Why You Should Use Online Delivery Services to Increase Sales

One of the few positives of the COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020 was the rise in popularity of online delivery services. Instacart is one of the mainstream online delivery services that operate in the United States today.

People use it to buy groceries, baby items, beverages, medical supplies, cleaning supplies, fruits, pet food, self-care items, and other products they usually buy at convenience stores.

People use online delivery services because they are convenient and give them access to many household items without going outside. This is ideal for people who work long hours, have children to look after, or cannot frequently drive to stores to buy their essentials.

Business owners like yourself can take advantage of this trend to advertise your products to shoppers on these platforms.

Is Advertising On Online Delivery Platforms Worthwhile?

Marketing your products on online delivery platforms like Instacart gives your businesses access to millions of potential customers. When you launch an Instacart marketing campaign, for example, your products will be displayed to people interested in those in that category.

This will spread awareness about your products and potentially increase sales. However, businesses must
develop a sound Instacart advertising strategy to attract the right demographic and optimize their ad spend on the website.

This form of advertising is an effective way for businesses to increase their customer base because most people who visit these platforms are either ready to buy items or planning to make a purchase soon.

Strategic product placement will make your items attractive to shoppers interested in products similar to yours. It is worth noting that most online delivery websites have little minimum ad spend limits, so businesses of all sizes have the opportunity to grow on the platform and sell to more customers.

online delivery services
Instagram is a well-known online delivery service.

Image above from Unsplash.

Why Advertise On Online Delivery Service Platforms Over Other Ecommerce Websites?

While there are more popular ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify, Best Buy, and Walmart you can advertise on, online delivery websites present a unique opportunity. The popular ecommerce platforms are already saturated and require high ad spend for your products to reach enough shoppers.

Meanwhile, there is less competition on websites like Instacart, so you can achieve similar results with less money.

Also, Instacart delivers products on the same day, and customers find that appealing. This is because Instacart assigns personal shoppers to handle requests from their customers.

The personal shopper will go to each store in the request to buy the needed items and deliver them immediately to the customer.

Most other ecommerce stores dispatch many items at once, so it might take several business days for customers to receive their orders.

Many online delivery platforms are still growing, so businesses that advertise and make a name on them now will gain new customers in the future as more people start to use them.

Ecommerce Advertising Stores

Ecommerce advertising stores play a crucial role in promoting and selling products online. These stores utilize various digital marketing strategies to reach potential customers and drive sales.

With the increasing competition in the ecommerce industry, effective advertising is essential for standing out and attracting shoppers. By leveraging social media ads, search engine marketing, and influencer partnerships, ecommerce stores can elevate their brand awareness and drive traffic to their online platforms.

Additionally, optimizing product listings and utilizing compelling visuals are key tactics in capturing the attention of online shoppers.

As the ecommerce landscape continues to evolve, investing in strategic advertising approaches is vital for the success of online stores.

Endnote: Advertising Platforms

It makes sense to advertise products from your business on online delivery platforms like Instacart because of their vast user base and the willingness of their customers to buy items when visiting the platform.

Instacart advertising is a process business owners can do themselves or outsource to a marketing team or agency.

However, they have to develop a strategy to place their products in front of the right demographic at the right time, and their sales will increase.

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Lisa Sicard
  • This makes sense Lisa because going the online delivery route became popular over the prior 3-4 years, as you noted. Even though many shop offline a hefty group of people shop online and get things delivered because it is so easy. I recall even before COVID that Kelli had been using Amazon to place Whole Foods orders for home delivery. Of course, this became almost impossible to fulfill when COVID began because they were overwhelmed but eventually calmed back down a few years later.


    • Lisa Sicard says:

      Hi Ryan, Yes, and I think many people continue to use these services, we use Hello Fresh a few times a month and we had used Chewy for Hunter before he passed. Do you know they sent a dozen roses to us when we cancelled his autoships when they learned he passed? I thought that was amazing for a company to do. Anyways, delivery services are used a lot today still. Thanks for your input and have a great day.

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