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7 Hootsuite Features That Can Help Your Blog Thrive Today

Hootsuite Features For You

I can’Hootsuite featurest believe it’s been four years since the last time I guest posted here on Inspire to Thrive. It was April, 2013 when I shared the three reasons why I love Hootsuite Pro. I was in my third year of blogging – and I love it now just as much as I did then!

Back then I was busy juggling being a mom and striving to turn my blog into a full time business. Using Hootsuite Pro saved me a lot of time. And it kept my blog and brand floating around the socialverse while I was away from my computer. If you have kids, you know how time consuming tending to mom moments can be.

Fast forward to 2017 and I’m as busy as ever. Only this time I’m juggling a blogging business and a web design business. My children are grown but now I’m chasing after my grandkids and I am my mom’s caregiver. Talk about a full plate, right?

You might be wondering what my busy life has to do with my talking about Hootsuite features in my first guest post and in this follow up. Well, my busy home life is precisely why I use it.

There are days when my mom moments will take me away from my blog. Sometimes even for hours at a time.

While some bloggers might relate to my situation, other bloggers might be juggling school, a full time job or something else in their life that might pull them away from their blog.

But if your blog is your business, the time away can hurt. If we want to have success as a blogger we have to keep sharing content with our target audience or we’ll become a distant memory. You know what I mean?

These Hootsuite Features Can Help Your Blog Thrive

To begin with, I don’t have to tell you how much time goes into managing our social media pages. By the way, don’t you find toggling between tabs on our computer annoying? But I digress.

Besides helping us stay visible in the socialverse, you can also manage your social media pages and profiles in one place.

You can compose a messages, reply to comments, retweet a tweet, like a post, and reply to messages.

And recently, Hootsuite has made some changes giving us more features to their plans. If you ask me, they are truly becoming a one-stop shop for all our social media needs.

Here are some of the changes Hootsuite features made and my favorite features today.

More Social Media Options with Hootsuite Features

There are more social media options to connect to really amp up your social media presence beyond Twitter and Facebook. Now you can connect your LinkedIn profile, groups and companies. You can connect your Instagram and YouTube.

[clickToTweet tweet=”#Hootsuite has more #socialmedia options to really amp up your presence beyond Twitter & Facebook ” quote=”#Hootsuite has more #socialmedia options to really amp up your presence beyond Twitter & Facebook Now!” theme=”style2″]

And now you have the option to connect your Google+ profile or page.

Available Apps via Hootsuite

You are really going to like this. Take a look at some of the free apps that are available in Hootsuite’s app directory and what you can do with it.

Tailwind for Pinterest

You can schedule and publish pins to Pinterest. Manage your editorial calendar. Pin to multiple boards and edit pin descriptions.


With this app, you can view StumbleUpon pages. Discover and share StumbleUpon content. And see how many times your pages/posts are stumbled.


The Commun.It app is new to the app directory. You can prioritize your social tasks. Know who to follow or unfollow and what content to Tweet.

This one is my favorite! With the app, you can view pages and posts. You can moderate comments. Share your posts and pages to your social networks. And finally, you can connect multiple accounts.

There are also premium apps available. There is YouTube Analytics. TrendSpottr for Instagram. There’s a Reddit Keyword Monitor app and the Pocket app.

And they added a new app called Pixel Hunter that let’s you search for free-to-use royalty-free images. And you can even edit the photos and attach them to your post without leaving Hootsuite!

[clickToTweet tweet=”Hootsuite added a new app called Pixel Hunter it let’s you search for free-to-use royalty-free images.” quote=”Did you know Hootsuite added a new app called Pixel Hunter that let’s you search for free-to-use royalty-free images.” theme=”style5″]

Campaigns To Build Your Email List

When you upgrade to Hootsuite Pro or higher it has tools to build your email list. For example, you can create contests or giveaways and sign-up pages.

And when you upgrade from Pro you get more Hootsuite features like photo and video contests. There is also a hashtag contents for your Instagram and Twitter followers.

Hootsuite Analytics

Hootsuite wanted to make sure we have everything at our fingertips because there is even an analytics tab to give you an overview of your engagement. You can see how much engagement you get from your posts. How many fans and followers you get on each social media profile or page.

And not only that, you get a breakdown of your inbound messages like comments, mentions, and DMs.

Hootsuite Features You Still Get

Hootsuite features still has fan favorites like the ones included in the Pro plan. The bulk schedule upload composer is a real time saver because we can schedule multiple posts at once.

Here’s what I mean. Let’s say you’re running a giveaway on your blog and you want to post it three times a week at 1pm. You put the details like the date, time, content and link on a spreadsheet, upload it and bam, you’re set.

And we can still get content from our favorite RSS feeds. There’s no limit to how many we can add and we can share them on our social media pages right from the dashboard.

In the even that you have a virtual assistant or building a team, you’re going to love this feature. Hootsuite’s Team plan allows up to three users and you can add team members as your business grows.

Everyone has access to the dashboard so you can assign messages/posts to anyone on your team. And you can rest easy knowing your business is running like a well-oiled machine.

That’s pretty cool, right?

Final Thoughts on New Hootsuite Features

I know it can take some time getting used to Hootsuite. But like every new tool we try, there is a learning curve. But once you become familiar with it, it’s really easy to use and you have more time to work on other things.

If you’d like to give Hootsuite a try, click here to sign up.

Over to You on Hootsuite Features

I would love to know your thoughts about Hootsuite. Have you tried Hootsuite before? Did you know Hootsuite offered these features? And now that you do know about the latest features, would you considering using it?

Let’s get the conversation going in the comments section below! And after leaving your comment, don’t forget to share this on social media.

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