Hi Mitch, Yes, this blog post was first done in 2012! My blogger friend Tom wrote about being ready for more views for hosting, etc and it reminded me of this story. I will check yours out as well about Zac. Wow, I can’t imagine having to add that many servers and it costing so much as well. Be careful what you wish for is a wise old saying Mitch 🙂 Thanks for your input and info. Have a great week!

  5. Wow, I see how many comments you’ve gotten here and it’s so interesting that you wrote about what to do if your blog became really popular, like this one is!

    I had a pretty popular blog earlier, which I didn’t enjoy anymore so I let it go. Recently I’ve had one viral post but am really finding getting traffic in general to be challenging. When I did have a more popular blog, I got a lot of comments but never thousands! That would definitely be difficult to keep up with if you respond to all of them. I think in a sense, though, at least mentally, it could help to have the most popular blog and thousands of comments because you’d know people are connecting with what you’re writing and finding it worth their while to comment. So that would give me I think the motivation to work even more on it. I do think I could handle it and even enjoy it, but who knows, I’ll probably never find out. 🤣

    1. Hi Sabina, yes, many were from years ago when more bloggers commented on blogs and many of them are no longer blogging as you may notice. Oh no, why did you let your blog go? If it was becoming popular it could have grown more, no? Well I’m sure you will grow your current one as I’m seeing your more on social and everywhere these days Sabina. Thanks for coming by and have a great weekend. 🙂

  6. Thanks Lisa, glad my blog could be an inspiration! A sudden massive surge of traffic and comments…that would be a great problem to have. Still waiting for it to happen. 🙂

    1. Hi Tom, yes, it had the lightbulb go on in my head 🙂 It’s been a while since I thought about this blog post and I’m glad I was able to update it and include your link as well with it. It’s a great reminder for bloggers and website owners to think ahead and make sure they are ready for when things “ramp up”. I’m sure you will see spikes Tom. Have a great weekend!

  7. Becoming the next big blog would be an awesome experience. I am not sure, if I can handle so many replies, but I definitely wish it to happen to each of my post.

    As for the servers, mine is free but ready to handle all the traffic, as far as comments and emails, I will take a day off to dedicate time to all those who will make my blog go viral.

    I just checked now and it has more than 5000 comments, and that is just marvelous. Sometimes, we all need is initial push. Awesome.

    1. Hi Rohan, I’m not sure – if you could not reply to all the comments that would be hard! I’d be surprised a free server could handle that much traffic. 5000 comments is marvelous 🙂 Thanks for coming by Rohan and have a great week.

  8. Wow Lisa!

    This is an extremely thought provoking post! Because practically any newbie would have any idea “how to” answer your three -cut to the chase- questions!

    They’d simply have no idea “how” much total space is left on their current server and or whether or not it’a a shared or VPS platform!

    Of course, a quick look at “how” much their currently paying, would tell us all we need to know!

    Their eyes would merely glaze over! Because the truth told! A staggering 99% of them are ill prepared to be successful online business owners/entrepreneurs!

    Sure they fantasize about success! But far too many wannabees are simply not committed to really doing what it takes in order to succeed!

    You also mentioned the time investment that will surely be needed!

    If they don’t have the time or inspiration to consistently deliver fresh thought provoking content of some kind! Via blog posts and or short 3-5 minute “how to” videos etc.

    How excited and dedicated are they going to be, to answer 100, let alone 4,000 blog comments! Yea right!

    And finally, sine most cash starved, struggling newbies are always constantly on the look out for effective ways to save money!
    They’ll probably foolishly talk themselves out of investing the necessary capital to meet the new immediate needs of their newly growing business!

    And try to justify it by rationalizing, why bother responding to all of these useless comments, when 98% of them or more are probably not going to buy anything right now anyway!

    You hit this one out of the park Lisa! Great content! And thanks for sharing it!

    1. Hi Mark, it’s like that old saying “Be careful of what you wish for”, right? You are right, many are not committed to really doing what it takes to succeed. That blog post really made me think not just about a popular blog but about relationships too. I was truly fascinated by it all and then to see it make all the news channels and him making the interviews everywhere about it. Amazing story. I’ve got to go back and see how that blog is doing now. It’s been a while since I last checked. Thanks for your insightful comment and have a wonderful day.

  9. Hey Lisa,
    For getting success in blogging requires lots of hardwork, consistency and patience which is not an easy task. We have to update our blog regularly and also have to make good connections with other. For me, getting 100 comment is very big task at this moment and I am sure If I work properly, I will surely gonna achieve this.

    1. Hi Sudipto, you are correct – no easy task. It takes a lot of time and patience. I’ve seen too many bloggers quit before they really got going. Keep at it and I bet you will accomplish it. Thanks for coming by and checking out this post. Have a great weekend!

  10. if my blog go viral because of my video and being popular and features at popular website, I think my blog bandwidth will run out completely for 1 day, hehehe :mrgreen:

  11. Lisa,

    I can’t wait until I’m getting that many comments! It looks like you’ve reached the 100 comment mark several times now. I’m sure the 1,000s won’t be far off for you.

    If I got 4,000 comments? I think I’d stay up for days getting back to everyone. At least every person who left a genuine comment.

    That’s such an enormous opportunity to help people and possibly change someone’s life. That’s what blogging is all about for me. I just can’t wait until the momentum starts picking up.

    Al Green

    1. Going from 100 to 1000 will be a long shot Al 🙂 I can’t imagine even a 1,000 never mind 4,000. Hang in there and the momentium will pick up. Too many bloggers have quit before that happened. Enjoy the rest of the week there Al.

  12. Hi Lisa -Sorry I haven’t been around lately. I’ve had a lot of personal and blogging issues to contend with. I think if I were to get 4,000 comments, I would initially think they were spam and consider writing an angry email to Askimet.

    I can’t imagine responding to that number of comments. I think it would paralyze me. I might handle the situation by posting a thank you to everyone who commented. Hiring a virtual assistant isn’t a bad idea. It’s something to think about if a post I wrote ever went viral. I should be so lucky. : )

    In a completely opposite approach to your wonderful article on handling a blog’s popularity, I’ve been busy sabotaging my blog by making stupid mistakes. I’m rather impulsive at night and should be banned from the Internet after 8 p.m. That’s when I usually make my screw ups. It’s like when sending an important email, let it sit for a while, maybe print it out and read it before hitting send. I need to do that more when I’m kicking the tires in the dashboard of my blog.

    1. Hi Lauren, I hope personal stuff is okay. I heard about the permalinks I believe? Have you been able to figure that out? I can’t imagine responding to 4000 either. He did a follow up post to thank everyone, smart idea. Did you contact Mayura via his site for any help? What Seo plugin are you using? I’ve had issues in the past via Yoast but was able to find the problem and fix it. I may still have a few minor ones. I don’t lose sleep anymore over them 🙂 I hope you have a great weeek and Thanksgiving ahead Lauren. Let me know more and I can do some research for you too.

      1. Thanks Lisa. Personal stuff is fine.

        I haven’t contacted Mayura for help. I’m using All In One SEO.

        At the moment, I’m dealing with the permalink change that I’ve apparently done twice. Rather than deal with .htaccess files and figure out the redirection plugin settings that needed code, I reset my permalink back to what it was. I printed out the 84 links pointing to 404 pages (at one point it was 395) and am going through my dashboard to find the correct links that I’m writing down next to the problem links on my link list.

        I’ll reinstall the redirection plugin for those links. There are other links that are replytocom. I found an article on how to fix them in Google Webmaster Tools.

        At this point, I’m trying to figure out what to do with the links that have /feed in them as well as links that are tags pointing to 404 pages. I can probably redirect the tags to the posts the tags were included in. That’s the mess I’m dealing with.

        Hard lesson to learn about not changing the permalinks unless you know what you’re doing.

        1. Hi Lauren, I went through something similar to that a while back with Yoast and researched for days and I think it was Reginald that found my answer and it was a setting alone. It sounds like a major headache. I hope you will get it all straightened out. Just think how much you have learned along the way with that one! 🙂

  13. Lisa, I just read Seth’s post there and I don’t think his post has an X factor that is so unusual that his post went viral like that. I think its pretty ordinary. But then again we are on the era of 1 out of 2 marriage end up in divorce. He’s a Mormon…I read his About Me page there and he even got the footage when he was interviewed live on TV, but I don’t think that’s the case either. I was interviewed too on TV but my blog didn’t go viral getting 4000 comments in 3 days. Anyway, it is mind boggling.


    1. Hi Angela, I do give him credit for the way it’s written. It sure was mind boggling. And he has only been married 1 1/2 years, I’d like to see one after 7 or 10. I read his about page too and he has made quite a turnaround in his life. I’ve got to go back and see how his subsequent posts have been. He seems genuine and like a nice guy overall.

  14. Hi Lisa,

    When I first saw your headline I thought I read this already because this is the 2nd one I read asking “What would you do if your blog become the most popular blog?” First one was written by Bonnie Gean and she had like 50 comments in a day, she thought she was getting spammed. But lo and behold it wasn’t. She told me that she is still answering comments even after a week.

    So what would I do if I get 4000 comments in 3 days? I’ll be pretty shock, happy, and overwhelm at the same time. I might have to hire some virtual assistant to answer all these comments. Also I would be worried the bandwidth I’m putting thru my hosting service, I better have more money to support all the unexpected risen expenses. Email subscriber might increase also which is another raise in my overhead.

    I guess Seth is on free WordPress which he has nothing to worry about. But if that happens to me and I’m using my own domain and I’m getting all these humungous traffic, I sure just hope so that each of them or at least half of them convert to my potential customers and not just people passing thru.

    Anyway, now you made men curious about his post on marriage. Will read it now…and I will let you know more later. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


    1. Hi Angela, LOL. It was more than 50 per day 🙂 Love to know what you thought, I don’t agree with Seth’s post, some people are not happy no matter what you do…I was surprised he was on FREE wordpress promoting his book too. Hope they don’t take him down. Thanks for coming by Angela and have a great day.

  15. Lisa, I have been working at this so long I am not sure how I would respond. All I know is I am ready. I wonder if the people who helped you get there would change or if you would continue supporting them?

    I would hope I would still be the same.

  16. This was definitely awesome!
    I can picture what was going on in our fellow bloggers mind. It was quite a boast since the same people would be dropping by now and then to get such posts. Controversial topics are very nice and how he laid down the points would have probably drawn people’s attention. One thing which Seth should do is now keep the standards he has already set for himself to maintain that number of viewers. Thanks for sharing this, I had not seen it until you posted. ~ Anetta

    1. Thanks Anetta. I was fascinated by that post and all the attention it got. It will be hard for him to compete against himself now. I’m sure he realizes it too. I’m surprised you hadn’t seen it, I first noticed it on Alexa hot topics. It was #1 for a day and in the top 10 for several. Usually only the big sites are there with different stories. Have a wonderful day ahead.

  17. Hello Lisa, you’ve highlighted some inspirational stories which are really of great help to me. I never knew a simple blog post could get over 24million views in just 3days. This has really made me determined to work and I’m going to put in all efforts to do my best at making my blog popular. Thanks so much.

    1. You are welcome Ngah, welcome to Inspire to Thrive. That blog is one similar to your niche too. I was amazed by their views and comments. Have a great week ahead!

  18. I admit I’m not the best person to reply to comments. I used to be, but now (thankfully) I receive an average of 20 comments every day and I just can’t seem to respond back to them all. So, there’s no way I could respond back to 4,000. However, I’d like to get that much traffic and comments on a regular basis. I guess a girl can dream… 😀

    1. Hi Donna, you bet you can dream girl….I don’t respond to all mine in the same day, I try to save them for a.m. unless I have spare time at night or lunchtime. It’s a chore but one I like as I get to know other bloggers better. Thanks for cominng by Donna and have a great week ahead.

  19. Hello Lisa,

    The three questions you’ve posted have some pretty and quick answers if I have the issue at hand.

    For hosting, if have that much traffic, then I should actually have the resources to upgrade my hosting plan. Is it not so?

    For time, I’ll willingly quit my day job if my blog has that much success. Great chances are that the blog would have better potential than my offline job.

    In terms of money, it’s actually as simple as ABC. If my blog has that much success, I bet you, I’ll pitch CNN, Forbes and BBC in such a manner that you’ll see their ads live in 3 days. I don’t think paying my bills would be a problem any longer.

    So Lisa, as you can see, I’m actually awaiting such success 😆

    Do have a supercharged week ahead!

    – Terungwa

    1. Thanks Akaahan for your input, nice! You have really given it some creative thought. That would be nice if it all fell into place like that. Correct – you should have those resources from your hosting company to upgrade. I hope you don’t have to wait too long and have an awesome weeek ahead there Akaahan.

  20. It will be a great thing for me if my site become most popular one. But behind this I need to be prepare to handle the amount of traffic which I am gonna face. Thank nice share…

    1. You are welcome Atul, it’s like the old saying “Be careful what you wish for.” I hadn’t thought about it til I saw this post go viral, I had caught it on Alexa – what’s hot. It was #1 that day. Thanks for coming by and have yourself a wonderful day.

  21. I actually saw him on GMA that morning! And I read his post. Didn’t comment … saw the comment list was sooooo long.
    Not sure what I would do if I suddenly became so popular. Like so many others, I have a crazy busy life, and blogging is my “side-job” and I’m a small time blogger at that. At times, keeping up with the few comments I do get can be tough. But I can dream of that one day I go viral … and have a plan just in case!

    Happy weekend Lisa!

    1. I wish I had seen it Carol – I don’t watch too much TV these days. Maybe I will check YouTube. Did he seem as real on TV as he does in his writing? I’m not sure I’d want that to happen and live in a bubble. Thnks for coming by and for the mention that you saw it too. I hope your weekend is going well Carol.

  22. Having the most popular site? That would absolutely interesting! And I wouldn’t mind answering so many comments, I would definitely love to do that.

    1. Hi Jeremy, they do say “be careful what you wish for”….LOL. It could be fun if time allowed. Thanks for coming by and for your feedback on this one. Enjoy your weekend.

  23. :mrgreen: Youza! I don’t know. I ‘d love for more people to read my blog, but those kind of numbers are scary! I guess a person would just have to put some money into those things. But really, answer that many comments?

    1. I know huh Maggie? I could not imagine answering that many comments. It would be weeks before I could write another post. I think he wrote a post follow up instead of answering the comments – a smart thing to do. Thanks for coming by and commenting today. Have a wonderful weekend.

  24. On one hand it would be a dream come true. On the other hand, I’d probably freak out and not know what to do. 🙂 But I’d love to experience a post going viral. It would certainly beat the days where I only heard crickets!!

    1. LOL Tanya, yes – it would be better than hearing crickets. Love that! Welcome to Inspire to Thrive. Well, now you have an idea of what to do, right? Thanks for coming by and have a great weekend.

  25. I haven’t read it yet …but the initial lines sound intriguing so I’ll probably read it tonight.

    You’re right that is every bloggers dream. We want to hit the big times. But could we handle it. I have some bloggers in my Pushing Lovely group who are big like that and they have to hire people to help out on their site. You definitely could not do it alone and you’d definitely not have time to write! 4000 comments WHOA! I’d imagine his site probably crashed or WordPress will ask him to move LOL

    1. It is intriguing Arelis. I don’t particulary agree with him but it makes you think for sure! Yes time to write is much needed when comments are rolling in day after day but 4,000 in 3 days – wow. I was wondering that too Arelis about WordPress. I wonder if they did contact him about it. Have a great weeekend.

  26. I honestly haven’t thought about it. I remember just being so happy when I started getting comments! 🙂 I would probably be ill prepared but I’d like to think I’d move quickly enough to capitalize on the opportunity. RIght now I am working full-time but I do have help with the website. Honestly, I think it would be a great problem to have!

    1. Me too Shannon! When I reached 10 I thought, wow. I try to keep on top of traffic so I’ll know when the time is right to move to bigger server. But 4,000 – I can’t imagine it Shannon. Thank you for coming by and have a great weekend ahead.

  27. “What If Yours Became The Most Popular Blog Site?”
    Well I guess most probably I am the happiest person on earth if that time will come. I keep it on the track and do everything from making tons of friends down to content.
    “Is Your Blog Ready To Become The Most Popular Blog Site?”
    I think I am not yet ready. I need to learn everything about blogging and SEO.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing content aggregator site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

    1. Hi Metz, welcome to Inspire to Thrive. Many of are not ready either Metz. I have not heard of Kingged before. Thanks for the share and comment.

  28. Hi Lisa!

    From my point of view, if you have a popular blog with high traffic then your “responsibility” grows along with it. You end up with a power that shapes the world itself. This is the force that has to be used correctly from the very beginning to be a “responsible blogger”.

    Just my opinion..


    1. Oh yes, “with great power, comes great responsibility” – remember that one from Spiderman? It will be interesting to follow Seth for the upcoming year and see what happens with his blog and personal life because of that power. Thank you Piyush for coming by and have a wonderful weekend ahead.

  29. Hi Lisa,

    Very interesting topic! This something that many blogger have to think about. When my blog starting to get popular it only means one thing to me … I have to invest more time to it. This is something tricky as part-time blogger. I am always put all the goal into “popularity or exposure” but I’ve never realized it can backfire me. I need to handle this so-little-time to manage everything because when our blog popular people will demand our explanation of their questions. If we ignore them … it can be counter-productive somehow.

    Get prepared is the best option to take. Thanks for this post and wish you have a great weekend

    1. Hi Okto, thank you. Excellent point as I work full time too. It’s quite a balance we must TRY to find. You just reminded me I have to answer someone’s question that came up here too. I have the answer but never got back to it, thanks! I hope you have a great weekend too and I appreciate your input on this one Okto.

  30. Great post, funny that I found it today, because over the last few days I’ve been looking at VPS packages because I feel my shared hosting package is causing slowness for my sites.

    I don’t get much traffic but like you said I’d like to be ready if I did.

    unmanaged VPS can cost about the same as shared hosting but will require more technical work on the server side.

    1. Jason – if you traffic is up that could be the case. Imagine that many million in 3 days? I could not. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting Jason, have a great weekend ahead.

  31. Hi Lisa,
    It really does require time to meet up with comments especially if your community is very active. These days, I’m having it really hot with comments on Fastincome.com, enstinemuki.com and guest articles — but then 4000+ comments? I won’t even reply to half. You alone cannot be facing 4000 readers. I might just edit the post and leave a general comment at the bottom of the article- seriously 😉

    Yes I think this kind of traffic can crash your shared server.

    More popular, more work, more investment required 😉

    1. Hi Enstine. I agree, 4,000 would not be a feat to accomplish by just 1 person. You said it right Enstine, more popular, more work, more investment required. I can’t imagine having opened up my comments to see thousands coming in. It was quite the post by Seth. Thanks for coming by and have a great Friday and weekend ahead Enstine.

  32. Hi Lisa – I’d absolutely hate it. I have to admit, I love getting comments, but sometimes resent the amount of time I spend responding to them and making reciprocal visits to comment on other blogs. Like Jeevan, I think I’d end up finding it boring – it’s just not the way I want to spend my time. So I’ve absolutely NO idea what I’d do – like a lot of the most popular blogs, I guess a lot of comments would just have to go unanswered.

    As for other practicalities, I’d have no hesitation in hiring someone to switch my blog to a managed hosting service – that wouldn’t be a problem. But thousands of comments would be!

    Sorry to give you another comment to reply to, by the way 😉

    1. LOL Susan, I would not hate it but I would either close comments or more likely move to Google+ comments like Ms. Ileane did when they got to be too much. I would love to hire someone to do the technical stuff but I would need to make more money from it too to do that. It’s a catch 22. Glad you commented early a.m. – my best time for responding. Have a great day and a great weekend ahead Susan.

  33. Wow thats really an amazing figure (4000 comments),Just checked the post and i’m really amazed. i wish one day my post or my blog get so popular.

    Next thing is inspiretothrive is also getting lot of comments seems like you’ll also get thousands of comments soon. Between i know its not about comments its about how many people visited.

    1. Hi Sohail, be careful what you wish for 🙂 I’m not sure I would want that many. I just checked his post about the post and it’s at 57. Interesting to see the fluctuations like that. Oh yes visits, bounce rate and ROI, for many it’s just the ROI right? Thanks for coming by today Sohail.

  34. Honestly, I wouldn’t have time to respond to 100+ comments every day. I just don’t have a lot of free time, and I would rather not spend what little I do have on doing that on a daily basis. If the site happened to be generating a nice paycheck, then that would be a different story. I would certainly figure out a way to free up more time.

    I am fairly certain that my hosting could handle more traffic, but obviously at a certain point there would come a time when a little more power would be necessary. I definitely would like to be earning enough off the site to pay for more expensive hosting if that were to happen.

    1. Hi Ray, me either. It would have to wait for the weekend or my responses would be very small. I once read that is why Ms. Ileane went over to the GOogle+ comment system. An interesting alternative. I do like the rapport though with bloggers via the commenting. We can learn more about each other and what others are expecting from our next posts. I am with you on earning more to pay for more powerful hosting. Thanks for coming by Ray and have a productive nice day!

  35. Hi Lisa,

    Wow, more than 4000 comments! :O I read that post very early on when it appeared in my Facebook newsfeed. I didn’t actually even check how many comments it had at the time but my god, I wonder how he’s felt when he realised his post has gone viral like that! If that ever happened to me it would probably be a case of not sleeping at all (for a couple of days!) as I would have to approve and reply to all the comments. My god…

    I wouldn’t probably be very prepared if this ever happened to me, I haven’t even considered it. I would mostly worry about my hosting – I am not even aware of how much space I have on the server.

    Thanks for sharing and congratulations on 100 comments on one post! I’m yet to achieve that but I’m sure I will some day 🙂

    Have a great day.


    1. Hi Laura, welcome to Inspire to Thrive. I didn’t think about that- I believe he had them all pre-approved from what I read on his post about the post. He was on a plan and checked his messages and so all the comments flowing in and he was dumbfounded. It made me stop and think about the servers and our hosting. He was using the FREE WordPress platform, I wonder who WordPress handled it. Thanks, I am sure you will Laura, how long have you been blogging for?

  36. Wow Lisa,
    Congrats on the success, getting 4000 comments is not a joke and yes the topic you choose is definitely a controversial topic. Even I get many of my friends asking me to suggest if they are choosing the right person.

    For instance if I keep this Marriage topic aside, when we are into blogging full time then we can invest on it. For a part time blogger it doesn’t matter much. But if a part time blogger hits it in Huffington post then we might need to invest on our blog as traffic that comes to our blog should be handled. As you said a single person businesses hatch into some multi dollar companies in future. For now I will just head over to Marriage is not for you post, I am really eager to read whats written there.

    Nice post Lisa…

    1. Thanks Vjesh, I can’t imagine getting 4,000 comments in just 3 days. Did you agree or disagree with Seth’s post? I disagreed more than I agreed with it. I noticed too he wasn’t married for too long. I appreciate your coming by and taking the time to comment, have a great day ahead.

  37. Hi Lisa,

    Just like most people, I’ve never thought about my blog going viral. I’m sure that it would be great. After all isn’t that what most people want?

    As for taking the time to answer all the comments that I would get. I know what you mean about not having time to do it. However, I could find the time if one post went viral.

    If more than one post went viral, then that may be a different story. I too am using Hostgator and not sure if it could handle that much traffic?

    Congrats on the traffic your getting and hope you get tons more.

    1. Hi Susan, funny, somethings we think we want something until we get it. It depends on what type of hosting package you have with Hostgator, if you have the baby shared package it may not handle it well. Thanks, next stop 200+ comments 🙂 Thanks for coming by Susan and for your input. Have a wonderful day there.

  38. Hi Lisa,

    First I want to congratulate you on your traffic.

    My oh My If my post went viral, I would have to first go to my hosting company and see what the heck they could do about it. Then I would have to hire an assistant to answer the comments.

    I’ve noticed that blog somewhere of how it went viral so fast, but didn’t keep my eye on it. Imagine handling all those people?

    Answering all would be like writing an novel.


    1. Thanks Donna. Oh yes a VA would be great. Good point it would feel like writing a novel answering all of them. I would love to have seen his face when he checked his phone and realized how many comments they were. That would have made a great image for a follow up post. Not sure I would want to be all over TV and living in a bubble though. Thead at part I would NOT like. Have a wonderful day ahead Donna!

  39. Hi Lisa,

    Congratulations on the traffic you’re getting. One can only surmise what that will be like. I’m certainly not there yet, and I suppose I will deal with it should it arise. In the meanwhile, I opted for Kumar’s VPS web hosting service and I can vouch for its reliability. I know it can handle the traffic. I had so much trouble with Blue Host, I’m glad I switched over.

    Have a great week!

    1. Thank you Bill. It is a slow build up here. Good to know you like the VPS, I’m still with Hostgator and am happy at the moment. You never know when things could change. How old is your blog Bill? Be sure to have a good day today.

  40. Blogging would become boring…

    well, at least for me 😉

    I find my enjoyment (of blogging) in the journey..journey towards achieving success. Success itself is not so enjoyable.

    Then there is the problem of time. I had a hard time managing my blog with just 20-30 comments, 100s of comments, now that would be crazy!

    Interesting post, Lisa 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Hope you are having a good week!

    1. Hi Jeevan, if you got bored would you start another? That’s happens a lot to celebrities I think and that’s why they turn to drugs, etc. You are welcome and you must be counting down days now to release your new blog. 2014 isn’t far away anymore.

      1. Probably no 😉

        Yes, of course. Time moves so fast 😀

        I have cultivated my interest in learning this summer (basically, I relearned to love learning – Gotta thank my schools for destroying that love in the first place :D). So, I probably will be spend time learning new stuff 🙂

  41. Hey Lisa,

    Welcome to the 100 club! lol… It’s a heck of a lot of work isn’t it girl? To do it every single week is tiring to say the least but how can you not be appreciative that people really enjoy what you share and want to contribute to the conversation.

    I saw that post title but didn’t read it because I’m not married so that’s really of no interest to me. That’s the thing about blog posts. You can write one thing that has a “killer” headline and people are drawn to it. You keep them interested and apparently Seth’s post did just that and it’s gone viral. You can’t get them all to do that but I’ll take one any day of the week.

    I think unless you’re a blog like Copyblogger or Problogger a few visits here and there, even millions like Seth had then the server can handle it since it’s obvious that it’s temporary. We only wish it would remain that way all the time. If mine were that popular then I know I’d be making a heck of a lot more money and the rest would just fall into place. I have a very positive attitude as you can tell. 😉

    Thanks for sharing this Lisa and maybe someday right!


    1. Thank you Adrienne, it is. I can’t imagine on every single post but if I space them out further it works good. I think many not married folks are the ones that got fired up about it too. They probably tried for years to make someone happy and they could not so his idea of it was not what they wanted to hear. I didn’t agree with his theory myself though it did make me think a lot. Interesting point about the visits being temporary and servers okay with it once. I will have to follow him and see how he does going forward – it will be hard to compete with himself after that one. You are welcome and have a great Wednesday there Adrienne. I hope you find that car this week too.

  42. This post frankly scares me to death, Lisa! 😉 But if the blogger was selling products (eBooks, training programs, etc.) on their website, then when that traffic spike came, more money would come along with it!

    Good thing to think forward about. What do we have on our websites that would pay for our new needs, should the winds of popularity blow our way?

    1. Hi Michelle, that’s a first. I would be shocked and probably frozen and unable to do anything for a few hours at least. It will be interesting to see if he sells more books, pretty sure he will. It will also be intereting to see if his future posts will receive as many comments. Stay tuned. I guess it serves a notice for us about our server space and who we would hire to help out in case of an event like that. Thanks for coming by Michelle and a have yourself a wonderful day ahead. Stay warm!

  43. Hi Lisa! Interesting post! First things first, NO I wouldn’t be able to handle it and NO I wouldn’t want it to happen. As a hobby blogger, who is finding it more difficult each day to keep up with posts and comments, i prefer to be laid back and not draw too much attention. However, I do see some folks, especially those who either don’t work, being able to handles the instant popularity. How exciting it would be!

    What would happen if Inspire suddenly blew up with comments? Could you rearrange all your other blogs, family life, and your job to handle it all? Wow! Just the thought makes me cringe! 😯

    haha I can see some folks really wanting this and you know what, power to ’em and I hope they achieve it!

    Great post my friend!

    1. Thanks Bren. I’m with you most of it, I am not sure I would want that to happen either. You would be living in a bubble being on all those TV shows, etc. I could see you taking down the blog and creatiing another one somewhere else to hide Bren 🙂 I found his post really one that made people think either his way or the oppositve. I could not agree with his theory but yet it did make me think for days. It will be interesting to see what happens next there. I hope you are feeling better my friend!

      1. You’re right! I probably would take it down and find another place to hide! :mrgreen: You know me too well! As for the article on marriage, I don’t agree with the author of it, as we had briefly discussed on Twitter. People get married for lots of reasons. However, when I got married, it wasn’t for family or kids, it was to find my life partner “in crime”. My hubs, at the time, was a good fit for me. It’s nice to grow old with someone you can at least enjoy being around. All these other things, imo (kids, extended family) are all perks but not reasons to marry imo.

        Makes ya think, right?

        1. LOL Bren, yes I do. I like that “partner in crime”. It sure does make me think Bren. That’s why I think Seth’s blog went viral like that. So many disagreed or agreed. Did you notice he hadn’t been married too longer either. Interesting indeed. Thanks for coming back my friend to expound on that. I hope you are feeling much better today too.

  44. Hello Madam Lisa,
    This is of course something which hasn’t all that crossed my mind. If my blog was to become popular overnight like that of Seth’s blog, will I be able to handle the pressure?

    That is food for thought. I need to rethink now. Thanks Madam Lisa for this lovely piece.

    1. Hi Emmanuel, I’m glad it makes you think – it did me too. I could not imagine seeing all that traffic and comments in just 3 days. I think I would freeze up at first. You are welcome and have yourself a really nice day Emmanuel.

  45. Hey Lisa,

    It’s every blogger’s aim to make his blog reach great heights and it’s necessary to get ready for the future. Responding to too much comments would be difficult for me but my server is strong enough to fight against the number of visits 😛

    1. Hi Siraj, welcome to Inspire to Thrive. I think it would be difficult for most to respond to thousands of comments unless that’s all they did for days. Thanks for coming by and have a a great

  46. Hi Lisa,
    That is really cool to go from 6 comments to 4,000 in 3 days!!! I don’t know if I am ready for such surprises. But yes, for that you need to make your content go viral.
    With more traffic and comments comes the cost of improving servers and even web hosts. I moved from shared to VPS but it was necessary. You might even have to hire people to handle out the extra engagement and tasks as your blog is a highly popular one.
    Thanks Lisa.

  47. Hi Lisa

    I started to receive close to 100 comments per day on my blog and decided I just couldn’t manage it and disabled them completely.

    Better that than not replying to people?

    1. Hi Mark, oh that is sad. Maybe you should use Google+ comments? I remember when Ms. Ileane did that for the same reason. And with the Google+ it made it easier for folks to share there too, what could be a better match? I wonder what Seth will do next, if he will go with a self-hosted blog vs the FREE platform he is using with WordPress. Thanks for coming by Mark and have a wonderful day.

  48. I can’t imagine!

    Like you I too have full time job. So I get very less time posting new posts on my blog.
    I think most of new bloggers who got success quickly got something like this.

    Extremely worthy post and you’re done!


    1. Hi Khaja, Me neither! I think his post really touched a lot of people inside and that’s what made it really go viral. Plus it was controversial, not everyone agreed with him, including myself. It sure was an interesting piece to read and think about though. Thanks for coming by, taking the time to comment and have a great day.

  49. Every person starts blogging with a dream to be successful. But blogging success is never comes overnight. If so, then it will be very tough situation.

    Here Seth Adam Smith got 24 millions views and over 4000 comments in just 3 days for his one post -“Marriage Isn’t For You?”. I think it doesn’t mean that he is going to get same number of response for his next blog posts. Sorry! 🙁 Mr. Seth Adam Smith for saying that. But I still believe that you’re also agree with me 😉

    1. Hi Majharul, you know a comment prior to yours mentioned she was worried about outdoing herself after that, excellent point! I wonder if he will go back to getting 4-6 comments or will it be in the 100’s since his big deput? It sure will be a hard act to follow up with. Oh, the pressure! It can the hardest competing with yourself at times like that. Thanks for your input on this one and have a wonderful day there Majharul.

  50. Hey Lisa,

    This is something I never really thought of about being prepared for the instant fame and how would I handle it. I always think about getting to the point of making enough money to be debt free so I can focus my money on other things, but this is one mental note I need to keep. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Sherman, nice to see you again here. I know imagine it? I couldn’t believe it when I started to follow the story behind the story of that post. Thanks for your input and good luck on becoming debt free soon Sherman. Have a great day ahead there.

  51. Gosh Lisa, I never looked at it this way…Having over 4,000 comments is mind boggling…I don’t know if I could handle that. I think I’d be happy and overwhelmed at the same time.

    And although I’m excited for Seth for his success with his post, oh my, I would be stressing on how to top that one…it’s bad enough I already that and my content is eh so-so, lol :).

    This one got me thinkin’ Lisa, I love it! Hope you’re having a great day! See ya in the socialsphere!

    1. Isn’t it Corina? I sure thought so. That’s a point I had not thought of – will he go from the 4,000+ back to 4-6 per post? Interesting to watch and see what happens forward. I hope you have a great day there and see you back in the socialsphere, love that word my friend!

      1. Feel free to use socialsphere whenever you like lol 🙂

        I was thinking more about whether I’m ready for this kind of overnight success and I’m afraid I’m not, at least financially :). I haven’t had any trouble with Hostgator and I trust they’ll be there to support me if this should happen.

        As far as time goes…wow I’m already working late so I probably would go into work overload and work longer on the weekends. Of course that’s just the sacrifices of being a successful blogger. We have to be ready for it if “when” it happens and do what we have to do to keep it going.

        Hope you’re having a great Sunday! Are you ready for the new week?

        1. Hi Corina, I’m as ready as I can be – pouring rain to start this Monday. I’m still with Hostgator too and would expand with them if I ever needed. I can’t imagine working anymore than I do now. I would need a virtual assistant. I hope you had a graet weeekend and a productive week ahead Corina. See your back in the socialsphere.

  52. Hello; I must say that this post really got me to thinking. You are right most of us are not planning on what we would do if our blog became the world’s most popular. And with all the posts on positive mindset you would think this is something that would come up more. You gave some real world problems to consider and followed them up with good questions for us to be asking ourselves. I am not ready for sure. I am still at the ten or less comments per post stage myself. but this post teaches us that it only takes one great post to go viral to make your blog tops online. I have had problems with a 3rd party ap before so yes i know about storage and bandwidth and have a shared account for now. I have a couple of people in mind who could help with the technical changes that would need to be made. time isn’t a problem but money sure is. if the traffic and comments didn’t come with more income i would probably be in trouble. so i need to work more on monitizing my website and blog. thanks again for the thought provoking post and take care, max

    1. Hi Maxwell, I’m glad it did, I like that when it happens to me. I am not ready either but will be thinking more on how to get it ready just in case. Monetizing more is on the top of that list for 2014 as well as possible getting new servers vs the shared I have now too. How long have you been blogging for? Thanks for coming by and taking the time to comment. Have a great day.

  53. Crazy Lisa.
    I guess instant celebrity can and does happen, but we do not go around expecting it of course
    If my site suddenly go that many hits it would crash I think as I too am on shared hosting.
    Although my numbers this week are up from recent highs, so lets see how the week goes
    Not millions I guess :>
    have a great week

    1. Isn’t it Ashley? I was in awe of watching his comments grow and the TV shows he was interviewed on, etc. I would not like living in the bubble though. Or having those 4,000+ comments to answer to. I’m tracking my visits to see if hosting changes will be needed. On my 2014 bucket list for sure. Have a great rest of the day and thanks for coming by and commenting here today.

  54. Hi Lisa – Ohh..would i love that to happen..I would quit my job and start full time blogging!!!!! Yes, the shoutmeloud link says it all, we can use that as our reference list when and if ever I hit that mark 🙂 :mrgreen:

    Money and hosting are something that most of us would be willing to spend on if we get there, but time is what is more important I feel, not everyone of us are dedicated like you are with your time on this blog. I see you posting articles almost everyday and you do a great job at it with what little time you got.

    Thanks for a wonderful read

    1. Hi Praveen, well it doesn’t necessarily translate into cash, though it could. One never knows what could happen, job offers, movie offers, etc. It will be interesteing to follow Seth and see where it lands him. I bet he will sell more of his books. He may have to get a self-hosted site soon. I must follow it now. You got me curious. Not quite daily Praveen as I do have other blogs that I write. So if you read them all it sure feels like it. Thanks for coming by and for your insights, have a great rest of the day.

  55. I think about this all the time. Scalability is an important factor for bloggers to consider even early on. I have a solution, but the details are complicated. Essentially I am using a service similar to what Amazon offers for apps. Means I get cloud hosting for more up-time and if for some reason I get outrageous traffic I can quickly change things so my website doesn’t go down.

    One thing I could suggest to bloggers is using a cache plugin. This reduces the requests made to the server when you get massive traffic. Plus, it will help to speed up your website in general.

    1. I bet you do Susan, you seem to be a great planner my friend. Interesting about your host, is there a name for it? Oh yes, love the cache plugin. Although once I had to change settings on it as it was not behaving well with a plugin. Those darn plugins. Thanks Susan for sharing and have a great rest of the day there.

      1. It is called Digital Ocean. They set you up with a virtual server and you pay per hour. I am actually hosting my little website for $5 a month now, but get all the benefits of cloud hosting and speed! My website is super fast now.

        1. Thanks Susan, How do they charge per hour??? How many visits per hour? Interesting. You should do a post on this one Susan, first I’ve heard of it. Thank you again.

  56. Hi Lisa

    That’s a whole lot of visitors in a short space of time! I really couldn’t cope with that. I struggle sometimes with 20 comments so what would I be like with a few thousand? 🙂

    I enjoy getting comments, don’t get me wrong but as you say in your post, it takes quite a lot of time to respond to them.

    I know quite a few bloggers who don’t respond to comments but I don’t want to go down that route. I don’t respond to many of them in depth any more though because I think it’s more important to get more content out there and promote it.

    1. LOL Tim, I hear you! That’s a good idea, to cut the depth down on some. Funny I was just over on FB and my sister was pointing out that I don’t finish anything in full sentences or words, probably because I spend more time on Twitter. Sometimes we have to take short cuts or we won’t get anything done right Tim? But I still can’t imagine what Seth was feeling when he saw all those comments rolling in at such a short time span. Have a good productive week Tim.

  57. Hi Lisa,
    First of all, you never know which post of yours will go viral when you are writing good articles confidently. And when the day comes, I don’t think it’s going to ask for your permission 🙂

    Congratulations on getting those 100s of posts on your posts and that shows you are pretty close to be there in the main league! That is awesome!

    Well, the key is to be prepared. Serious bloggers should step out of their comfort zone and invest some money in getting a good (really good I mean) hosting where the server will not die if there is a sudden rise in traffic or resource consumption. That is the reason I went for my own VPS hosting and launching the managed wordpress hosting for my clients. Hosting is very critical and as our blogs grow, this is the biggest challenge we are to face if we aren’t proactive!

    Thank you for sharing this awesome information!


    1. Hi Kumar, that is true. Thanks I think Kumar, it’s hard keeping up the pace, you know? I may scale back to one post per week, we will see. I am looking to into the hosting as well. Keeping an eye on the traffic flows. I hope you checked out Seth’s blog too. It was an awesome piece. Thank you for coming by and taking time to comment today Kumar, have a great rest of the week.

  58. Hi Lisa, When I first started blogging I read an article by a very successful blogger whose theme was be careful what you wish for. He talked about having to stay up past midnight every night responding to comments because his blog was so successful. He quit blogging soon after that. I actually felt guilty leaving a comment on his blog after I read his article!

    You bring up such a great point. We all wish for a post to go viral but could we handle the traffic and the comments? I had to upgrade my account after blogging for about four months. I was sharing a Bluehost account with a friend but I was getting so much traffic that Bluehost froze her account, knocking her websites offline. Ouch. I moved my blog to a pro Bluehost account and everything has been fine since then.

    It’s funny because my posts with the most traffic often don’t have the most comments. I’ve never had over 100 comments on a blog, but that’s okay. So long as my articles help at least one person, I’m satisfied.

    We do need to be careful what we wish for though! 🙂

    1. Hi Carolyn, that’s an interesting story. I had not thought about someone quitting blogging because of many comments. I think it would inspire me to write more. Did it cost much more to move to a bigger pro account Carolyn? I like that, as long as they help one person, I would agree. What good is all the comments if it didn’t help or inspire someone? I think Seth’s surely inspired many people and made them think. I know it did me even thought I’m not sure I agree with his point on it…Thanks for sharing your thoughts and that tidbit with us.

      1. Hi Lisa, Well, since I’m not a coder, I had to hire someone to move my blog to a new account which I now pay for. So, yes, it did cost a bit of money but the other option was to close the blog or move back to wordpress.com. I am very happy with how it worked out.

        Yes, I could see where a blog could take over your life, but I agree with you, there should be an alternative to closing the blog because you got too many comments. You could even close comments after the first 100.

        By the way, I was checking back on my blog and I have received over 100 comments in the past, I was wrong. Yea!

        1. HI Carolyn, I probably would do the same as well and closing comments after a certain amount would be a good idea. I was thinking maybe using the Google+ comment system too. Imagine thousands of those? A SEO dream. I’m not surprised you reached 100 Carolyn 🙂 Thanks for coming back and have a wonderful day ahead.

  59. Wow Lisa,
    I don’t even know how i will feel if my blog become that huge, i think i will go mad initially and then, come back to senses later this time, i will now plan on what to do.

    Responding to 50 comments use to be very tedious not to talk of 1k upwards man, i will run :). Pat Flynn also gets such comments but, the thing is that he don’t normally respond to his comments. His blog even went down some months ago due to server overload.

    Yes, ask any blogger and, he will tell you that he want his blog to grow that much but i bet you, not everyone can handle it.

    Well. i also dream of my blogs reaching that height someday for sure.

    Thanks for sharing and, have a blessed week.

    1. LOL Theodore, yes I do understand that. Wow, imagine going down to server overload? Nice problem to have I think. I also think it’s sad if you can’t respond to comments but with 4,000 I could surely understand why and he since wrote a post about it. You are welcome and have a blessed week ahead yourself Theodore.

  60. Hi Lisa,

    Great question and I’ve asked it myself as well, the week I’ve got some 100 comments on my post about 20+ ways to promote your post. I thought, wow, it’s nice but I coudln’t handle this every week, for exactly the same reason you mentioned here.

    However, I don’ t want it to be a stumbling block in my head that would prevent me to have blog posts with a hundred or more comments. Because I know it will 🙂

    Sometimes it’s hard to tell what type of topic will go viral, but when it does it’s totally beyond our control.

    1. Hi Sylviane, I thoguht it would be. I agree, you never know for sure what will go viral or not. Some posts you think will be hot turn out NOT and others you think are okay turn out HOT. I was amazed how quick his went viral. It was a really great topic. Thanks for coming by and have yourself great week ahead.

  61. Hi Lisa,

    Ah…don’t ask! If that were ever to happen, I wonder how I’d ever be able to handle things 🙂

    Yes, I am SO guilty of not being able to reply to all the comments in the few recent posts on my blog because of some problem or the other or just being too overwhelmed with projects and of course, now with my Dad and family at home. It does become tough as the comments increase, which does happen with time and as your social circle and interactions with people increase. I wish I had a magic wand at times to reply to all the comments in a jiffy! I wonder who can replace you in doing that, because you are a different person than the other one you hire for such tasks. I guess I’d just take it all slow and do them one by one by myself as and when time’s there for it 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena, I thought of you with that post, it’s a subject you would write about (happiness, marriage, etc.) …I’m not sure I agree with him which is why I think it really went viral.
      I would love that magic wand too Harleena and started in that direction with this post until I read how many more comments that post got and it took on a newer meaning for me. Just take deep breaths and you will get there. Thank you for coming by today and commenting, have a great week ahead and I hope you do catch up.

  62. Hi Lisa,

    What a cute post. I like to dream. My blog becoming the most popular on the net? I wish. However, if it happens, I won’t be so upset. 🙂

    It would be an interesting experience to live. I wouldn’t mind answering the first 500 comments myself but then … . 🙂

    Of course I am not prepared for such an event. Who is? I have no plans and I don’t know what to do when this will happen (it will happen, I’m sure).

    For this reason I want to make a call:

    People, come to my blog and make 1000 comments. Take any post you like and do it. I want to know how it feels to be successful and what do when the great day comes. I guarantee I will answer the first 1000 comments. 🙂

    So please, come and make one of my posts viral and help me live this wonderful experience. Then, of course I will explain everybody what do to to survive success. 🙂

    By the way, I have a feeling that this post of yours will get significant comments.

    Have a wonderful day

    1. Thanks Silviu, I was really amazed by that post – it really touched many people. It was a little controversial too since many do not believe that you live to make someone else happy (that it’s a guarantee of a happy marriage) – what if that person still isn’t happy? Then what does one do and for how long> That was my concern with it.
      Right 500 comments – after that you would surely need a break. And then to go on all those TV shows. It would be like living in a bubble, which is why they say “be careful what uou wish for”, right? LOL, I like your call Silviu. I may tweet it out for you 🙂 Thanks Silviu for your creative response here and have a great day too.

  63. Lisa,

    Well, I admit this post certainly brings up a few optimistic questions! First let me say congratulations on all of your comments on the recent blogging post. Woohoo!

    I honestly have not given it any thought. My blog is coming up on it’s first birthday and I am just glad to have made some new friends. I would love for more readers who have something in common with me to find a new resource.

    You’ve definitely made me think. I’ll be taking a close look at your questions with a hopeful viewpoint! Thanks for sharing all your ideas and experience.

    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Karen. I feel like 100 is nothing after seeing thousands, I really could not imagine that. I must find more ways to monetize if that were to every happen 🙂 Congratulations on making it one year Karen – I’ve seen many bloggers quit before their 1st blog anniversary. I hope you have a great week too and thank you for taking the time to come by and comment today.

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