Lyme Gets in the Way of Life and How I Overcame it with Plaquenil

This blog post has been updated in April 2020 because of the recent controversy over medications being used or not used for the Covid-19 virus pandemic that I had taken for Lyme disease.

The current controversy really got me fired up and I had forgotten the blog post written 9 years ago until an aunt of mine messaged me last night looking for it.

Now My Story With Lyme Disease

Lyme gets in the way again! It’s been a challenging year here at Inspire to Thrive in 2014.
How do we continue to write, blog, work and enjoy life when life’s challenges keep coming at us?

I decided to write about when Lyme gets in the way as part of my “Causes” category of posts.

lyme gets in the way

Now, I’ve come across so many people still today who do not understand what Lyme disease is. They do not know what it can do to a person.

I’ve always felt fortunate that I was able to overcome Lyme many years ago. I had several cases of Lyme along with meningitis over the years.

My life literally stopped at a time over ten years ago. And then recently I got infected again.

What Are Ticks?

Ticks are external parasites. They live by the blood of mammals, birds, and reptiles. These ticks transmit diseases such as Lyme, tick-borne meningoencephalitis,  rocky mountain spotted fever, and several more types of diseases.

They usually cause a fever or flu-like symptoms.

ticks transmit Lyme

Did you know that ticks can harbor more than one disease-causing agent? Patients can be infected with more than one pathogen at the same time.

This makes it more difficult to avoid Lyme getting in the way. It makes it harder to diagnose and treat the disease. Ticks love warm humid climates and most have a density of hosts to live on such as deer, and other mammals including humans.

No wonder Lyme gets in the way when it is so hard to diagnose.

What Are The Symptoms of Lyme Disease?

There are many different symptoms that can affect people. Some are:

  • Tiredness to the point of Exhaustion
  • Fever
  • Flu-Like Symptoms
  • Joint Aches and Pains
  • Stiff Neck
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Facial Paralysis
  • Sore Throat, Swollen Glands
  • Double Vision
  • Eye Pain
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Ringing in the Ears
  • Light Sensitivity
  • Sound Sensitivity
  • Muscle Pain and Weakness
  • Mood Swings
  • Numbness in Body
  • Forgetfulness
  • Symptoms That Come and Go
  • Rash and of course the Bull’s Eye Rash
  • Extreme PMS Symptoms
  • And many many more as Lyme gets in the way.

Lyme – Another Round of the Disease

So how did I miss it this time? I didn’t realize dizziness was a sign of Lyme. The past experiences I had with it were joint pain, stiff neck, and fever. Of course, the first time I had it I didn’t know.

It took me months before I went to the doctor to complain of joint pain. I had been jogging for months and thought it was the jogging causing it.

Then, I was diagnosed with Lyme in July over 10 years ago in 2004. I was only on medication for one month from a local doctor.

Next, I then got sick again in the late fall of that year with a stiff neck. Once again I was treated for 4 weeks.

The next year I developed Meningitis. It was determined through a spinal tap at a local hospital. Ever seen the needle they use for that? 

spinal tap


Hospitalized for Lyme Meningitis

I was hospitalized for a week with meningitis. This time I had a severe headache and sensitivity to light. They put me on morphine. I never forget thinking “Everyone I knew on morphine had died, will I die?”

My neurologist happened to pop in when he saw my name on the door of my hospital room.  He asked if anyone gave me a fiorinal. Once he was able to give me fiorinal it broke the week-long worst migraine of my life. But the light sensitivity and other side effects of Lyme meningitis remained.

My kids were little at the time, it was a frightening experience. It took months to recuperate in bed and out of work. I could not go outside without pain from sunlight. Likewise, I could not watch TV or use the computer – the lights from them hurt terribly.

I remember my family was taking my dad to a Pawsox baseball game for Father’s Day that year. However, I could not go 🙁

Once I started to get better in the Fall I started to do research. I found a Lyme doctor in the area (Dr. Gloor) and swore the next time I would go directly to him.

Once again months later the symptoms returned and I did visit the Lyme specialist. Dr. Gloor told me I was never treated long enough from the beginning or after I had a severe bout with Lyme meningitis.

He kept me on medications for a year. The medications were Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) along with antibiotics.

He did many tests to determine if the Lyme was gone before taking me off the meds. While on hydroxychloroquine for the year I had to visit an eye specialist every 6 months. My eyes remained fine. (Some people it was thought back then could have eye issues from it.)

The Cases Against Dr. Gloor

Since then the RI Department of Health has tried to take away his medical license – for overtreating patients!  There is a petition and a Go-Fund page for Dr. Gloor from his patients. I’ve done both for this doctor that saved me from this horrible disease.

Now in 2020, I have a friend who has gone to him for Lyme with much success as well with her Lyme disease. She was also prescribed Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) with antibiotics.

Lyme Gets in the Way Again

The following summer I spotted the classic rash with a bull’s eye. I went directly to the Lyme doctor that day. Once again I was put on medications. I got lucky this time as it did go away within 4 weeks. The following summer the symptoms returned. I had not seen the rash as with my first time.

Hence, back to the Lyme doctor I went. I began to get to know this doctor who had Lyme several times himself pretty well.

After months of medications, my neck still bothered me. He could not determine if it was Lyme again for sure. He agreed for me to try acupuncture.

That’s when I started to go for acupuncture treatments. It was one of the best things I did for my overall health. Acupuncture can boost your immune system among many other things.

My Recent Lyme Saga – 2014

So last week during my vacation while driving home from New Hampshire with a girlfriend (in 2014). I started to develop a stiff neck. Within an hour I felt myself burning up. I got home to discover I did indeed have a fever. It was getting late so I went to the local walk-in center.

After doing some tests and being examined they told me it was Lyme disease.

How could it be I thought? I thought I knew a lot about this mysterious disease. I had been at this walk-in clinic months before complaining of dizziness but no one thought of Lyme.

This time my fever was 104. The walk-in clinic recommended I have someone stay the night in case it went up. (I didn’t, living alone at that time.)

Originally, they found no reason for my symptoms. It came and went and I didn’t think much of it. (Mistake #1!)

I then got sick again 2 weeks ago during a yoga class. Hence, I should have gone to the doctor at that point. (Mistake #2!)  

I blamed it on other things and besides the cost of going to the doctor and having tests had gone up dramatically this year.

Then, I went jogging the day before I got the fever and felt pain in my knee. I thought, “Weird,” I haven’t felt this in years and if it comes again I’ll get it checked. (Mistake #3!)

So, it wasn’t until the stiff neck and fever came driving home from New Hampshire that I knew it must be Lyme or Lyme related. Moral of the story?

Don’t wait if you develop symptoms and live in an area where the disease is rampant!  It is rampant in the Northeastern United States, and elsewhere now.

 Tips To Avoid Getting Lyme Disease

  • Wear clothing with permethrin. (I just ordered mine from Insect Shield).
  • Keep your grass cut short and your yard free of deer-attracting plants and trees.
  • Wear light-colored clothing.
  • Don’t work in your yard at dawn or dusk. Ticks love that time of day.
  • Do a tick check when you are done outside. They love to bury themselves near feet or head and ears.
  • If you find a tick bring it to the doctor with you. Having the tick will help them figure out which strain (s) of Lyme you have. Bringing the tick can help with your treatment as well.

I hope this will help someone else avoid getting Lyme disease or know when to go to the doctor and seek treatment as soon as possible. Be aware the tests are not always accurate as well. Furthermore, there is much controversy surrounding this disease.

Learn more about this disease if you do live in highly infected areas.

Now, do you know of a local group that is spreading awareness of this disease in Rhode Island or in the New England area?  I’d love to know how I can help. Please contact me here.

Lyme gets in the way not only of work but your entire life as well if left untreated or treatment is delayed.#LymeDisease Share on X

Have you suffered from Lyme disease? Do you know anyone who has had Lyme disease?
Did they catch it soon or was it a long process?

Consequently, this blog post has been updated in April 2020, due to the controversy surrounding the use of Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) in its use of treating patients with the Covid-19 virus.

I would rather die with hope than fear and despair.

This medicine has been around for decades and used for Malaria. If someone is dying from Covid-19, why not give them this medicine? It could save so many lives!


Lisa Sicard

44 thoughts on “Lyme Gets in the Way of Life and How I Overcame it with Plaquenil”

    1. Yes, I am well. It takes a while to get over Lyme if you ever really do. They say it stays in your body dormant. Thank You!

  1. Lisa great to know you are now better. And thanks a lot for sharing your experience. This goes to show you have a large heart. Looking forward to seeing more of your connecting post

  2. Hey Lisa,

    Wow, I’m sorry to hear about this.

    We have a lice problem here in Southern California, but actually this is the first time I heard of the Lyme problem over there in the northeast. This is definitely good to know for the next time I’m over there.

    I appreciate the fact that you were able to spread the news about Lyme. It definitely sounds like it’s nothing to play with! I hope you feel better soon and able to find a local group out there in R.I.

    Take Care!

    1. Hi Sherman. I know California has some big Lyme groups out there. Read here:
      I’ve seen them on the Lyme “boards” or “forums” on Lyme disease. So I know there are quite a few ticks out there in your state. Maybe not your area of the state but CA has many Lyme cases. So beware! Thanks Sherman and I’m starting to feel better. I hope I find one too so I can help spread more awareness here. Have a great rest of the week there.

  3. Hi Lisa,

    I’m so sorry to hear that Lyme is getting in the way again dear. I had no idea you have been through such and been fighting. After reading through the symptoms, I thought how come it’s got into you as I knew sinuses were the only thing bugging you. Glad you have been paying attention for early detection. How are you getting on now? 🙂

    I’ve never heard of Lyme disease until I read your post today, Lisa. But I did a quick research and found it’s a “Vector-Borne Disease”, which is the same category for Japanese Encephalitis and Yellow Fever. I heard of them both, and my sister is a victim of Japanese Encephalitis too. So scary enough as they can damage brain cells.

    It’s always nice to learn something new, especially health related. Gotta keep eye on symptoms. May be we don’t know eventhough Lyme is around us.

    You have a lovely week there and take care, Lisa 🙂


    1. Hi Mayura – nice to see you back online my friend. Thank you. I am doing better. Wow, interesting you never heard of it. Are there ticks in Sri Lanka? How long did it last for her Mayura? That’s when the brain swells right? Or fluid in it? Similiar to menningtis I believe. Glad you were able to learn about something new Mayura. Thanks and you too enjoy the rest of the week there.

      1. Playing hide and seek :mrgreen: lol… Glad you are doing better, Lisa 🙂

        Nope, never heard of it. But now I do 🙂 Anyway, I’m not sure if I have seen a tick in my life so far. Guess they are not common around here.

        Actually, no swelling as far as I know, Lisa. No physical symptoms. May be, at the time she was hospitalized. She was unconscious for a few months and doctors couldn’t assure if she will survive or not. Finally she made it, but eyes were blind due to the damaged brain cells.

        However now she’s fine like a normal person (Even has better senses than us), but relying on medics. Blackout if she skips her medications.

        I don’t know how it feels, but sure seems much worse than our lives 🙂

        You have a wonderful day there dear.


  4. Lisa, thank you so much for posting this.

    While I don’t have Lyme, I know others who do, and sometimes suffer chronic symptoms due to it. It can be debilitating, as it’s been for you, more than once.

    I’ve heard, too, that it can easily be misdiagnosed, or simply overlooked, by well-intentioned medical personnel who are undereducated when it comes to Lyme.

    Here’s to you getting fully back on your feet, ASAP.

    P.S. You were in NH! Where I am!! 🙂

    1. Hi Ellen, you are welcome. Yes, the chronic ones are sad. I don’t believe mine is as it was 10 years prior when I went through it all. That is so true about being misdiagnosed and overlooked. I’ve had it happen to me. Thank you Ellen, been feeling better . Next time I’m there I will have to contact you prior – would be great to meet up! Have a great day and rest of the week Ellen.

  5. Hi Lisa,

    Oh, I’m so sorry that this has happened to you, and especially the recent re-infection!

    I have a friend in a different state who is dealing with this condition, and it’s been a difficult challenge for her. She had a hard time getting the diagnosis and suffered greatly in the interim.

    She definitely related that lyme got in the way as she had problems evening functioning for a long time.

    Ugh, I can imagine the size the needle used for a spinal tap!

    So happy you tried an alternative medicine route and had success with it.

    Excellent tips to avoid it, thanks – making notes! 🙂

    I have a question, Lisa – was it that you kept getting it again or was it in ‘remission’ and just surfaced again like shingles?

    So glad you’re doing better, and what a wonderful article – surly a huge help as I live in NE Pennsylvania and need to be careful.

    Thanks much,
    – Carol

    1. Hi Carol, oh then you sure know something about this Lyme. What state is your friend in? Oh yes, acupuncture really helped too after regulary treatment. I beieve it must be new since the last time I had any issues was 10 years ago. I’ve always wanted to spread awareness about it but didn’t have a blog back then. This really prompted me to now. PA is an area I believe inindated with ticks, right? You are welcome Carol and have a great day.

      1. Hey Lisa,

        She’s in Florida and is now being treated for Lyme. She’s actually doing much much better. Thanks for asking! 🙂

        – Carol

        1. Hi Carol, I didn’t know many from there that have it but do know it’s in every state. Glad to hear she is doing much better.

  6. Gosh Lisa, So sorry you have Lyme.

    I know many people that have it and for the most part they weren’t diagnosed until a few years later. When lyme disease came about our kids were younger and were always outdoors. There was a seminar we went to and after 2 hours of learning all about this tick, I wanted to wrap myself up in duck tape!

    Although I am very aware of it, each time I go into my garden, I come in, strip down and check every part of my body. It just became a habit over the years. Recently there was a tick on my husband’s neck. I pulled it out, put it in a small bottle of alcohol and went straight to the doctors office. I had to fight the doctor to put him on antibiotics right away. He wanted to wait, but I insisted.

    The problem is, sometimes we won’t even notice those tiny ticks. Many people won’t have any symptoms until it’s too late. Its a terrible thing to go through and my heart goes out to you.

    You take care of yourself girl!


    1. Hi Donna, thanks but I’m doing okay this time. I like that idea of duck tape! I just ordered myself clothes from InsectShield, long pants and top, hat and socks. I did the same from coming inside but I must have missed a tick – probably in my hair/head. Good thing you insisted right away Donna, that was smart! Yes, many go through a lot of pain and agony with this disease. I did 10 years ago but recovered completelyu and always felt so grateful to my lyme doctor and acupuncturist for that. I just don’t want to see others suffer by these ticks. Many people are still unaware of it until they get bit. There is a lot of controversy too that surrounds this disease and the insurance companies that refuse to pay for treatments past the 4 week guidelines, it’s just awful.
      Thanks for your input on this one Donna and have a great day.

  7. Hi Lisa,

    Sorry to hear about the disease.

    The symptoms are appearing but you should take some necessary steps so that the level of disease can be stopped.

    It’s my first time I am reading about Lyme. I never heard about this kind of disease.

    The symptoms you have explained above are rare. Dizziness – my friend had it few months ago for a short period but thank God he has recovered soon.

    I hope you will be alright soon.

    Take care Lisa. Go to doctor on time.


    1. Hi Ravi, me too. No ticks in your area? I’m doing better now thank you Ravi. I hope to have saved some people from this disease or to be more careful if they live in an area where ticks are around. Thanks for checking this one out and have a great day.

  8. Hi Lisa,

    Wow, that is crazy, I’m happy you’re here with us today, and this shows how dedicated you are to blogging and succeeding online.

    It’s easy to quit when faced with some type of bodily stress or disease, especially when this happens multiple times. You’ve committed to being successful despite facing Lyme’s disease a few times in your life.

    I’m in Fiji now but lived most of my life in NJ. Lyme’s disease is a problem there too, because as you noted the Northeastern US seems to attract deer ticks. I always check my clothes when out in the wilderness or even when walking in town by tall grass because we have so many deer in NJ, it’s quite stunning.

    I also try to wear long pants and socks – even during summer – if I’m walking through areas with tall grass. I’ve spotted more than a few ticks using this strategy as they tend to show up on my socks, trying to burrow through to get at their supply/my blood.

    Thanks for the helpful tips Lisa. Hopefully you kick this Lyme’s disease from your life for good!

    Tweeting now.


    1. Hi Ryan, thanks. I’m improving day by day thankfully. Oh yes New Jersey is close to the island off Connecticut and NY where it originated. I just ordered and received my Tick Shield clothing so I can get back to the garden I just revived since first blogging. I got the long sleeve shirt, pants, socks and hat – all covered with permethrin. I also bought a kit with peremthrin to spray on other clothes too. I don’t want to live in a bubble either. Are there ticks in Fiju Ryan?

  9. Hello,

    Nice infographics, Well I wasn’t aware of lyme disease and had no information about it. But this post has given me a great information about it regarding the symptoms and its facts I guess.


    1. Hi Akriti, welcome to Inspire to Thrive. Do you live in a area where there are deer ticks? Glad you got to learn about Lyme disease here. Have a great day.

  10. Akaahan Terungwa

    Sorry for the misfortune, Lisa. However, I must appreciate the fact that you still connected (and went out of your way) to warn your readers…quite a nice – big heart, I must say.

    Excellent health in future is my wish for you!


    1. Hi Akaahan, thank you. Oh yes. I don’t want anyone to suffer from this and do their best to avoid ticks. Do you have ticks in your area? Oh yes, excellent health is so important and you don’t realize it until you lose it. Luckily many can recover too. Thanks for coming by and have a great day.

  11. Hey Lisa,

    Happy to see you writing about this and you’re right, not many people know about this disease and I’m SO sorry you’ve had it on and off for a very long time.

    My Dad was born and raised in Mississippi. We would visit my grandmother at least once a year if not twice and we loved playing outside. He was definitely raised in the country but my Mom would make us sit down on the porch and none of us were allowed inside the house until we were checked for ticks. I thought that was so gross but we were in the country out playing in the tall grass. She always seems to find them and we always seem to come home with some.

    As I had mentioned to you before, I have an old friend that had Lyme disease but he’s had it for years and had to stop working. He’s never rid himself of it so I’m not sure what strain of it he got. You had mentioned that it cleared up and I never recall his doing that at all.

    I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this at all and I guess I didn’t realize it was so rapid in your part of the country. Guess I’m happy I live in the city then, one thing to be thankful for right!

    Take care of yourself Lisa because your health is the most important thing.


    1. Hi Adrienne, thanks. I’m so grateful this time it hasn’t kept me from doing many things. I just miss my jogs/walks but I should return to them soon. That is sad that your friend had to quit work. He is not alone – I’ve read about so many that lost their jobs, their spouses, their homes, everything. Many states do not cover the antibotics on insurance coverages. So sad and wrong. I’ve learned since my Lyme doctor is being watched for giving meds too long – so much controversery surrounds this disease still. I’m amazed after so many years it is still a major controversy and people are still suffering from it. You got that right Adrienne, after my last bout 10 years ago I always said, you can’t do anything without your health. It has to be #1. Thanks for coming by Adrienne and I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

  12. Hi,

    That was very scary to read the whole article. Sometimes small things can cause big problems. Being gone through it, you have grown stronger and much more aware of this.

    There is nothing more appreciable than creating awareness, simple things to follow and one can save the possible trouble in future.

    I am happy, in here there no such problems. 😛

  13. Hi Lisa.

    I’m so sorry to hear that you’re dealing with this. It sucks that it’s for a second time but I’m glad they figured out what the problem was. I’ve never had a spinal tap but I heard they are painful. I bet it must be awful. I don’t know much about this disease so I’m glad you shared it with us.

    As I was going through your list of symptoms I was like I have that one and that one…I was set to panic until you mentioned it’s mostly in the Northern states. Still, I’ll have to keep this in mind.

    You’re in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. :). Take care of yourself!

    1. Hi Corina, thank you. Yes once it is figured out it sure does help in treatment. It wasn’t too painful but the size of the needle was scary. Glad I didn’t have a spinal tap this time. That’s why this disease is so tricky to figure out and diagnose – the symptoms could be for anything and they come and go and then when tested the tests are usually negative unless you’ve had it a while. But they can test your white blood cells and RA #’s. (inflammation like in arthritis). Thanks for your comment and for coming by Corina. I hope you have a great weekend there.

  14. Lisa, how awful! Bear had Lyme disease last year. It took weeks to figure out what was wrong, weeks to treat, and she still gets migraines. I hope you’re much better soon! Thanks for the great advice on prevention and symptoms.

    1. Hi Erika. Those migraines are nasty. Luckily I didn’t have many of them this time. Was Lyme prelevant where you lived before coming to RI? Do you know any groups in RI for Lyme? I’d love to help out and spread the word to prevent others from going through it. I’m starting to feel better past few days, thank you. You are welcome for the advice and have yourself a wonderful weekend.

      1. Hi Lisa,

        I don’t think Lyme is as prevalent in Illinois as it is here. Bear probably got it during her one and only (so far) camping trip. Since she spent less time outdoors when we were in Illinois, she was less likely to pick it up.

        I’m not aware of any groups in RI. Doctor never mentioned one, and I think it’s good advice for doctors to make themselves aware of these support groups/advocacy groups for their patients.

        Hope you have a great week. Thanks again!

      2. Hi Lisa,

        I don’t think Lyme is as prevalent in Illinois as it is here. Bear probably got it during her one and only (so far) camping trip. Since she spent less time outdoors when we were in Illinois, she was less likely to pick it up.

        I’m not aware of any groups in RI. Doctor never mentioned one, and I think it’s good advice for doctors to make themselves aware of these support groups/advocacy groups for their patients.

        Hope you have a great week. Thanks again!

  15. Hey Lisa!

    I’m so glad you finally figured out what was going on, however am sorry it’s Lymes again. 🙁 How are they treating it this time and is it a long process? I’ve never known anyone but you that has had Lymes, however, my dog Titan had battled it before I rescued him. I’m now very careful with him and my family on tick prevention, as they are terrible down in my back yard by the shrubs. Titan is on a preventative and when the hubs and I are going to be messing outside, we spray down with Wondercide. It’s all natural and actually for dogs but works wonders.

    I hope you recover quickly gf. I’m sure it’s been bugging you without being lethargic and all. Get better soon!

    1. Hi Brenda, Me too as the symptoms came and went. 4 weeks of antibotics. Funny when I mention it to anyone I hear how many have had it and feel so lucky when I learn what others have gone through and how debilitating it can be. That’s why I wanted to share the info on it. Wondercide? I never heard of it. What is in it Brenda? Thank you Brenda. It sure does bug me as I can’t do as much as I want like jogging and being more active. Some days I’d just go to work and come home and sleep and then sleep in a.m. when I used to blog and do my social media. Past few days have been better and I’m up early already today online. I hope you have a great weekend girlfriend!

      1. Wondercide EVOLV is awesome for pets and the hubs and I use it too. They have other all natural “pest” deterrants as well.

        1. Thanks Bren for letting us know on this product. Nice to have more tools to prevent those tick bites. Have a great new week Bren!

  16. Hi Lisa,

    So sorry to hear about all that you had to go through – I know this year hasn’t been a good one for you, but let’s hope for the best as there’s still time 🙂

    I knew about Lyme disease, but didn’t know all these details, and these symptoms are SO common that we see in so many other diseases too. Coming to think of it, I have a few of these, but they come and go on their own, and I was just thinking about these ticks – are they the ones you might find on dogs too? You mentioned deer mainly and talked of being prevalent in the humid weather, and we have such a rainy climate our end, though it stays for 2-3 months only, so perhaps that couldn’t be.

    I guess keeping ourselves well covered and taking timely action is the key. Take care and take it easy till you feel better, which I am sure you will in no time.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a relaxing weekend 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena, thank you. Oh yes, definately more time. Yes, they do love dogs. Many in my neighborhood have had it. I had to bring cat to vvet once and was told the whose area is covered with ticks. I hope you get checked if they keep coming back and go away. That was the case with me which delays treatment 🙁 Ticks thrive in humidity too. Yes, that’s the key. My InsectShield clothing arrived yesterday 🙂 You are welcome and I am feeling better these past few days. I sure hope I turned the corner on this one. Enjoy your weekend Harleena.

  17. Yikes! That sounds awful Lisa and I’m sorry you’ve had the misfortune of contracting Lyme disease – and more than once. 🙁 I didn’t know that much about the disease, so thank you for the information. It never used to be an issue in our area, but apparently, it is now. Hope you’re feeling better!

    1. Hi Debbie, well I feel lucky that I have not been debilitated from it like many others. I had a full recovery and hope the same for this one that is more mild that my previous ones. Are you in Canada? I did read it’s on the rise there. Do you know anyone nearby with it? You are welcome, many don’t understand or know much about it which is why I decided to write about it here.

      1. Yes, I’m in the Toronto area and this is a new development here. 🙁 I’ve heard of a few dogs contracting it, but, so far, no humans. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery!

        1. Thanks Debbie and if dogs are contracting it humans must be careful now too. At least you will be more aware now 🙂 Have a great new week.

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