What Clutter Means – How to Stop Clutter from Stopping You

With a new season, you might be considering an overhaul of your health, your home, and your business. You might be looking at ways you can make changes to help your personal development, and if so, you might want to turn your attention to your business and what clutter means to it.

You have to think about the way your business is currently running and figure out how you can keep it going in a way that’s profitable, comfortable for your employees, and easy to grow.

A big part of this is going to be in the way that you present your business to the world – and firstly, to your staff. Learn the cluttered meaning and how it can affect your business.

What Does Clutter Mean for Your Office?

The clutter meaning is one of disarray. With clutter you can’t find anything!

A clean office is so much more than a declutter at the end of the day. It’s more than hiring an outsourced cleaning company to come and clean down the desks at the end of the day or a home cleaner for your home office.

However, it’s staying on top of labor panes so that your windows sparkle, it’s deep cleaning the bathrooms and making sure that you are teaching all of your staff how to maintain that cleanliness.

You set the tone for your office and your staff, and it’s important that your employees feel like you are taking their health seriously. You’ve got daily to-do lists, deadlines to meet, and a work schedule that’s pretty intense.

what does clutter mean?
What does clutter mean for your small business and your life?

Because of all of these things, you might end up forgetting how much you need to get your office cleaned inside and out for the New Year.

What is the Meaning of Clutter in Your Mind?

Keeping your office neat and tidy is just good sense. You’re going to do so much more for your mental and your physical health, and not only will it look good, it’ll promote a productive working environment, too.

So, with all of this in mind, we’ve got some of the best reasons that you need to get your office spring cleaned and ready for 2024 and the return of your employees for your mental health even if your office is a home office.

Even if your office is a home office you may be doing Zoom calls or YouTube videos and you will not want to have a clutter-filled room!

Lower Stress Levels

Lowering stress. Did you know that a clean and tidy business is going to help you to lower your stress levels? You will be able to let go of stress where your business is concerned, and while your messy working environment is present, your stress levels will be up, too.

It’s stressful to look at dirty desks and finger-printed computer screens and it’s stressful to know that your clients will see all of that mess, too.

When you keep your office clean and tidy, you don’t have to feel anything other than confident about what your clients are going to see when they walk through the door. You’re going to know that you have done everything in your power for them to have a relaxed environment.

If you hire a good cleaner, you will be able to keep the germs away from the office and your desk. You need industrial-strength cleaning stuff that doesn’t impact the environment where possible.

The good news is that you can find plenty of cleaning companies that are able to offer you a range of cleaning products to do this. When you give your desk and all of your supplies a decent clean, you can keep bacteria at bay.

Avoid Injury from Clutter

You’ll reduce the risk of injury. Dirty floors can be a slip hazard, and it’s not just a hazard for you or the staff but for customers and clients that come through the door.

A messy floor can increase the risk of trips, slips, and falls, and when it comes to keeping your office clean, you can ensure that no one hurts themselves.

This isn’t just good for the health of those in the office, but for your bottom line as you will reduce the risks of public liability or workers comp claims.

Get everyone on board with packing away unnecessary clutter, and make a point of doing a desk tidy every single day at the end of the day!

Decluttering Will Keep You Organized

You’ll stay more organized. When you ensure that your office and business building are tidy, you’ll be able to be more organized about everything that you do. Cleaning the office and adding storage to the space is going to help you to keep on top of it.

You’ll get to your deadlines without a problem, too, because you know you’re able to keep on top of everything.

declutter your office
Declutter your office to improve your business and life productivity.

Make a point of being on top of the cleaning in your office, and you won’t forget anything that you have to do!

Improving Mental Health

You’ll improve your mental health as well as your employees. Does anyone want to work in a dangerous, dirty environment?

Whether you own the business or you are heading to work, you need to feel like your contribution is going to matter, and a part of that is in keeping your environment clean. You need to contribute to cleanliness in your business and you will improve your mental health massively as a result.

The few minutes that you take to sift through everything that you need to do can keep your head clear and that can be everything in a busy working environment.

Declutter the Office Tools

Reducing harmful substances. Every single office all over the world has harmful substances. From printer inks and toners to pens that have been chewed and then left on the desk.

Whatever you do and whatever you touch, you’re going to have a range of harmful substances around the space in which you work.

Cleaning your office thoroughly will ensure that you are properly storing and cleaning the substances in your office. You can also put in policies and training if there are hazardous chemicals or inks in your office. The more people are aware of how to handle them, the better.

Don’t forget the desktop of your computer. Too many files and pictures on the desktop can clutter up your mind fast!

What Clutter Means for Motivation

You’ll feel motivated. Every single person working in your office needs to feel motivated to work. A dirty, cluttered, derelict environment doesn’t exactly inspire working and change.

The lingering dust, the mucky germs, and the cluttered surfaces don’t make for a particularly motivated individual.

You might not be visibly sick, but a lack of motivation can lead to lethargy, not what you want in your office.

Recovering from allergies. Sneezing in the office? You need to check the vents and fans for a build-up of dust. Without staying on top of the cleaning, you’re going to irritate your allergies and that can be really off-putting.

Diet influences. Did you know that clutter can lead to an unhealthy diet? It sounds strange, but the more you feel lethargic at work, the more you’ll turn to snack food instead of healthy options.

If you are prepared in the office, you’re far more likely to have better habits in your diet, too.

Cleaning Can Help You Be Healthier

It’s active! Cleaning can help you to burn more calories and stay active, so think about this when you are skipping on pressure washing the drive.

Office cleaning is going to help you to get moving and scrubbing the desks and surfaces will ensure that you are working out while you work on your cleanliness.

Clutter of Your Website

Your website is the first thing that visitors see when they enter your business, and it should be professional.

A cluttered site makes for an unimpressive experience with readers feeling overwhelmed by all of its information or just not interested enough to stick around long enough for anything else about you and your business.

So be sure to declutter your website as well this year. No more websites with ads popping out everywhere covering up any well-written copy and pertinent information.

Conclusion of What is the Meaning of Clutter

The more you work on your office cleanliness, the better for your health, the look of the business, and the way your office feels to work for your employees. Make a change now for the new season.

What does clutter mean for you and your biz? Do you find that clutter stops you from working at your best? Does it zap your productivity? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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Lisa Sicard
  • Great tips Lisa! Mind clutter can be a big problem because all physical clutter begins in mind. First, frenzied minds dominated by fear lead to the cluttered environments. Untangle your thoughts and feelings steeped with fear. Organizing living spaces gets easier. I am immaculate in all I do not because I am forcing things, or pride myself on being neat and orderly, but because I have little mental clutter.


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Ryan, I love the term “mind clutter”. That can surely get in the way even more than the physical clutter. You may have inspired another post here on that alone. Thanks for the thoughts and make it a great day Ryan!

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