Managing A Remote Workforce With 3 Top Challenges Today

Managing a remote workforce is not easy today. Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world in 2020, approximately 1 in 4 American workers were already working from home.

Today, it’s estimated that as much as 70 percent of the American workforce is working remotely as a result of the pandemic. This has eased the burden of losing employees during a health and economic crisis.

managing a remote workforce

However, it’s also launched a new series of challenges that businesses today are struggling to overcome.

Find out here what the top 3 challenges are in this new remote work era. Then, learn how implementing business management systems like Paypro can help you.

Scheduling Conflicts When Managing a Remote Work Force

Even though Americans are working more from home, managing that work-life balance has become much more difficult than it ever has been. Scheduling problems are a known conflict in today’s remote workforce.

Some employees may be dealing with health problems in the family now as a result of this crisis. Hence, others may just not be equipped with managing all the required changes in a remote world.

Some may not have all the tools they need to work from home.

There are many Americans that just don’t have what it takes to work from home remotely successfully. And the post-pandemic stress has not helped them with it.

managing a remote workforce

Scheduling conflicts with employees can mean losing money for you. At the same time, you want to be compassionate.

Create a scheduling protocol for your employees, set scheduling requirements to come your way at the beginning of every week, or every two weeks.

This gives you enough lead time to make Zoom meetings, or schedule conferences and calls. Moreover, have your own work-life organized before a conflict intercepts with production schedules.

There are software programs that can help you keep everyone on the same page when managing a remote workforce.

Workforce Does Not Feel Unified

When most or all of your employees are working remotely, they are going to feel some anxiety over this renewed social distancing. This is just a human reaction. In today’s remote workforce era, office politics are not as dramatic remotely as they used to be.

But there is the new problem of knowing your team just doesn’t feel cohesive.

Online desktop applications like Slack and Asana can help, but you want to bring a human interface to this as well. Celebrate birthdays and employee successes when you can.

Make them all feel like they matter, to each other, and to you.

Keeping Communication Consistent

A key challenge in the remote workforce is consistent communication, and this leads to a breakdown of accountability and trust between employees and their staff.

Remember that you are in charge here. Create a communication schedule or routine with every remote worker, and onboard new employees with this same routine. Be sure they stick to it.

This might be something like having them communicate any kind of feedback to you about their day every day, or submitting weekly reports that ensure you are on their page.


When communication in the workplace, remote or otherwise, occurs, keep it going by deciding what the protocol is.

Let the Experts Help You In Managing a Remote Workforce

There are several serious challenges in today’s remote workplace. Today however there are as many tools and resources available to circumvent them as there are problems.

Here at Inspire To Thrive, we use Agorapulse for social media management. I can communicate to any one of my team to respond to comments or to schedule another account’s social media on the dashboard.

They can send me posts for approval as well on the Agorapulse dashboard.

So, put the matter into the hands of experts, and begin managing a more unified and communicative team today. Even though some workers may return to the physical workspace and offices, many may not in the coming years.

This is key to running a successful business in today’s environment.

Your Turn on Managing a Remote Workforce Today

How are you managing your remote team?  Are you facing any issues along the way? I know finding how people like to communicate is of utmost importance.

Some love texting, others love talking on the phone. Learn which method they prefer and use that one with them.

I’d love to know more in the comments below on how you are managing your remote workforce today. And of course, if you have other suggestions as well.

Lisa Sicard
  • Gaurav Kumar says:

    Covid19 has forced us to adopt remote work system. For some people it is quite happening but for many a lot of challenges are there. It is important that every person should learn how to manage a remote workforce. Thanks!

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Gaurav, it certainly has and many do like it. But those that don’t have choices to make soon if they can go back to the office or not. It’s not easy to manage them remotely but it can be done. Thanks for coming by and make it a great day.

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