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6 Ways to Become A Pinterest Marketing Whiz

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing
Have you been using Pinterest to market your blog or website? If you are marketing to women Pinterest is really a must! 80% of it’s users are female. If you haven’t been on Pinterest in a while you may be surprised by some recent changes there. Pinterest has added a news feed alongside the you and messages… Continue reading

Pinterest – Why You Should Pin It On Saturdays

Pin It On Saturdays – The Pinterest Day

Pin It

A reader the other day asked about Pinterest. Lauren from ThinkSpin  wanted to learn more how to use Pinterest. I started to use it more myself the past few months and decided to really spend some time on Saturday there. Saturdays is known to be the day to pin it over… Continue reading

Pinterest Pins Last Much Longer Than Tweets or Other Posts

Pinterest Pins Last!

Pinterest pins really last longer than any other social share. Have you ever checked out a referral from your Google analytics to find it was a pin from months ago or even more than a year? Would that ever happen via a month old tweet or Facebook post?

Pinterest Pins

Facebook Posts

The average Facebook post lasts 3 hours.… Continue reading

Share Juice Makes It So Simple To Pin Images and Share

Share Juice Is Great For Pinning

Share Juice is a new social plugin that Hover’s over your images for others to pin. It makes it so simple for any image on your posts or website to be pinned. Have you ever gone onto a website and tried to pin an image only to find it didn’t come up? Or another… Continue reading

Website Traffic From Pinterest Shows In The Numbers

Website Traffic Increased From Using Pinterest App & Pinning More Often

It was very interesting to see the data on website traffic after using the Pinterest app and using Pinterest more often and consistently as explained in the last post on the Pinterest app. I had been using Pinterest every other day or every few days to using it… Continue reading

Pinterest App Makes It Easy To Pin Than Post At That Other Place

Pinterest App Makes It So Easy To Pin Now!

Many of my readers know how much I love my Droid. Recently I found and downloaded the new Pinterest app for Droid. This Pinterest app makes it so easy to pin away in just seconds. What could be better than that? And what did I learn since I started? It drove… Continue reading

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