How Influencer Marketing Can Boost Your SEO Efforts

SEO is a powerful strategy that can help your business grow online. By optimizing your website for search engines, you can get your website to appear higher in the search results and attract traffic. SEO influencer marketing can be a powerful combo.

One effective way to boost your SEO is with influencer marketing. Many believe that influencer marketing is merely a social marketing strategy that supports brand growth through awareness creation and drives sales directly.

However, you can still use it to improve your SEO results and position your brand as a leading authority in your niche through search engines. 

But why choose influencer marketing to boost your SEO?

Well, the industry has been growing steadily over the last couple of years, with 83% of marketers finding the practice to be more effective than ever. Out of this, 82% plan on maintaining or retaining their influencer marketing spend in 2023.

SEO influencer marketing

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If you are one of these marketers who plan on dedicating a budget to influencer marketing in 2023, then you have an incredible opportunity to use the practice to improve your SEO.

This article explores the different ways you can boost SEO with influencer marketing.

Let’s get started.

Generate Backlinks with the Help of Influencers

We all know that Google considers backlinks when ranking sites on search results. But did you know you can get high-quality backlinks from influencers?

Influencers typically have authoritative blogs and they can help you generate powerful backlinks that will signal to Google that the content on your site is valuable. Influencers with their own websites, such as bloggers, can create content about your brand and publish it on their sites.

They will then add links at appropriate locations that take visitors to your site when they click on them.

And, considering that ordinary users trust their influencers, you will find many of the influencer’s followers landing on your website from the backlinks they placed on the content the influencer published.

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This way, besides making your SEO work, the content an influencer publishes on their website can help you generate valuable leads for your business.

Here’s how.

When visitors land on your website from backlinks added to the influencer’s site, you can use software for generating leads to collect the contact information of interested users.

You can then use different tactics to move the leads down the sales pipeline and convert them into paying users.

However, if you want to design a successful influencer marketing strategy, you need to understand how to work with influencers. Here is a quick guide by Attrock that can get you started in the right direction.


Improve Your Website Authority

Google wants to deliver relevant and trustworthy content to its users. To achieve this, they assign domain authority scores to websites and use those to rank websites on SERPs.

Websites with a higher domain authority are more likely to be ranked higher on search results since Google trusts these websites.

For instance, a simple search on Google reveals that the top-ranking website for the keyword “influencer marketing” is which has a domain authority score of hub


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You too can boost your domain authority with influencer marketing. When influencers link to your website, it boosts your domain authority. At the same time, when others notice the influencers saying good things about your brand, they’ll likely link to you too.

This can further boost your backlink profile and domain authority.

What’s more?

Influencers understand the content needs of their followers and can help you create content that appeals to them. They can also share and promote the content on social platforms and their website to get more people to read and engage with it.

So, when people start heading to your website through the links on the influencer’s website, it can further boost your authority.

That’s how influencer marketing with SEO works best.

Increase Brand Awareness with SEO Influencer Marketing

Do you want to make more people aware of your brand? Of course, you do. That’s what you use SEO for too, right?

Well, Investing in influencer marketing is an effective way to increase your brand awareness and make them interested in your products.

Here’s the thing — influencers will create content around your brand and that’ll drum up support for it.

This will result in more traffic to your site which will signal to Google that your website has valuable content and is worthy of a top spot on SERPs.

But the intention is not just to get people to visit your website and leave. You want visitors to spend some time on your website, exploring your pages and available offers.

To achieve this, the influencer you choose could even work to create content for your website as a part of the campaign, such as leaving a testimonial. Alternatively, they can get their followers to visit numerous pages on your website.

For example, if you’re selling online courses, the influencers can tell visitors about the discount codes that are sprinkled throughout your website.

This will see the users visit different pages on your site as they search for coupon codes.

These coupon codes give them a discount at checkout.

Research Keyword Opportunities

This is another effective way to boost SEO influencer marketing. By reviewing the content published by an influencer and the comments on those posts, you will get an idea of the keywords customers use when searching for products or services like yours.

This will give you an idea of the type of content you need to create to drive customers to your website. It will also help you control your business expenditure by reducing your spending on costly keyword research tools.

Generate More Engagement with Social Content

You can also boost SEO with influencer marketing by leveraging the content they share on social media. An influencer can create branded explainer videos around your brand or product and share them on social media.

These videos would naturally generate a lot of engagement. All you then need to do is to get the influencer to link to your website. This can drive a lot of traffic to your website and drive up your engagement.

This, in turn, can boost your SEO as your traffic and average dwell time will increase.

You can further leverage this tactic to improve your SEO by repurposing the influencer content or resharing it on your website And when it comes to repurposing existing content, a paraphraser might be a great timesaver.

This simple approach can bring in more visitors to your site and ultimately boost your SEO.

You can also boost SEO with influencer marketing by leveraging the content they share on social media. Share on X

Conclusion: Influencer Marketing For SEO Boost

While influencer marketing is viewed as a social media strategy, it has all the right elements that can boost SEO if you play your cards right.

Influencers have a close connection with their followers and this can lead to an influx of high-quality traffic to your website, which tells Google that your content is valuable and worth ranking.

So, go ahead and start leveraging SEO influencer marketing to give your SEO a boost. Have you tried it yet? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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