Transferring Branding Initiatives to an Automated Marketing Company

 Automated Marketing Company – The Way To Go Today?

Branding initiatives have helped companies in the United States and abroad to increase their annual profits by more than 4%. Not only do retail, financial services and medical companies take steps to build and strengthen their brands, government agencies also put effort into brand building and strengthening. More companies are hiring marketing directors to lead up these efforts.

Automated Marketing

Marketing Directors

Some of these marketing directors are reducing the time it takes to strengthen brand building. They do this by incorporating software and services from an automated marketing company into their initiatives. Marketing directors today are turning to an automated marketing company to help complete their social marketing, lead capture, email marketing, website tracking, lead scoring and event management projects.

In addition to helping businesses attract new customers, these automated marketing company platforms streamline the process of making bulk direct email communications more conversational. They also shorten the time it takes to complete email delivery, tracking and management. Direct emails, brochures and catalogs can be sent to target audience members. Each of these communication methods carrying a company’s branding message.

Automated Marketing

Proof that transferring the completion of branding initiatives to an automated marketing company is paying off for many firms. The proof is the fact that the budget businesses have put into this transfer has grown substantially. Customer Think reports that in 2009 businesses spent $100 million on automated marketing. By 2010, that amount had increased to $225 million. Fast forward three years to 2013, and businesses had spent a total of $750 million on automated marketing! It’s expected that businesses will spend as  much as $1.2 billion on automated marketing in 2014. That’s a lot of cash.

Business owners recognize the value of completing as many marketing initiatives in as short an amount of time as possible. It also reduces the levels of human and financial capital. The amount of success businesses experience while partnering with automated marketing firms depends on the number of different services the firms can readily offer their business clients.

Digital Services

In today’s digital marketplace, services should be able to push a business’ messages out using online and offline tools. These include trade shows, social media, website traffic monitoring and, as previously mentioned, email communications. Specialists who work at automated marketing firms should also have experience creating and managing marketing plans for business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) firms.

Online and offline events can be managed through an event management platform. Also, to connect with thousands of prospects, businesses are contracting with firms like a Salesfusion automated marketing company. They push and track content that’s sent out to social media networks. They may also add widgets to social media pages so visitors can easily share data.

Other marketing initiatives that companies can perform using a social marketing platform are capturing and appending social profile data. The platforms also track the most popular social media content. They also monitor which websites people click onto company social media pages from. Each of these measures help companies to learn more about their potential customers. The data can also help companies to discover the best times to come online and push messages out to prospects.


Would you use an automated marketing company to brand your company?

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