Translating Your Website Should Be A Priority – Here’s Why!

Every single business needs to make sure that they are catering to their customers at every turn, but when was the last time you considered translating your website for your customers’ comfort?

Yep, you’re not alone in not thinking about it. When it comes to being online with your business, you have to be as inclusive as possible: it’s why you have a sitemap to help your customers to navigate!

The internet is a global place to be, it’s not just for the country in which you’re living. When you go online, you need to know that you’re appealing to more than just the locals so that you can extend your reach.

Whether you do this with Spanish answering services or you enable your website to be translated into Japanese, you need to ensure you’re appealing to the right nations!

translating your website

If your product is global, why wouldn’t you get your website translated to reflect that?

Here’s how translation can help your business to thrive.

1. Increasing Your Customer Numbers By Translating Your Website

It makes sense, doesn’t it? The more you appeal to your customers, the more customers you will have.

If you have the chance to go international with your services, you need others around the world to understand what you are trying to offer them. (Of course, when you do go international you will have to be aware of tax laws, country customs, and more.)

Ensuring that you are doing this in their language is vital if you want to capture their attention.

2. Your Customers Want to Communicate with You!

If customers can communicate in their own language with you, they would be more inclined to pay for your service or product.

If they understand you, you can build better trust, and sales growth will follow as a result. This is especially true today as people don’t want to wait around for answers or information.


3. Staying Ahead Of The Competition

You want to win as a business, and rightly so. The best way that you can do that is in ensuring that you are ahead of the competition with your online translation.

If your competitors are doing it, why wouldn’t you follow suit? It’s very wise to keep track of your competition, and you can translate your online business into more languages as a result.

You don’t just have to stick to one language!

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4. Finding Yourself Online

The search engine results pages are important. Therefore, if you want to rank highly, you need to offer more on your website.

Business website translation is going to allow you a bigger choice of SEO keywords, which will make a difference as to whether people can find you online or not. Translating your website will help with the keywords as long as you do your research in various languages.

5. Better Advertising Opportunities By Translating Your Website

If you plan to translate your pages into other languages, you need to think about using a wider range of websites for advertising. You can go global with your advertising efforts.

Hence, this brings you more publicity. Ads also bring more clicks through your website by people interested in your brand.

Finally, being able to go local with your brand anywhere in the world is going to help your business to grow.

You can better appeal to customers and you can offer a wider range of services and products – and that’s vital. It will help your business to grow.

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Your Take: Translating Your Website

Have you translated your website into other languages? I’d love to know how and if you have done this for your blog or website. Please drop a comment below so we can discuss it.

  • Hi Lisa,

    I have not considered translating my blog but see potential there. I am attempting to gauge the demand for what I do in, say, Panama here. Translating Blogging From Paradise to Spanish opens me up to Panamanians but I am trying to see if some of the country would be interested in blogging. Perhaps the small middle-class community that lives in Panama City may dig my blog. Nobody else would generally because Panama is a small rich, highly power upper class who already built their fortunes and really, most of the country lives in poverty, just trying to survive, living day by day. Panama City – and perhaps David – are the only 2 places in Panama with a middle class.

    Definite food for thought. Thanks!


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Ryan, I’m in the same boat as you with that. I do see that potential for sure! I bet you could help those in poverty there possibly? If you are going to be there for some time I could really see that happening. Thanks for coming by on this one Ryan and have a great weekend there. 🙂

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