Small Business Big Impact On Community

When you run a small business, it can be easy to feel like your impact is small too. When you look around at the big corporations pulling in multi-millions, fans all over the globe and a gleaming marketing team. But, you know what they say – the grass is greener where you water it, not really on the other side.

Your small business is incredibly valuable and not just because it puts food on your table and keeping a roof over your head. Small businesses are an asset to the local community. Butch, baker, or handmade jewelry makers you all bring something great.

small biz big impact


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Impact with Local Jobs

A small biz, no matter what their sector is, create jobs – and they’re usually local. People aren’t all that likely to commute to work at a smaller company, so the chances are high you will be employing someone in the area.

When people support a local business, by working there or buying there, they are supporting their local economy too. Picking up lunch at local diners, buy from local crafters and even drinking at their local bar all give a community feel.

The jobs market can be very volatile, leaving many people in difficult situations. By employing a single person in your local area, you are lifting the general population too.

The perks for people working for a smaller company are many, but here are just a few:

You are much more likely to get noticed for the good work you are doing! It is easy to get lost in a big company and feel like you either aren’t meeting your potential or that you have no opportunities to show what you can do.

When a company is smaller, often you will be hired for one position but end up taking on many different job roles. Meaning you can broaden your skill set very quickly and effectively.  You’ll have a deeper understand of the roles that you do take on, and develop those transferable skills that are so coveted.

A small business is more personable. You know your boss, you know your workmates, you know your customers. The internal communication is going to be much easier and more prevalent than in a bigger company.

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Better Infrastructure and Lower Maintenance

Your smaller store will have much fewer rules and regulations to adhere to. Meaning you can spend much more time working on your goods and services than trawling through paperwork.

When someone needs to speak to the manager, the chance are you’re going to be able to help them in ways that a bugger chain just can’t. The personal touch matters and smaller companies have it in bulk.

When a big business can get tied up in red tape, your application processes, insurances, permits and even just the process of opening the store will be more straightforward.

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Community With Small Business Big Impact

Smaller villages and towns have a certain charm. Small business is part of the reason for that. In many American TV shows, as you watch the main characters walk around the town, you will see smaller shops always ran by the son, after taking it over from their parents. Small companies aren’t too far from that.

Take a walk down almost any street, anywhere, and you will see the family-owned butchers, or delis, or even cobblers. These shops and these families contributed massively to the identity of the area. In fact, very often the family-owned food joints will end up being the ones people are recommended to visit. It gives a sense of character and familiarity.

Owners of small businesses tend to get involved in the community in other ways too. What happens in the local government and national legislation may impact them profoundly. They will work tirelessly for the best outcome for their local area and the other businesses that are run in that area.

When it comes to schools in the area or local teams they will often approach diners and bars for sponsorship to afford their kits. This benefits everyone. It’s advertising for the small business, and the kids get help looking slick on the field.

Local enterprises are also much more likely to donate to local charities and homeless schemes. A sense of belonging and support can’t be rivaled by big corporations.

Recently, I joined the local Chamber of Commerce here in Rhode Island. They do many charitable events thoughout the year as well as networking events. Next, they also offer training for small businesses and more. Inspire To Thrive is proud to be a member of the local community. ?

Local enterprises are also much more likely to donate to local charities and homeless schemes. #smallbizbigimpact Click To Tweet

Family Owned Businesses

Have you ever noticed that the family-owned store will usually greet most of its customers by name? They might ask about the kids, or the grandparents, or even the family pet. Those are personal relationships.

The chances of you walking into a big chain and getting the same is very slim. In fact, when was the last time you walked into a store and got greeted by name? These relationships are essential for the overall health of the community.

Higher Tax Base

As mentioned above, small local businesses contribute hugely to the economy in the local area and nationally. However, when local residents shop in local stores, their tax dollars are put back into their local community. Interestingly, this is a ripple effect. Those small businesses are then more likely to shop with local suppliers and distributors – slowly but surely growing the economy in that area.

Which is great for everyone. When people buy at larger chain stores, they don’t usually see the benefit of that in their local area.

If you are lucky enough to be talented to make something using local products, then you might well become one of the reasons people travel to your town. There is nothing as good as handmade products, with locally sourced ingredients or products and quality is something that consumer will always appreciate.

Tourism can really bring a lot of cash into smaller towns and cities, and if it’s not seasonal then all the better.

Creativity and Competition

It is pretty much certain that chain stores will plow plenty of cash into the marketing promotion of their shops. Smaller business usually can’t compete when it comes to money.

However, when it comes to creativity and being as unique as possible – smaller businesses win the crown. In a bid to stand out, they need to come up with smarter ideas, that can catch the attention of their audience without costing a fortune using clever communication apps and maximizing their social media.

small business big impact

If there a few companies that do the same thing in the vicinity it can also create a healthy rivalry. Competition is great for customers – giving them better services and better rates.

However, when it comes to creativity and being as unique as possible - smaller businesses win the crown. #smallbiz Click To Tweet

It also means when it comes to hiring, the rates of pay will be competitive too.

  • “Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.” – Steve Jobs


Small businesses, freelancers and partnerships on the small side all contribute to the entrepreneurial spirit of a location. By starting a small enterprise, you are taking charge of your own future in a really big way.

That can often inspire others around you to do the same thing. Finding new ways to make a living is more innovative than it has ever been. In fact, as it was mentioned above, has an big impact on the local economy. Small businesses can mean the difference between families losing their homes, crime rates, the money invested in the area.

Many cities and towns now have co-working places. Helping parents with young children, people with business ideas in the incubation stage, and creative meet up and see how they can work together.

If there are courses taught at your local high school, the chances are if you have been running your own business for a while you’ll be among the people asked to come in to talk about your experiences.

Often the advice and information from a person who is from a smaller business can feel more relatable than a CEO of a big corporation who didn’t necessarily start the company he is working in. The general thought process when you see someone you can relate to doing something is “I can do that too.”

Environment of Small Business Big Impact

Smaller business can be much more conscious about what they are using in terms of single-use items, the methods in which they opt to transport their goods and the people they choose to do business. Being environmentally and socially conscious is a big deal, and when you are starting from the ground-up, you can make that part of your ethos.

There is so much to be proud of when it comes to your small business. Not only are they making a significant impact on the global economy, but they are providing jobs for those who otherwise may not have an income.

Even freelancers hiring other freelancers are doing their bit. When you choose to start, or shop at a small business, you aren’t just putting food on the table of the owner, in fact you are helping grow a vast network.

Small stores are the beating heart of most communities. Whether you know it or not and those relationships and products are part of the tapestry of the area. These types of small business have a big impact! 


“You don’t build a business, you build people, then people build the business.”  – Zig Ziglar

Do you like working for a small business vs. a large corporation? I’d love to know more in the comments below how your small business big impact works today.


Lisa Sicard
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    Hi Lisa,

    Interesting points your presented here, and I can’t agree any less with you. I love that you highlighted “entrepreneurship” because small business or businesses are the creation of the business owner’s entrepreneurial prowess. As an entrepreneur, you have taken charge of your future, not depending on anybody or entity for financial support. The world is doing well today, thanks to entrepreneurship.

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