Using Webmaster Tools To Find Holes In Your Keywords

Using Webmaster Tools To Find Holes In Your Keywords

Webmaster Tools Can Help You Find Holes in Your Keywords

Do you often check out your Google Webmaster Tools? I do check daily for my retail websites. I use it mostly for broken links (Under Health, Crawl Errors) but lately I started to look at the keywords info section and learned some new tools within them available. An eye opening experience for me and maybe you too?

webmaster tools

How often do you log in to your Webmaster tools? Of course it is the first step to finding out more information about your website or blog. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. I don’t get in often to mine for Inspire to Thrive as I do for the retail websites. When sales go down the more I go and check out what could be happening. The same if your traffic stops coming to your blog, right? See the 3 great reasons to check your webmaster tools out below.


Log in to your webmaster tools

The part that intrigued me was the Queries with Change. It is under Traffic, then Search Queries.  This  part was new to me. It’s right next to the basic tab. Have you seen it on yours?

with change Webmaster tool


Now what really opened my eyes and bells going off for me was the results for Halloween Scrubs – the search query dropped for them 100%! Not surprising since it is November but made me realize how often things may change in search. So it is time to plug some of the holes. On the holiday page I still had the keyword Halloween, no more today! Just holidays and Christmas are relevant.

Eye opener in webmaster tools


So what does this mean for you with your Webmaster Tools?

  1. You should log in often – at least weekly if not monthly to your webmaster tools.
  2. You should scroll through many of the pages for the search queries and see which keywords have changed either in queries or in the average position.
  3. Change some of your keywords and meta to make your page position better and to reflect what queries have gone up.
  4. Make a list of all your pages keywords and description titles.  It will be a great reference tool for you when things change with keywords as they will.
  5. Don’t forget to check your keyword density too when you do make changes.

When is the last time you checked your keyword changes in Google Webmaster tools?

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51 comments On Using Webmaster Tools To Find Holes In Your Keywords

  • Hi Lisa,

    I have been using both Google and Bing webmaster tools. But i found that Bing and Google webmaster tools are quite different in showing the search terms. Yes, Google is the king of web. However Bing provides some cool tools for bloggers. As we can’t find some top search terms in Google Analytics, we should log into GWT daily basis. What do you think about it Lisa?

  • I use Google webmaster tools a lot but still do not understand all aspects of how to use it to my advantage. I really appreciate this article as it has helped me understand more aspects of it.

  • Your Blog Looks Very Good Lisa..And Articles are so Good too

    Thanks For Sharing Info About Webmaster Tools

  • 😛 Thanks for commenting on my blog MAM..

    I have just answered to your question in the comment section, I wish you would have enjoyed my article.

    According to google webmaster tool is really very important for every webmaster. If you don’t want to sped hundreds of $$$ on some SEO software or tools, then webmaster tool is perfect for you.

    They gives you detailed data about you impressions, clicks, +1s and your average position in the search results. But what I personally feel bad about this tool is their update time. I mean its 25th, and still webmaster tools is showing me the data it acquired on 22nd.

    Finally great post..

  • Hi Lisa,

    I wasn’t checking Google webmaster tools and I didn’t think it’s that much important and effective in tracking your blog performance, I am checking Google Analytic more often and thought Webmaster tool is just for checking SEO warnings, and things like website speed only matters. Thank you so much for opening my eye too on the importance of Google webmaster tool and what can be accomplished with it.
    Qasim recently posted…SEO Don’ts and How to Avoid ThemMy Profile

  • Extremely enlightening post! I will absolutely bring your advice. The first advice is what I am going to do first. Besides, I already have a Google AdWords tool so no worries.

  • Hi Lisa
    Excellent Post and Very important tips for Find Holes In Your Keywords. All point of this article are valuable & useful. I fit in with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your next updates.

    Clarkmartin recently posted…CEE LO Sexual Assault Accuser Had Long History with SingerMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,
    Great to see you encouraging people to use Google Webmaster Tools. I think there is something about the word “webmaster” that makes most bloggers run in the opposite direction. 😀

    I found that connecting GWT with Google Analytics is really helpful in getting people familiar with all of the data. Your tutorial is rocking. Thanks for the tips.
    Ileane recently posted…Google is Trying to Tell You Something, Are You Listening?My Profile

    • Thank you Ileane, yes connecting the two tools is a must indeed. Thank for you the reminder here about that. I tend to use the Webmaster one more but I did get into analytics finally this past weekend. I hope you have a wonderful week and a great Thanksgiving. I can’t believe it’s upon us already. Time flies when we are blogging, doesn’t it?

  • How do I check for keyword density? 7% or less? I have a final assignment in SEO (on a sample site-I used my place of employment) Are there any tools that I can plug in? I also have a group website SEO project that is not published. (Just uploaded to my school’s server)

  • Hi Lisa – This is a real eye-opener, even though I was quite well informed with the webmaster tool, I had never noticed this new tab which shows the Change.

    Yes, webmaster is an awesome stat tool for us bloggers and gives us immense information which we can put to your advantage in many ways.

    Thanks for bringing this up and explaining the concept.
    Praveen Rajarao recently posted…Best 5 Ways to Generate Heavy Traffic For Your BlogMy Profile

    • Thanks Praveen, I now it’s hard to see it all sometimes with so many things to do there on the Webmaster tools. I have to check analytics soon, haven’t done that in over a week. You are welcome and I hope it helps you out too.

  • Sweet tip, and one that I missed. I haven’t logged in for a month now. Time to get to it!

  • Hi Lisa

    I must admit, I’ve not logged into Webmaster tools for quite some time and even worse into Analytics either!

    I really need to make some time to do that over the next couple of days so thank you for sharing this and spurring me into action.

    Tim Bonner recently posted…Why Blogging Naked Is The Way ForwardMy Profile

  • Thanks!
    I have it now! the question is, How this can help me? haha. Do you have like a small tutorial? basic easy things… you know!


    • What area exactly are you looking for Angel? Do you have a Google analytic and Webmaster Tool account set up?

      • I am somewhat new into blogging. I have the Google analytic and Webmaster Tool accounts set up. From last week. I have become interested because of what you say. Is there an easy simple tutorial about this two tools? Or maybe you can tell me in a few words what they are used for..


  • Very cool! Thank you for sharing.

    No, I rarely check Google tools. I got frustrated the last time I was in the dashboard trying to figure out why Google wouldn’t accept my site map.

    I check the keywords at Alexa. It’s fascinating. Maybe I’ll give Google another try after I get home from work.
    Lauren recently posted…The Onion Book of Known Knowledge [Hardcover] – You Can Kill Flies with It!My Profile

  • Very information on how to exploit webmasters tool. I need to give this a looking into. I don’t use webmasters tool that often and when I do its mostly concentrated on understanding traffic and errors. Thanks for this piece of information.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted…Try the delicious motichoor ladooMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Wow you are way ahead of me when it comes to technical. I have a guy that does my technical stuff for me. My blog is a Word Press and he has made and sales a plugin for WP, so i can go to my blog, login and I have key words used and states right there for me.

    I do appreciate the info though, knowledge is power as they say.
    Thanks and I love the easy way you walk on through webmaster tools.
    Debbie 😛

    • Glad you found it helpful Debbie. It’s always a great way for back up too. A 2nd look at your site. Is it Yoast plug-in? I have that here and really like it too. But it does not tell me the recent searches made pertaining to my keywords like Google Webmaster and Keyword tool can do. Thanks for coming by and commenting today.

  • Ohh, Nice Information LISA..i didn’t know about this…i do use websmaster’s tool but just for cheking indexed page & errors..

    BTW, images in ur post look re-sized or compressed…pls change them if u can 🙂

    Thumbs UP..

  • I have been using webmaster tools,and it’s really helpful in determining various site issues and keyword related problems.Really nice article 🙂

  • Hi Lisa,

    I think when it comes to promotion / marketing, keywords matters Lisa 🙂 Well, to be honest, I don’t much into keywords as with my blog though. I do write what I feel 😉 But try to be simple for readers as I’m obliged to offer help ’em, but not to make my writing complicated.

    Google Webmaster Tools is really helpful on keywords with that change information 🙂 It wasn’t there in first days. Earlier we needed to use keyword tools for all keywording tasks. But now all-in-one 🙂 Super cool and easy. Isn’t it? Webmasters no need to use different sort of tools 😉

    Mayura recently posted…How to Edit and Create Videos with YouTube Video EditorMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I admit I don’t check my stats on Google Webmaster tools, it’s so intimidating to me! Thanks for sharing this with us! I’m definitely checking this out today!

    Hope you’re having a great Tuesday! 😀

    • Once you get going Corina it won’t be. Just concentrate on one part of it at a time. That’s what I have been doing. There are still a few parts I’m not familiar with. It does take some time to get more comfortable in there. Thanks for commenting.

  • Great tips Lisa however, I’m soooo confused! Eeek! I don’t get into all this webmaster goodies on blogger….yet 😉 Looks like I have some work to do!
    Brenda recently posted…What Is a Veteran?My Profile

  • Oh darn it Lisa, I’m guilty of not checking in webmaster tools enough. I do go in though to check for broken links but I have other sources on my blog that share with me the keywords people are searching for to locate my site.

    I appreciate you though sharing this gem with us because like you, I didn’t really pay that much attention to the traffic change. Funny thing is that I checked it while reading this post and the search for my name is showing down where Google Analytics is still showing that as the most popular search term for people finding my site. Go figure. What, are they just trying to confuse me.

    Thanks though for pointing this out. Always good to know…

    Enjoy your day Lisa!

    Adrienne recently posted…A Big Fat Lie Bloggers Like To TellMy Profile

    • I caught you huh Adrienne? LOL. I haven’t paid attention to traffic on this blog much but I do on the retail sites. Next time you are in your Webmaster tools check it out, it really only takes another 5 minutes. (I know every 5 minutes add up quick don’t they? ) It was interesting to see what different things people search for in a matter of just a few months.

  • Informative Lisa!

    Oh yes – I keep changing my Webmasters tool quite often for various things. Sometimes even when I put up a new post and it doesn’t get indexed, we need to manually index or add it in, and other than that too I think it’s a great way to know where you are headed or what you need to do to take control of things.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…Are Married People Really Happier Than SinglesMy Profile

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