Are Innate Personality Traits A Key To Marketing Your Business?

In today’s competitive business landscape, it’s undeniable that we face challenges in a saturated industry. Every company is on the hunt for fresh and captivating methods to promote themselves to the public. This leads us to wonder, why has marketing a business become such a daunting task in recent times? Do our innate personality traits affect our marketing efforts?

Furthermore, is there anything we can do to make it more appealing to our target audience?

Learning The Fine Art Of Promotion In A Personal Sense

When it comes to marketing ourselves, it’s all about a sense of intimacy and ensuring that our product comes across in a very personal and human way.

Because there are so many videos and targeted marketing tactics that aim to shove the product down people’s throats, this can mean that we are forgoing any sense of humanity.

Innate Personality Traits

But this is where the target audience needs to be analyzed and researched thoroughly. To make sure that we do this, we have to undertake relevant market research.

Then, find if there are some supreme, yet intimate methods of promoting products with our customers.

When it comes to promotion, it’s not necessarily about the big banners; it’s about making a product that communicates our business in a more subtle way. Being subtle is a key to marketing a business today.

You could get in contact with any supplier of your niche products, and have them craft up something unique. And it’s these products that are unique, but also still does its job at communicating the company.

And sometimes, it’s not about the big messages, but rather employing a more subtle approach.

Working On Our Innate Personality Traits

Marketing on the face of it is still difficult because we’re not able to put across our innate personality traits quickly. This is the cardinal rule of getting across to any customer.

And yes, this is where your brand needs to be well realized and fully formed, but it’s about learning a combination of tactics that works with your brand.

This can result in a lot of trial and error. But, we need to realize that when we are promoting our business, our personality shines through in everything.

From our copy to our logo, and of course, to our products. And this is something that many startups can fall foul of.

Although a business may know the best SEO tactics or can find a good way to make their products stand out, ultimately, what keeps people coming back, and therefore increases their bottom line, is the personality of the business.

However, when we are working on promoting ourselves or our brand, what we need to do is have an inherent understanding of who we are.

After all, we can all learn tactics or focus on the hard sell, but does this really help nurture a relationship with a customer?

Personality Tests

The innate personality test is a straightforward test. It poses scenarios and multiple-choice responses to gauge how you’d likely act.

The questions aim to reveal your core traits – like assertiveness or empathy. There are no right or wrong answers since it simply measures your instincts.

The test takes around 15 minutes and provides insights into your natural tendencies, helping identify ideal roles and environments. It’s an efficient way for employers to assess fit beyond just skills.

Innate Personality Traits Shining On Social Media

Showing personality on social media marketing is really important today. If you don’t show your personality or your brand’s personality on social media, it won’t work. People want to know who you are.

They want to be able to relate to a brand or a particular person. This is what makes the key to marketing today on social media effective.

That is why showing people of your brand is very important. The stories features on Facebook and Instagram remain HOT because many of the stories are behind the scenes look at brands. These stories showcase who we are and what our personality is.

You may have remembered a video I did about using Agorapulse for social media management a while back. Are you able to see my innate personality traits in this video?

People Purchase From Those They Trust

People buy from people they trust because trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, including business transactions. When customers trust a person or a brand, they feel confident about the quality of the product or service being offered.

Trust eliminates doubts and uncertainties, which often arise during the decision-making process. Customers are more likely to make a purchase when they believe in the credibility and reliability of the seller.

Trust also fosters loyalty, as satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat buyers and advocates for the brand.

In essence, trust is a key driver of customer satisfaction and long-term business success.

Key To Marketing A Small Business Today

This is what it’s all about. Marketing is such a difficult component to get right, that you can spend a long time finding the best methods to get yourself across.

But if the personality isn’t there it’s not going to result in a business that stands the test of time, and your customers will never come back.  

Summary: Are Your Innate Personality Traits A Key To Marketing Your Biz?

Are you using your personality in marketing your business or blog? I’d love to know in the comments below how your personality is being used in your marketing efforts today.

Let’s discuss how we can show our innate personality traits more in our marketing in the coming months ahead.

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Lisa Sicard

7 thoughts on “Are Innate Personality Traits A Key To Marketing Your Business?”

  1. Tanyi Melvis Bechemnyo

    Hi Lisa

    Showing your personality in your posts is a huge competitive differentiator. People can copy all sorts of stuff but can never copy YOU.

    Also, adding the vulnerable sides of your personality into your posts works more wonders

    Thanks for sharing another gem

    1. Hi Tanyi, yes – that is sure try, our personalities cannot be copied 🙂 I think showing some vulnerability shows that we are human and others can surely relate to that. You are most welcome and have a terrific Thursday Tanyi.
      Thanks for coming by and taking the time to comment here.

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I used to run a music project and initially, I was a total disaster on social media.

    All I was posting was “buy my stuff” kind of things, instead of showing more of my human side/personality.

    Once I started showing my personality and engaging with people, I saw a massive difference.

    So I would say personality is definitely really important in order to get your customers to trust you 🙂


    1. Hi Cristina, Welcome to Inspire To Thrive. Thanks for sharing your story with us here. Oh yes, many brands start out with buy my stuff and soon realize it doesn’t work! Showing your personality on social is VERY important. I’m glad you have learned that one. Have a wonderful Monday and new week ahead Cristina 🙂

  3. Hey Lisa,
    people online pretend to be something else than what they really are, pretend to be this instead of that.
    This is so wrong and phony, and anyone with a half brain can smell such a thing a mile off.

    Plus it’s HARD to lie all the time.

    The answer of course is to be yourself. No one can beat you at that and each of us has that special “vibe” that attracts like-minded people.

    Hence likability draws support which then turns onto a business.
    Being yourself is prerogative to success.Do that and all that’s missing is hard work
    But we can manage that too, can’t we? 🙂


  4. I love your advice Lisa. I kinda, a little bit, a wee bit, add my personality to my business and brand message 🙂 I figure if we brand ourselves we build a brand on something genuine that no human in history can mimic. Sounds good to me. Selfies, stories, experiences; add YOU to your business and serve your readers to stand out from the crowd.

    1. Hi Ryan, thank you. LOL, a wee bit? A HUGE bit I would say and that’s great 🙂 I don’t think anyone could mimic you online Ryan. I need to work on doing more of that too. I hope you have a great weekend.

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