How To Use Proxies To Access Restricted Social Media Content

Have you ever found yourself being unable to access content that you so desperately want to view? Well, you’re not the only one. It’s so frustrating, but as irritating as it seems, publishers have their reasons why they want their content restricted. 

“Not available in your area” is also a very common message that you get when you try to access content that is not available in the location you are currently in. People from particular countries are often barred from signing in and viewing the content on certain websites.

A Chrome proxy could be the solution if you are seeking a means to overcome this limitation.

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Why Do Restrictions Exist?


Visitors from certain countries may encounter restrictions preventing them from viewing the content produced by specific companies. Typically, geolocation barriers are enforced either as a result of legal agreements or to maximize profits. Let’s examine the reasons more closely.  

Shows and movies are commonly streamed on platforms like Netflix and Hulu. It is a given that these platforms display varying lists of items to users in different areas.- Due to this reason, the TV show that you initiated viewing while abroad may no longer be accessible once you return to your country.

Streaming services can only play the content due to their lack of ownership over it. So, if the person who owns a show decides they don’t want people from France to watch it, streaming services can’t let French users see it.


To protect young people, content creators, and exhibitors take necessary steps to prevent their exposure to unsuitable content. Ensuring the truthfulness of a user’s age can be a complicated task.

Consequently, evading this rule is effortless as individuals can simply input an age that permits them to access the content. 

Keep in mind though, that if you decide to proceed and encounter distressing content, it is not the fault of the individual who originally posted it. You won’t receive any money or benefits from the law.


In order to prevent further damage, websites that have been hacked or have vulnerabilities susceptible to hacker attacks may undergo temporary or permanent blocking. It is crucial to understand the various reasons a website may be blocked before attempting to access it using any of the provided methods that you’ll see in a bit.

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There are good reasons why some websites may restrict users.

Proxies To Help You Access Any Content You Want

Accessing blocked websites can also be achieved through the utilization of a proxy server.  A proxy is a connection between your device and the internet. It helps you reach websites that might be blocked in your area.

Free proxies are commonly offered, but caution should be exercised as their dependability and safety may vary. 

By entering the website address into the search bar, the tool will assist you in gaining access to it. The initial step in utilizing a proxy involves locating a proxy server. It is necessary to arrange the settings of your device in order to employ the proxy server.

It is possible to come across free proxy servers on the internet, however, exercising caution is crucial due to their potential unreliability.

To access blocked content in your area, just connect to a proxy server of your choice and enjoy browsing without any restrictions. You can get around limits on accessing certain content from different locations by using a proxy.

No matter where you are situated, you have the opportunity to view things worldwide. 

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Mobile Proxy 

Unlike a regular home IP or a VPN, a mobile ip proxy functions as a gateway that assigns a device a distinct mobile IP address. Mobile proxies give the impression of connecting to the internet through a mobile network, effectively concealing the user’s actual identity.

There is a slight variation between residential proxies.

However, individuals who engage in unlawful or deceitful activities online are more inclined to utilize mobile proxies due to the structure of mobile data networks. The reason why mobile proxies are known as such is because they utilize the IP address of a mobile network. 

The usage or assignment of these programs is not limited to mobile phones or other mobile devices. Similarly, when a smartphone is connected to a home network, it lacks a unique internet address.

The way Mobile Data networks are structured does not allow for each device to have its own IP address. 

Many mobile devices will receive identical IP addresses when there is a significant amount of work. This can be dozens or even hundreds depending on the mobile network.

The implementation of carrier-grade NAT technology (CGN) is a response to the shortage of IPv4 addresses on mobile data networks.

Why Are Proxies The Best Choice For Accessing Content?

This tool assists in revealing previously hidden aspects and safeguards your privacy and security online. It is important to evaluate the speed and security of a proxy when attempting to reach restricted content based on location.

Annoying delays or interruptions can be caused by a slow proxy, whereas your personal information can be accessed by hackers through an insecure proxy. 

Make sure you pick a trustworthy proxy service that focuses on being fast and safe. It is crucial to ensure that your connection is secure before beginning your browsing session.

Achieving unrestricted access to beloved content becomes simple and hassle-free with the use of an effective proxy, enabling you to evade location-specific limitations. 

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Portable Proxy 

By utilizing a browser such as KProxy, you can conveniently activate proxy features on different devices. You can choose between two variants for this product: a portable option or an installed option.

The great thing about the website browser is that it lets you browse online without needing to type the website address in the main URL bar. Alternatively, you can enter the website address in the designated text box on the KProxy website.

Web Proxy

With the assistance of a web proxy, public computer users can sidestep website censorship and gain access to restricted sites. Particularly handy, it serves as a solution for unblocking websites on school Chromebooks where downloading a VPN or Tor is not possible. Initially, you will establish a connection to a proxy server. 

After that, you can browse the desired website without disclosing your exact location. A straightforward method to gain access to blocked websites on a school computer or Chromebook is by employing a web proxy, making it a simple task to learn.

To employ a proxy server, one must visit a specific online platform referred to as a proxy website.

Upon reaching your destination, you must input the desired website’s address and subsequently click a button to proceed to it. The issue lies in the fact that you must first navigate to the web proxy in order to reach your desired website.

You have to do this every time and in every tab.

Step By Step Setting Up A Proxy 

Using a Chrome proxy doesn’t involve a significant amount of labor. With or without prior experience, anyone can accomplish it independently. To start, access the Chrome app on your device.

Next, click on the option labeled “Customize and control Google Chrome.”  Once you click on that option, a menu will appear and you need to select “Advanced Settings”. 

The settings offer a selection known as “Change proxy settings” among these choices. It is advisable to choose the option for “LAN settings”.

Check the box labeled “Use a proxy server for your local area network” and uncheck the option “Automatically detect settings”.”

And after a few OK’s, you are ready and set to use your proxy.

Proxies For The Win

Using proxies is an effective method to circumvent location-based limitations and access content that might be restricted in your country. Familiarizing yourself with the different proxy options allows you to choose the appropriate one that aligns with your needs, guaranteeing the safety and privacy of your internet usage.  

Conducting thorough research is crucial when selecting a reliable provider that offers fast and dependable service for using a proxy, whether it’s free or paid. Accessing geo-restricted content can be done safely and securely by employing a proper proxy, eliminating concerns about compromising your online privacy or security.

So if you weren’t sure that proxies are the right choice, hopefully, this article will prove to you that they are 100% what you need. 

Have you used a proxy before to gain access to restricted social media content? I’d love to hear about your experiences with it in the comments below.

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Lisa Sicard
  • Thank you, Lisa! I have a question. Isn’t proxy and VPN the same thing?
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    • Lisa says:

      Hi Salar, A proxy works only with a single app while a VPN secures all your internet traffic and encrypts it for extra security and privacy. Thanks for coming by.

  • Hello Lisa,

    Content restriction is now happening all over the world. Some of them are political too. Proxy servers are a great way to see the restricted content. Yes, you are right, Always use a reputed proxy server to keep your identity and data safe. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

    • Lisa says:

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