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37 comments On How to Get Influential Twitter follows – 7 Effective Strategies that Work

  • Hey Simon,

    These are some of the wonderful tips to get the attention of influential Twitterers. Some of these tips are purely new to me and are smart as well.

    I have so far only sent email testimonials, never thought about tweeting a testimonial out or spreading the word 🙂

    Thanks and I can’t wait to implement these tips!


    • Wow! Thank you so much for this amazing comment.

      Sending testimonial tweets work super well! Feel free to let me know how it goes, Jane!!

      Ps. My job is to always (and only) research, find & bring new strategies and techniques that has never been talked about 🙂

      • Great tips Simon.

        Influencers follow people who have interesting stuff to share. They don’t want to follow someone who spams with their tweets.

        Basically influencers don’t follow too many people. They are picky about who they follow. That’s why you need to keep an eye on those who they already follow and find out what they mostly tweet about.

        That’s the key.

        Keep rocking.

        • Thanks for the comment man!

          Yes influencers can be really picky on who they follow which is why they carefully go through a user before hitting the follow button.

          So the best way to fall among their list is to look and tweet professionally!

          Thanks once more, Anil!!


  • Hey Simon,

    For me, It’s truly a useful post, I have recently joined twitter and don’t know much about it.
    As you said that you should use a good profile picture and add the sweet, nice short bio to make your twitter account more professional., I have made some mistakes, I didn’t add my bio yet and use an image with a snapshot filter.. etc I’ll definitely take care of all these things that you have mentioned.

    Thank for sharing such influential post.


    • Heyo, Sakshi! Thanks for checking out the post 🙂

      I’m happy you found the post helpful. To be able to grow your twitter following, you should make sure you have a complete and compelling profile.

      Be sure to add your bio and a more professional profile image too.

      Thanks for the comment!


  • Awesome post. I, being new on twitter was looking for ways to increase my followers and this post just came at the right moment. Thanks for the brilliant insights brought out using your real life experiences.
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  • This post is very helpful for me.
    thanks for sharing.
    keep it up

  • This post is very helpful for me.
    thanks for sharing

  • Amazing article, Very information about everything on this website.
    Thank you.

  • Hello Simon,

    Good to see you here on Lisa’s space 🙂

    Good one over here 🙂

    Indeed every body wants that their followers on social media specially on twitter do increase, so that they can have a boost
    in their business. If one has thousands and millions of followers then, that much people would be able to see what are we
    up to and how our business and products can help them.

    Twitter has always been my favorite social media platform for promoting my business, but yeah I too had the problems at the
    starting, people were not following me back, or I too didn’t do much to get the numbers increasing.
    There was nothing, for me in the past two years, but things changed in just 4 to 5 months. I got above 10k followers
    just from 1k.

    Its really important to show the people that, we are a rel person and we are not offering something fake.
    We need to make them feel about our presence. This thing I did, I comment on almost every top notch bloggers post regularly,
    share their content on twitter and other social media platform, this really helped me, the bloggers and their followers
    began to follow me back.

    Thanks for the share.


    • Wow! Amazing comment (with value)!!

      On twitter, you absolutely need to show that you’re a real human and not bots or fake accounts. Great results you’ve got from twitter 🙂

      Thanks for the comment man!!!


  • Hi, Simon. Thanks for the great share.
    A typical and curated list of strategies to attract the right audience.
    Host of these technique sounds great and amazing! Need to try it.
    Liked your #5 strategy, Find the influencers latest engagement and find opportunities to interact.
    Really appreciate your effort.

    • Woohoo! I’m happy you’ve learnt a thing from the article, Nishant!

      Yes, finding the Influencer’s latest conversations and joining in works well. Have tried it a couple times and it worked. Be sure to let me know how it goes 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!


  • Hey Simoon!

    Thank you very much for your tips man!

    They are very helpful. I’m already implemting your tips. Smart tips!

    I believe twitter is the best social network for simple engagement. Facebook is becoming just too much. We never hear famous people in the media talk about their facebook posts, but we do hear about their tweets! 😉

    Twitter has huge potential for anyone looking to build something!

    Thank you for sharing this!

    Best regards! 😀

    • Heyo, Freddy! I’m happy you found the article helpfuland the tips ‘smart’.

      Yes, twitter is really a huge potential for anyone looking to build something.

      Thanks for the comment Man!!


  • Hi Simon,
    Your article is incredibly insightful. The tips are remarkable. It’s evident that implementing them correctly will surely grow your followers with more influencer.

    A strategy that has worked well for me is to subscribe to their news letter and respond to emails as well as retweet their tweets, and comment on their recent blog post.

    However, I have learn a few tricks from your article which is amazing.

    Thanks so much Simone and Lisa for sharing!

    • Hi, Moss! I’m happy you found the article insightful 🙂

      Yes, subscribing to Influencers’ newsletters and replying to their emails work really well. I’ve used it a couple times and have built relationships with a lot of them using this strategy.

      Thanks for taking your time to drop by 🙂


  • Nice post, thanks for sharing informative post with us. Keep up the good work.

  • HI Simon,
    Great post! I ate up your recommendations to help grow my “influencers”. You explained the use of each tool wonderfully! I have been using Tweepi myself. But, I am going to check out these.
    I might also add one of MY favorite ways to get on an influencers radar. I join their news letter or list. Whenever I receive a “Message” from them I ALWAYS read the information they sent – THEN I hit the REPLY button in the email and send them a reply.
    Why this tactic works:
    Their list most likely comprises of 100’s if not 1000’s of individuals and NOBODY sends a thank you reply! This causes you to stand out in THEIR inbox.

    • Wow, great tip, Bubbie! I’ve also used this “email list” tactic really well esp before starting my blog.

      It’s really really effective and makes you stand out. Thanks!!!


  • Hello Simon ,

    Great and very informative post. Twitter is one of my favorite social networks and it is also one of the best way to connect with your influencers. Lisa, Ryan etc are some of my favorites in twitter and I always share their tweets and posts. They are always be helpful and supportive too. These are some of the practical tips to increase influential followers in twitter. Great insights.

    Have a Great Day 🙂

    • Thanks for checking the guide, Vishwajeet! Yes twitter is really helpful and I also love Ryan & Lisa too!! They’re always helful and supportive 🙂

      Thanks for the comment.


  • Hi Simon,

    Nice to see you here on Lisa’s blog. I just love your ideas, especially getting my Twitter to look more professional. I really need to work on that.
    As fare as influencers following, your tips are wonderful. Tweeting their latests blogs is about all I do. Time to change that up and follow your advice.


    • Woohoo! Thanks a lot, Donna! So glad you’ve learnt something from the post.

      Yes, getting your profile professionally done is really important. In fact, I just worked with a company having 110 followers with just 4 verified accounts. After the first 30 days, it has 23 verified followers!

      So the profile’s look matters a lot on twitter 🙂

      Thanks once more, Donna!!!


  • Nice and very informative blog post. Twitter is one of the most influential brands on the Internet and to stand out in today’s modern online era, it’s a vital weapon for many online brands, blogs, or websites.
    I am also using Twitter for last 6 months but wasn’t aware of some pro tips you shared here.
    Especially, I like your point about using an appropriate profile picture. I will definitely try to get hands on other tips also. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.
    Laxminarayan recently posted..New Year-Motivational Quotes, Sayings, Messages, Wishes and Thoughts.My Profile

    • Hi, Laxmin! Thank you so much for checking the post. I’m so glad you love it and also found some helpful insights in it.

      Yes, twitter is really really important to every business today.

      Thanks once more 🙂


  • Hey Simon,

    It’s good to see that you have done your research.

    I have been using Twitter for many years and I must say, Kim is one of the most influential women right now.

    She shares her Facebook stragteies which work great.

    Ryan has written many ebooks and his Twitter profile is optimized.

    Having a professional photo, the bio is always important.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  • very nice article Simon,
    it was really helpful.
    keep up the good work,

  • Hi Simon,
    What a wonderful and helpful post it is! All these 7 techniques are really unique and helpful too. I have learned some new things from your post on the Twitter. Thank you for sharing your real experiences and these useful techniques. Wish you a great weekend.

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