The Future of Blogging for 2024 – A Video Prediction With Tips

Check out this video as we discuss what is the future of blogging for 2024 and beyond. Featuring Sue-Ann Bubacz and Lisa Sicard with mentions of Henneke from The Enchanted Marketing Blog.

As the digital marketing landscape continues to rapidly change, the insights shared by Lisa and Sue-Ann provide invaluable guidance for bloggers aiming to navigate the changing times of content creation, SEO, and the strategic use of AI tools.

The Discussion of Blogging

The discussion in the video above expanded to include the newer blogging tools and the emergence of platforms like “Content at Scale” by Julia McCoy, emphasizing the shift towards long-form, relevant content with strong links and resources.

The conversation highlighted the need for bloggers to embrace AI tools that work with their own content, leading to personalized, high-quality blog content made to their unique style and brand.

Don’t be left behind in the future of blogging.

Wrapping Up The Future of Blogging

By using the recommended strategies and embracing the ever changing nature of blogging, you can position yourself for success in 2024 and beyond.

Learn how you can boost your blog now for the future. We’d love to hear your thoughts about the blogging future as we roll into another new year.

Lisa Sicard
  • I think blogging will still be alive and well in 2024, especially when you consider there are many ways to get traffic to your blog other than Google. AI and ChapGPT has made creating content very easy, and the syndication of this content can still get you alot of blog traffic if you repurpose it in the right way.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Randall, I agree they will remain alive and well and evolve throughout the year. Repurposing is key to generating more traffic and leads. I still prefer SEO but I see that changing too in the coming year. Thanks for coming by Randall, have a great day!

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