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5 Ways Facebook Pages Will Make You Look Professional

Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages are a must for any business today. Have you ever researched a company on Facebook itself to find out they don’t have a Facebook page? HowFacebook Pages did that make you feel about that company? Did you wonder “why haven’t they invested a little time or money to have a page on Facebook?”

Facebook is where… Continue reading

Make Your Facebook Feed Work Absolutely Wonderful For You

Your Facebook Feed – What You Need To Know

Your Facebook FeedI met a woman I’ll call Sally about a year ago. She is a customer of mine and only used Facebook minimally. She wanted to grow her business and realized she really needed to have a Facebook page and more knowledge of using Facebook herself.

It really helped me to understand… Continue reading

Facebook Page Posts – Who is Seeing Your Posts Now?

Facebook Page Posts – Are They Still Being Seen?Facebook Page Posts

Whether you are using Facebook as a business page or for your own personal use have you noticed that not everyone is seeing your Facebook page posts these days? What is the reason behind this Facebook algorithm change? It is not only exclusive to Facebook pages but to personal… Continue reading

Does The Facebook Algorithm Change Your Friends?

The Facebook Algorithm and Your Friends

Do you ever post on Facebook some days and wonder if you really have any true friends? Do you think it’s you and something you may have said or do you realize it may be that Facebook is not showing your post to all your friends like you may think?  I did the… Continue reading

Facebook Page Text Posts Increases Engagement and Reach

Facebook Page Text Posts

Facebook page text posts can really increase your engagement and reach on your Facebook page.  Have you tried different styles of posts on your Facebook pages? Text posts seem to outrank images and link style posts from 2 pages I have been experimenting with. I also read over on Pagemodo that they found the same… Continue reading

Will The Facebook Graph Search Change Social and Search?

Will the Facebook Graph Search be a Game Changer for Social Media and Search?

Facebook Graph Search


Yesterday Facebook announced their new Facebook graph search now in beta. You must sign up if you want to be one of the first to test it out. You can also watch a video by Mark Zuckerberg explaining how this new Facebook graph search… Continue reading

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