6 Small Business Marketing Ideas to Help Boost Your Sales

Most businesses go through slower selling periods from time to time, but it can be pretty nerve-wracking when it happens. You most likely have an existing marketing strategy in place. However, during quieter periods, it’s worth considering what else you could try to generate new business. Here are 6 marketing ideas to help boost your small business sales.

small business marketing ideas
Marketing ideas for your small business to boost your sales.

Upload Video To Rumble To Expand Your Video Marketing

Although Rumble is best known for its funny and alternative video content, it’s also a great platform to market your business. You will be able to reach a wider audience.

Whether you want to show customers how your package your items, create video content advertising new product lines. Or make a light-hearted video clip telling people about how you got started, the possibilities are endless.

It’s a fabulous way to attract customers who may not have typically come across your business and generate new sales along the way. If you have a YouTube video you can share that on Rumble to double your video efforts.

Get Pinning To Market Your Small Business

Although Pinterest may not be as interactive as some other social media platforms, it’s still a great way to get your name out there. Millions of people spend hours creating boards and pinning things they like. They then share ideas with others, so it makes sense to be part of that.

Be sure to use eye-catching photographs that will help your products stand out. Even one pin could lead to a potential sale, so if you aren’t already using this platform, it’s something to consider.

start pinning to market your small business

Hire An Appointment Setter

Unlike lead generation, which typically involves cold calling and networking, an appointment setter is a type of telemarketer who contacts specific businesses or individuals. They do this on your behalf to arrange customer appointments with your sales team.

Appointment setters are also usually responsible for updating and monitoring CRM systems and following up with potential existing leads.

If you don’t already have one, it may be worthwhile recruiting even as a temporary measure until things pick up a little. An appointment setter will also reduce the time your sales team spends talking to what may turn out to be dead-end prospects.

Thus allowing them to focus on closing sales instead.

These small business marketing ideas for appointment setters may be old but still valuable today.

Local Sponsorship For Small Business Marketing Ideas

Although you can reach more people online, don’t forget about local marketing. Local sponsorship is a great way to get your name out there and be seen to be supporting the community.

Maybe your local kid’s football team needs a new kit, or the local school is looking for help with fundraising. Figure out how to combine offering community help with brand advertising.

However, you can still market this local sponsorship online via your Google My Places or your business Facebook Page.

Then, your local sales rates could start to soar as you use these small business marketing plans to increase your sales.

Host An Online Competition

Online competitions can help to widen your audience on social media and lead to an increase in sales. One of the most popular ways to do this is to ask existing customers and followers to share details of the competition to be in with a chance of winning.

The more people who share, the more followers and likes you are likely to generate.

Online competitions are one of the top small business marketing ideas as they are one way of keeping things fresh and exciting for both customers AND followers alike. This works by asking them to share information about upcoming prizes or giveaways so everyone gets a chance at winning something great (and staying up-to-date).

Furthermore,  it’s a good option when sales start to dry up and business begins to slow down.

Produce An Online Brochure

Having a business brochure online for your business is a great way to promote it digitally. You can share it in your blog posts and on social media. Since it’s online you can also update it often with price changes or with products.

It can include your products and services along with testimonials from past clients and customers. It’s an easy way to share online about your business and what makes it unique.

Your Turn on Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

What ideas do you have to market your small business? I’d love to hear more about your ideas in the comment section below.

Or, if you have used any of the above marketing ideas, let’s hear about them so we can discuss them below.

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Lisa Sicard

4 thoughts on “6 Small Business Marketing Ideas to Help Boost Your Sales”

  1. Hi Lisa,
    These are all great ways to market your small business. One interesting avenue that worked for me when I just started off as an entrepreneur was to write a nice long post on Facebook addressing my friends, letting them know about this big step. Many of them then liked my business page, and even shared it with their network, to get the word out.
    I also got some leads from there. And I wasn’t even expecting it!

    1. Thanks Poulomi. Oh yes, getting personal on a social media network can do the trick. People love to know more about you vs. your brand most of the time. I’m glad to hear you generated leads from there as well, that’s awesome. Thanks for your input and have a great day Poulomi.

  2. Hi Lisa,

    All solid strategies for small business marketing: While social media and videos are sure-fire ways to drive audience engagement, I like the idea of integrating them with offline marketing modes like local sponsorship.

    In addition to that, they shouldn’t ignore Google maps optimization and get visible on all major local directories. Consistent NAP and more online activities can definitely move the marketing needle in the right direction.

    1. Hi Shyam, welcome to Inspire To Thrive. I agree with you on the offline sponsorships too. Google maps and reviews can be very helpful to those in the local area for sure. Thanks for coming by and have a great day.

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