Product Launch Plan: An Exciting Way to Launch in 2024

Having a product launch plan is an exciting process. Many people never get the chance to do something like this, with the work and creativity that goes into it being very difficult to muster.

There are loads of tools on the market that can help when you are going through a product launch, but this isn’t as easy as you might expect.

Launching a product plan in 2024 takes a lot of work, but this article is here to guide you through all of the challenges that you will face along the way.

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What is a Launch Plan?

A product launch plan is a plan put together to release a new product into the marketplace. A product that everyone knows about inside your company and outside of it. The product should fill a need in the marketplace.

The product launch plan is a sequence of events you need to launch the product successfully and make a profit.

An Excellent Team For Your Product Launch Plan

Designing or buying products and releasing them on the modern market is no simple task. You need a strong team of professionals behind you to help with this, and this means that you may need to train the employees you already have.

Options like an AIPMM certification will go a long way towards giving your team the skills they need.

Oftentimes a product launch plan may include physical products but other times they can be digital products.


If your product is non-digital you may need to get an attorney to be sure they are no patents on the product, etc.

A Great Product

Alongside an excellent team, you also need a very good product. Testing your product and getting feedback will be important.

However, you should also take the time to work with different designs and ideas while you’re making the final piece of your product launch plan.

Therefore, this process will be a challenge but worth it in the end. You want to have the best product you can offer!

Alongside an excellent team, you also need a very good product. #productlaunch Click To Tweet

Marketing Leading To The Launch Plan

Marketing is important for any business. This becomes even more crucial when you are launching a product, as you will want to get as many sales on day one as possible.

Social media, search engines, adverts, and a range of other marketing tools can be used to achieve your sales goals.

Set up your marketing plan from the beginning of your product launch plan. You will need to be sure you have enough marketing dollars for it.

Preorders and Reservations

Many companies will allow customers to buy their products before they hit the market. This is usually called preordering and will give you the chance to start making money before you ship the items you are working on.

Of course, you could also think about the idea of a reservation system, though this is best for very expensive products.

Some digital products, on the other hand, can be given away for FREE to a select few. This helps a product get product reviews which help sell the product later on. Be sure to consider this in your product launch plan.

pre order your product

An Example of a Digital Product Launch

My friend Ivana Taylor from the Bizapalooza Chat over on Twitter just launched a new digital product that I immediately signed up for. This product pinpoints what your marketing superpower is and how to use it.

It was a fun interactive quiz that lead to a PDF and then a webinar to sign up for.  She really did an amazing job on the product launch plan.

The Perfect Product Launch Strategy

Making sure that your product launch plan goes smoothly will be difficult. Not only do you need to ensure that you have marketed your product well, but you also need to prepare to do the work that comes with the launch.

Talking to the media, working to process orders, and continuing with your marketing will all take a lot of time and effort, but you can’t let them slip once you get to this point.

As you can see, a product launch strategy in 2022 comes with some challenges. Facing these issues before you get to the date of your launch is essential. Most business owners won’t have time to make up the difference once their product is ready for the market.

Of course, as a big part of this product launch strategy, you need to make sure that your product release date is accurate and doesn’t change

Your Product Launch Checklist:

  • Does the product fill a need?
  • Is your product affordable to produce?
  • Has your product been patented before?
  • What is the competitor’s product like?
  • What are your price points for this product strategy?
  • How many products do you need to sell to cover your costs before you make a profit?
  • Do you have packaging for this product?
  • What will the shipping costs be? Can you offer FREE shipping?
  • Where will you promote it?
  • Do you have influencers to help with the promotion?
  • Will people be able to purchase again and how often? (Think repeat purchases.)

How many of these questions from the product launch checklist can you answer?

Your Turn on Your Product Launch Plan

Have you ever done a product launch plan for your products or services? I’d love to know what worked well and what didn’t work so well for your launch.


Lisa Sicard
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