It’s Time to Make Your Business Great and Here’s How To Do It

Starting your own business offers a huge number of benefits. This includes the freedom to be your own boss and choose your own work schedule and the opportunity to earn a lucrative salary. However, you will want to make your business great along the way.


How To Make Your Business Great

In the first place, setting up a business takes hard work, time, dedication, and substantial financial investment. Therefore, it is important to make sure it’s a success!

Fortunately, there are many tools and strategies to help your business grow and become successful. With this in mind, here are some key ways to make your business great again.

make your business great
Learn how you can make your business great.
Fortunately, there are many tools and strategies to help your business grow and become successful. #businesstips Click To Tweet

Create a Fabulous Website to Make Your Business Great

The first step is to create a website. Then, ensure that you get the designers like WebX360 that can bring out your dream and vision. It allows you to have an online presence where potential customers can learn about your business and products or services, as well as contact information.

Once this is in place, search engines like Google will find it easier to make queries related to what you are selling.

If the website is well-written and has valuable information, it will rank higher in search results. People do not want to go through the hassle of going from site to site looking for what they need when websites have all this information presented neatly on one platform.

The next step would be to develop an email campaign to let people know about the new website and provide them with information on how they can benefit from using your business.

Again, you can look into various email marketing software to help you create an effective campaign that reaches all of your contacts in one go.

Once this is in place, search engines like Google will find it easier to make queries related to what you are selling. #InspireToThrive Click To Tweet

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools available. It can have a significant effect on the growth and success of any business when used correctly. What’s even better is the fact that you can set up an account and post on more social media platforms for free! (Of course with Facebook you really need to spend some money on ads for your business!) 

With social media, you can connect with your followers on a daily basis and advertise your products and services to a global audience. This is an effective way to gain customer loyalty and build brand awareness.

All modern businesses should be taking advantage of the power of social media in their advertising and marketing efforts. Remember, it is important to have a strong presence on social media and post interesting and quality content that will captivate your audience.

social media for business
Take advantage of social media channels for your business.

Many of the world’s most successful organizations post on social media daily with the right tool. They constantly engage with their audience through social media channels.

Remember, it is important to have a strong presence on social media and post interesting and quality content that will captivate your audience. #socialmedia Click To Tweet

Utilize Technology in Your Business

Modern technology has completely revolutionized the way that businesses operate. Fortunately, there is now a huge amount of software on the market that can benefit your business. It can do so by streamlining operations, improving employee management, and enhancing customer service.

For example, SellerCloud offers a new single-source management solution that allows you to manage your inventory and sales more efficiently. With this technology, you can streamline your sales process right from inventory through to shipment.

Next, having this software means you can create a more organized warehouse and speed up the order fulfillment process. Finally, this should improve the customer experience and increase sales and revenue in your business.

With this technology, you can streamline your sales process right from inventory through to shipment. #technology Click To Tweet

Find Ways To Stand Out From Competitors

All the work you do for your business will be in vain if you can’t find a way to stand out from competitors First, you need to figure out what makes your company different from anyone else and highlight it.

Then, find ways to get people excited about working with your brand because this is how you’ll gain customers who aren’t just looking for the lowest price.

Focus on Employee Satisfaction

Remember that your employees are the backbone of your business. If you have a high staff turnover rate or employees are unhappy in the workplace, this will clearly have a negative impact on productivity.

happy workers
Let to keep your employees happy to make your business great.

Granted, it will negatively affect the overall revenue of your business. Given that, happy employees will be far more motivated at work and loyal to your business.

Therefore, it is important that you adopt strategies to improve employee satisfaction and morale in the workplace.

Here are a few ideas to improve employee satisfaction:

  • Introduce a benefits program that includes free healthcare, attractive pension schemes, or additional paid vacation days.
  • Allow flexible working hours and remote work opportunities.
  • Recognize and reward employees for their hard work. Popular rewards include paid time off, shopping vouchers, and free lunches.
  • Encourage a work-life balance. And, be understanding of employees’ commitments outside of work.
Given that, happy employees will be far more motivated at work and loyal to your business. #businesstips Click To Tweet

Automate Processes to Make Your Business Great

Automating processes is a great way to save time and money. If you have the right technology in place, it’s easy to streamline many of your business processes so that you can handle them automatically without input from employees.

In addition, automation leads to fewer mistakes and frees up resources for other tasks or projects.

In Conclusion

By all means, try these useful tips today. You will see first-hand the positive effect that they can have on growth and success within your business. Furthermore, if you don’t have enough to hire employees yet you can always outsource. The time you will save on those tasks will help you to grow your business!

Finally, I’d love to know in the comments below if you have tried any of these. What other tips would YOU add to make your business great?

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Lisa Sicard
  • Hi Lisa,

    The business owner must turn his business into a brand. Surely, it will take time and a lot of effort, but the result pays the worth. One should take his business seriously and work with the planning.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks, Amandeep, and welcome to Inspire To Thrive. Excellent point, the business needs to be branded and it does take time or money or even both in some cases. It depends on the type of business, some take longer than others. You are welcome. Make it a great day!

  • Amar Kumar says:

    Hello Lisa,

    Today, Social networking sites have grown to global societies of billions of virtual inhabitants. Social media is considered as two-way channel where you have an opportunity to build a rapport with your clients and prospects.

    These platforms are not only about amazing sales pitch you deliver to the audience it helps you humanize a brand and build genuine relationships with your community.

    Measuring employee engagement is really significant when you want satisfactory performance and positive change.

    Eventually, thanks for exploring your positive ideas for us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

  • Hey Lisa,

    Your first sentence caught my attention. I know taking the leap into launching your own business can be scary. There’s no doubt. But the freedom that is on the other side is exciting. It’s worth the risk.

    Social media has become our needs. It’s absolutely true that all the business should be taking advantage of social media power. Posting interesting and quality content captivates our audiences.

    Upgrading business technology is crucial to the success of business. It can greatly increase productivity and even reduce operational costs by investing in new technology.
    According to a recent study, advancements in technology have helped increased productivity by more than 80% over the past four decades.

    Above all keeping customers and employees happy are the most important for a business to survive. As old business mantra says, “Customers are king”.

    To make your business great:

    1. Focus on your customer service,
    2. Build your online presence,
    3. Go mobile ( as much as you can),
    4. Find and keep the right employees and,
    5. Build word of mouth.

    I appreciate your wonderful post. Eagerly waiting for more posts.

    Jeangam Kahmei

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Jeangam, welcome to Inspire To Thrive. I love your additions here especially #3 and #4. People do love to text and it’s growing all the time. Keeping the right people is key. I have freelancers and have gone through a few, so having the right ones is VERY important to maintain and grow the business. Word of mouth has become easier with social media, they are kind of the same thing today between offline and online. Thanks for your input and have a great day Jeangam 🙂

  • Aadarsh Roy says:

    Hey Lisa mam,

    Great post as usual. I really like the tips that you have made, whereas your all the suggested tips are effective. In today’s time social media platform have become a great source to promote the business worldwide, and it has become one of a powerful tool for many business holder. Social media allow us to connect with the followers regularly and advertise the products to the huge audience. Social media platform works great if used correctly and in an appropriate way. Social media platforms is one of a popular ways by which most of the marketers, business holders and companies are using it to spread their business worldwide. Using technology in business is really a good and smart business tip. Focusing on employee satisfaction really means a lot in every business. Your ideas to improve employee satisfaction are effective and helps a lot to improve the employee satisfaction. Your all the listed business tips are helpful but i truly like an ideas of focusing on employee satisfaction and using technology in business.

    Really helpful post and thanks for sharing.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Aadarsh, thank you. Oh yes, they have to be used correctly and with some marketing dollars as well. Having a Facebook page without doing any boosts or ads is ineffective today in most instances. Having happy people working for you is a must especially if they deal with your customers. Nothing worse than an unhappy customer service rep or salesperson. Thanks for coming by and have a great day ahead.

  • The sad thing about technology and social media is that we don’t generally use them to their fully potential.

    For example, it’s all too common to share the latest content and call it a day. Why not start a dedicated page / Group on Facebook, share exclusive content, post relatable material (such as memes) and keep doing it 2-3 times daily? Why not post a weekly poll, a monthly contest, and other things while also promoting your business brand?

    The above takes a lot of work and it’s quite overwhelming, and that’s the reason we slack off (I know from personal experience, lol).

    Likewise, use automation tools such as Hootsuite and others to help streamline the whole process a bit.

    All in all, you nailed it once again, Lisa. Your suggestions apply to both online and offline businesses.


    • Lisa says:

      Thank you Elvis, you are correct about that. It does take a lot of time and effort to manage a FB group. I started one and have not had the TIME to put into it with everything else I do. I love using Agorpulse to schedule my social media posts out. But I do go in and respond quicky in the native network or sometimes right on Agorapulse to save more time. I think responding and engaging is very important today Elvis. Thanks for coming by on this one and for your valuable input on it. Have a great weekend 🙂

  • Hello Lisa,

    Social Media is a part of today’s individual’s lives. People cannot live with social media and that’s why companies are investing huge money in social media advertising to target a large segment of users. In this technology-driven world, businesses cannot survive. You have to utilize the latest technology to stay ahead in the competition. Thanks for writing this beautiful post.


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Vishwajeet, yes companies are investing huge amounts of money into it. And I think they are pulling away from the old traditional media which cost even more back in the day. Having technology to keep up with it all is key as well. I do have some “real life” friends who are not on social media. Some people just choose not to be. (But that is a small percentage of people!)
      You are most welcome. I hope you have a great day Vishwajeet.

  • Moss Clement says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I published a post where I mentioned that social media had become the focal point of all business, and for a good reason. It helps marketers connect and engage with their buyer persona. However, one cannot have success with social media marketing without marketing automation. And that is where technology also plays a vital role.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Moss, yes, you do need some automation for social media otherwise it would be a 24/7 job and for monitoring it is! I think people also need to pick up the phone and show up in person for business as well. It makes it so much more personal than being seen on a computer only 🙂 Technology can only take us so far. I think that’s why video has become so popular, it’s like almost being there in person. Would you agree Moss?
      Thanks for coming by on this one Moss and have a great day.

  • Hi Lisa,
    No matter what business one is in, it is so important to be present on social media. Doing things the “right way” can get the business more traction than ever. It’s social so be social all the time. Then a smaller portion of the time show your followers a product and/or service that you are selling. Its easy as long as you are sharing others, they will share you as well and it has a great snowball effect. Social media gives us brand awareness and most of all its fun.

  • Well said Lisa. Using social correctly means being generous, genuine, and detached, trusting in the process. You embody this spirit perfectly on 2 sites I work; Twitter and Facebook. Chat with people, have fun, share other folk’s content too, relax, and the friends you make promote you, buy your stuff and hire you…..or their followers promote you, buy your stuff and hire you. Takes generosity and time, but well worth it.

    You proved this the other day. I began promoting my eBooks in earnest about 4 days ago, and right away, you asked questions about ’em on Twitter, and noted you see them everywhere. The power of social media friendships, at work!

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Ryan, thank you. Oh yes, glad you say that it takes TIME Ryan. Many people don’t spend the TIME to do it right! oh yes, I was wondering about that on the eBooks, wanted to add some new ones to my collection 🙂 Thanks for coming by Ryan and have a great rest of the evening there.

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