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Could Plugless Websites Be Like Running Naked Online?

Plugless Websites

Would a plugless website make it easier for you?

Plugins are not my favorite technical thing when it comes to blogging. If I could have a plugless blog I would do it in a heartbeat at times. We would miss many of the functions of our favorite plugins but it would save us time along the way.

I almost lost the entire blog once to a plugin. Would being without plugins be like running naked online? What would we expose our blogs too?


Plugin Functions

Plugins are a program or a set of one or more functions. They can customize your blogs or website easily with a quick install. The trick is, some plugins do not work with other plugins.

You may not know until you try. Always backup before you test any new plugin. I recently added a new one last week and was having issues with my cache plugin.

It would not let some people leave comments here. I was fortunate that the developers responded to my email quickly and took care of it. Then, I was a beta tester for it and knew that going in. I felt it was a plugin made just for me with hashtags – for my Twitter time.

A plugless website or blog is really like a naked one. It is stripped of customization, bells and whistles, and other functions.

Exposure to Viruses

Plugless websites without plugins like WordFence would be exposing our blogs to viruses. (Unless the coding is done right) You would not want your blog to get sick, would you?

That is what can happen without those sometimes nasty plugins to save our blogs from getting sick. Just liking running naked and catching a cold (if you believe that old myth) running your blog or website without these can cause them to become ill.

It would make it easier for those spammers to infect us with their malware and spamminess on our plugless websites.

Of course, if you are a programmer you can set your code and be done with it. No need for that plugin. It would save your website speed too at times.

How Many Plugins Are Too Many?

There really are no averages but the biggest concern many people have is SPEED. No one wants to visit a slow website or blog. Everyone wants everything FAST these days, right?

83 Plugins!

But wait, someone has 83 plugins and that WordPress site is fast? It’s not the number of plugins but the QUALITY of them.

Plugins that load a lot of scripts can slow down your down. (That’s when plugless websites would win over.) Other plugins that make a lot of database calls are also the cause of slowing websites down.

Complex commands like the related posts plugins can cause large blogs to slow down and eventually crash. Yikes!  How many of us have that plugin?

The solution would be a larger server. You can learn how to check for the speed and weight of each plugin as well. You could use a P3 plugin performance checker. Yes, it’s a plugin but you can disable and delete it after you test your own plugins out.

Plugless Websites or Plugins?

Check out this infographic on the state of WordPress plugins that may be vulnerable on your blog or website: Makes me wonder whether I’d switch the eCommerce sites to WordPress or NOT!

Love to hear from someone with an eCommerce site done in WordPress.

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.
*Data on infographics from August 2013

Your turn on Plugless Websites

Does this infographic make you concerned about using plugins on your website or blog?

How many plugins are you running on your WordPress site? What other website would you choose if not WordPress? I’d love to know more in the comments below.