EyeZy vs Glassagram Comparison 2024: Which is the Best Instagram Monitoring App?

Social media platforms like Instagram have made the world a global interconnected village. Now, everyone – our loved ones, colleagues, and competitors – can share vital details of their lives and businesses on the free photo and video-sharing platform. Although it’s typical to view others’ social media profiles at will, sometimes, we want to track their every activity but do not want to come off as stalkers, spies, or idea copycats.

For our loved ones, we might want to follow their activities to ensure they’re safe and connecting with the right people. For business competitors, we want to monitor their every move to ensure the competitive edge is not tilted against us.

That’s where Instagram monitoring apps like EyeZy and Glassagram come in.

While the two tools offer different Instagram monitoring solutions, they can be excellent in helping you achieve your goal.

This article is an extensive EyeZy vs Glassaram comparison to help you determine how to use both Instagram monitoring tools effectively.

What is EyeZy?

Eyezy Phone Monitoring App

EyeZy is a phone monitoring software that tracks people’s online conversations, from emails to social media, text messages, and more. It’s primarily designed as a parental control app to enable parents to stay abreast with the daily lives of today’s super-connected kids.

One of EyeZy’s core strengths is monitoring social media chats and activities, including Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, Viber, and more.

It is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices without the need for rooting or jailbreaking. However, it only functions on Android devices that run on Android 4.0 and higher and Apple phones that run on iOS 7.0 and higher.

What is Glassagram?

Glassagram anonymous instagram story viewer

Glassagram is a private Instagram account viewer app that lets you secretly track the activities of other Instagram users. You can view someone’s Instagram account, whether it’s public or private, without any hassle.

With Glassagram, you can keep track of multiple Instagram accounts, watch their stories in real-time, save them for up to 3 months, and download the videos to your gallery.

As an online tool, Glassagram is compatible with all devices. It can be accessed from any device and any browser, and there’s no need to install it on any device.

EyeZy vs. Glassagram Comparison Summary

EyeZy and Glassagram are key tools to monitor an Instagram user’s account anonymously. However, they provide unique perspectives on monitoring an Instagram account.

Take, for instance…

EyeZy is effective for tracking Instagram conversations. You can view an Instagram user’s chats, see the pictures they sent or received, and track when every message was sent or received.

Glassagram, on the other hand, is effective for tracking off-DM activities, such as stories, likes, comments, followers or following, locations, and tagged photos.

Both tools are subscription-based, with flexible payment plans.

EyeZy offers monthly, 3-month, and 12-month plans at $38.39, $22.39, and $7.99 monthly. Glassagram, on the other hand, offers the same plan structure at $49.99, $29.99, and $12.49 per month, respectively.

Now that you have a summarized view of EyeZy and Glassagram, let’s analyze both tools in more depth.

EyeZy vs. Glassagram: Detailed Comparison

Because EyeZy and Glassagram have different focuses on Instagram monitoring, this comparison will look at their features, giving you insights on which to adopt for your specific needs.

EyeZy vs Glassagram: Key Features

Key Features of EyeZy

DM Tracking

EyeZy makes direct message (DM) tracking seamless. It enables you to track the messages a particular user sends or receives on their phone without them knowing you’re spying.

With EyeZy, you can read a user’s chats on any digital messenger, from emails to Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

This is a useful tool for keeping track of a loved one, especially children. It makes it easy for you to protect them against online abusers who might want to take advantage of their innocence.

GPS Monitoring

EyeZy enables you to track the position of an Instagram user at any moment. You can track them with the GPS-embedded system or use their online activities to know their location and where they’re headed.

View and Block Calls

You can access someone’s call logs with EyeZy to know who they’re calling or receiving calls from. In the case of your children, this is essential for protecting them from harm, as you can even proceed to block certain numbers from texting or calling them.

Media File Access

One of EyeZy’s key functionalities is that it enables you to access someone’s media files from their device. You’ll have access to their photos, videos, and audio files without them knowing.

Key Features of Glassagram

Instagram Story Viewer

Glassagram’s Instagram story viewer enables you to view someone’s stories on Instagram anonymously. This is one of Glassagram’s core features, as Instagram doesn’t allow you to hide your identity when viewing someone’s status.

The Instagram story viewer is a feature you can leverage effectively as a business owner, enabling you to keep track of your competitors’ activities and marketing strategies. It’s also essential for tracking the activities of your loved ones, especially your kids.

Instagram Story Downloader

The Story Downloader is perhaps Glassagram’s most valuable feature for intentional brands. It lets you download the stories you find valuable on your competitors’ pages and save them on your dashboard for up to 3 months.

Multiple Account Monitoring

If you have multiple accounts to monitor, you can add them to your Glassagram account and monitor them from your dashboard. This is a valuable feature for business owners who have multiple competitors to keep up with.

No Installation

Unlike EyeZy and other monitoring or spy applications, Glassagram requires no manual installation on the target user’s device. You only need to enter their username or URL, and within a short while, Glassagram will retrieve their data, enabling you to monitor them easily.

Now that you know the key features of EyeZy and Glassagram and what you can and can’t do with them, let’s look at their pricing plans.

EyeZy vs Glassagram: Pricing

Here are the pricing plans for both EyeZy and Glassagram:

EyeZy Pricing

EyeZy has three pricing plans:

EyeZy pricing plans
  • 1-Month Plan: Costs $38.39 on the first subscription and $68.56 subsequently.
  • 3 Months Plan: Costs $22.39 per month on first subscription and $39.99 per month subsequently
  • 12 Months Plan: Costs $7.99 per month on first subscription and $14.27 per month subsequently.
  • The EyeZy pricing plans show that the longer you subscribe to the Instagram tracking app, the cheaper it becomes.

Glassagram Pricing

Glassagram has three pricing plans:

Glassagram pricing plans
  • 1-Month Plan: Costs $49.99 per month
  • 3 Months Plan: Costs $29.99 per month
  • 12 Months Plan: Costs $12.49 per month

EyeZy vs Glassagram: Which is Better?

EyeZy and Glassagram are excellent tools for monitoring an Instagram user’s activities. However, they both function differently and can best be used together.

This is because EyeZy primarily enables you to access what goes on in a user’s Instagram DM, while Glassagram can help you track non-DM activities like a user’s Instagram stories, posts, followers, likes, hot likes, comments, and more.

Therefore, as both tools perform different functions that complement each other, having them both will help you effectively monitor a user’s Instagram activities.

Have you used these parental apps? I’d love to hear how you keep track of your children’s online and phone activities in the comments bleow.

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