3 Ways How To Cope With An Online Business Expansion

There is a multitude of different things going on within your online business expansion. Orders are flying in, the stress of missing deadlines is unbelievable, and there is likely to be a swelling of employee numbers.

Whether the new recruits are temporary workers or employees, you or a member of your team has likely had to take time out to interview. Of course, there will also be the training of the new personnel which also will need to take place.

Decisions To Make

On top of all this, however, there are some additional decisions that you will have to make sooner than later. You will have to make an important decision about how your online business expansion will operate in the future.

It is likely that with all the new members of staff, the room could be tight. However, some options are open to you.

online business expansion
Learn some ways to cope with an online business expansion.

#1 Move, Restructure, or Change Your Working Facilities/Methods

For a start, you can choose to move your location for your online business expansion.

This could be a costly decision as you will be enforcing downtime on your business as well as the additional costs of the move itself and the added distraction of inflated rent, utility bills, and upkeep of larger premises.

You could restructure your working arrangements and offer remote or even hybrid working conditions for those that want to take it.

At best, remote workers could free up office space or promote a desk-sharing scenario between hybrid workers.

Or you could change your working facilities and decide to offer shift work to cover all the hours in the working day. This, too, will enforce a desk share scenario but will only work in certain business models.

#2 Install An Office Support System For All of Your Employees To Use

Of course, you are going to require software so that regardless of which scenarios you choose, all of your workers will be able to gain access to the data that they require to carry out their jobs.

In this, you will probably require an intranet system for your business – if you haven’t got one already.

Intranet systems do not just deal with the mundane workloads that need to be performed but can also help with employee interaction and performance.

You can add an intranet for staff for your online business expansion.

#3 Outsource Departments To Save Space For An Online Business Expansion

However, there is another option open to you to help save on space, although you will still benefit from an intranet system. Outsourcing areas of your business to third parties so you can concentrate on the areas that are important to you.

You can outsource the whole of departments, such as your front office, HR, IT, and accounts, or whatever your business needs.

Alternatively, you can outsource to subcontractors that have specialist knowledge in certain areas. They can help you with project design or completion, amongst other services for your online business expansion.

Undoubtedly they will work from their own premises so will not take up any room in your business and you will only be paying them for the work that is specified in the contract drawn up between you.

Final Thoughts: Coping With Your Online Business Expansion

As you can see, you have a lot to think about, and, of course, you can make sure that you are well on the path to calm success by initiating some of the topics spoken about above.

Regardless of the size or growth rate of your online business expansion, it can be beneficial to install an intranet system for your online business. And by outsourcing departments or just the occasional piece of work, you can get used to outsourcing before it comes to an over-stressful event.

When it comes to offering different working scenarios, it is totally up to you how soon you move to remote working, hybrid working, or shift patterns into your online business.

How do you cope when your online business is thriving and you need to expand quickly? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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Lisa Sicard
  • Hi Lisa,

    Changing methods is where I am at now. Deleting low quality posts, links and comments and giving ample time to networking and distributing posts effectively seems to be preceding business expansion for me. Now it is time to change strategies even a little bit more to scale effectively. Sure it feels uncomfortable but it also feels freeing because experiencing greater growth allows me to help more people. However, helping more people demands me to be flexible, open and willing to change tactics regularly, to be able to serve. Smart blog post, and super important for bloggers who feel overwhelmed with their increasing success.


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Ryan, oh yes, no one can remain still today. Everything is changing so rapdily, we all have to make changes in some ways. It is hard to delete those low quality posts from years ago but it must be done if they hold no value for readers or our businesses. Thanks for your input Ryan and have a great day ahead.

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