3 Surefire Ways To Increase Your Vlog’s Production Value

We live in a golden age for vlogs. Demand for video content is historically high, and the quality production tools are within most creators’ budgets. 

But all that opportunity means there’s more competition than ever to stand out. So if you want to grow your audience — and eventually make money off your vlogs — you need to focus on boosting your vlog’s production value. 

Thankfully, you can incorporate videography techniques that can improve both your workflow and quality. This way, you can take advantage of this time of unprecedented opportunity for professional vloggers.

How do you do this, exactly? The best ways to increase your vlog’s production value are to focus on your visual style, music selection, and best production practices.

Increase Your Vlog’s Production

In this article, we’ll cover a few practical ways to improve each of these three areas and skyrocket the production value of your next video. 

What Exactly is a Vlog?

Let’s start with the basics. A vlog is like a personal TV channel that you produce, star in, and edit. These videos are usually shot in one of two ways: 

  1. The vlogger talks directly to the camera 
  2. The video includes shots of something the vlogger is doing (like traveling) along with a voiceover

Although YouTube is the most successful platform, there are other platforms like Instagram, Rumble, and, Twitch that publish vlog content.

Vloggers do have to keep up with the changing dynamics and standards of the various digital platforms. Whether you want to produce short or long-form pieces, your vlog needs a personalized approach for each video and platform.

This way you can make more popular videos that strike the right chord with the audience on each respective channel. Hence, it will increase your vlog’s production. 

A vlog is like a personal TV channel that you produce, star in, and edit. These videos are usually shot in one of two ways. #vlogging Share on X

Publishing Vlogs Today

When it comes to publishing vlogs, your success is directly tied to your artistic vision, production, and style. But your vlog doesn’t have to have to be funny or loaded with text to be entertaining or informative.

In a few flawlessly edited takes, you can easily capture the audience’s attention, concisely convey your points, and wrap it up cleanly.

The simplest production techniques are often enough to show up on a subscribers’ feed. But you need to produce something more unique to get more views, likes, and subscriptions. These last 3 are what determine how much revenue you receive should you decide to start monetizing your videos through ads. 

Now, in order to render a quality viewer experience, grow your audience, and establish a market position, focus on the three essential elements to boost the production value of your vlog.

But you need to produce something more unique to get more views, likes, and subscriptions. #vlogging Share on X

Professional Hair & Makeup for Your Vlog

One of the best ways to improve the overall production value of your vlog is through professional hair and makeup. Your audience always notices how you dress in front of the camera. Ideally, you should hire a talented hair and makeup artist to make the best lasting impression.

Have your stylist ensure the professional appearance of anyone you record. It would allow you and other participants in the vlog to focus on the content rather than the individual fashion. This makes your productions look more professional.

Plus, your style and appearance are a huge part of your brand.

Three-Point Lighting

Even the most interesting vlogs can be almost unwatchable with bad lighting. Luckily, making your videos look like they were lit by a Hollywood crew isn’t that difficult. Just focus on three inexpensive types of light:

  1. Key, 
  2. Fill
  3. and Back. 

What these three lights do is give you equal exposure, which is essential to minimize distracting shadows. The Key is the focal light that directs the audience’s attention, while Fill and Back round out the shot, all while minimizing annoying glare.

In contrast, if you only use a single light shot, your subject will look something akin to being spotlighted in dark woods, which is not a flattering look for anyone.

Imagine meeting someone for the first time. If you can’t see them clearly, then your trust in them is already diminished. Now apply that logic to your vlog. Poor production values such as bad lighting will undermine your success.

This small production investment will pay off quickly over time, as you will get more attention for your professional-looking videos. See for yourself the dramatic difference three-point lighting can make to your videos: 

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More On-Screen Action

Contrary to popular belief, more video action doesn’t mean you have to add car chases or fight scenes. Just increase your camera movement throughout the production to create more excitement for the audience. 

For instance, if you’re talking and sitting at a table, come up with visual cues that would compel you to move around in the vlog. Or consider getting shots from multiple angles and editing them together to maintain some visual interest. 

The more dynamic your shots are the less chance of a bored audience. By showing your audience visuals that relate to each particular vlog topic — whether that’s images of the topics you’re covering or shots of the places you’re visiting — you’re improving their perception of your videos. Everyone has seen a million talking head vlogs at this point.

Taking a more dynamic approach to vlogging will instantly improve how people perceive your work. 

Consider getting shots from multiple angles and editing them together to maintain some visual interest. #vloggingtips Share on X

Better Music to Increase Your Vlog’s Production

Music is one of the most critical aspects of your video. Your background music establishes and conveys the tone of your feature. It’s like an auditory cue card that tells the audience how to feel. Music can also provide the audience that your production is beginning or ending soon, thus giving them a crucial non-verbal prompt to like and subscribe to.

Of course, the challenge is finding good music. From commercial use to royalty-free music, there are different costs you should be aware of from the start. 

Whether you’re a new or established vlogger it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish royalty-free vs copyright-free. Royalty-free music serves as a practical and affordable option. In a traditional music licensing contract, you have to pay royalties for the songs you use in your videos. But royalty-free music allows you to obtain permission to use a copyrighted piece of music without having to pay for royalty — hence the term “royalty-free.”

vlogging away

The terms vary depending on the music licensing provider, but in some cases, you can use the same royalty-free music as much as you want, like using the same intro music. Also, you don’t have to negotiate licensing costs, you either pay once for the song you want to use or sign up for a subscription and download as much music as you want. 

This is one area you don’t want to cut corners on. Bad audio will tank the production value of your video. So always choose quality royalty-free music and sound effects. Your audience will thank you. 

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What Makes Up an Excellent Vlog?

The most successful vloggers focus on creating interesting, unique content first and foremost. Production value is important, but flashy cinematography should always be tempered by remembering that your audience will judge you by the substance of your content. 

From real-time interactions to on-demand videos, there is more than one way vloggers can attract more viewers. If you want to obtain and retain loyal followers, improve your production value in concert with refining your content. 

From Pre-Production to Post-Production of the Vlog

Production value also comes from the process. That means you need a plan that you can reproduce every time you shoot. 

Pre-Production of Your Vlog

In the pre-production stage, you should plan out the schedule and attendance of your video shoot. Always make sure there is no miscommunication to eliminate logistical issues that might impact your creative efforts. Think of the pre-production phase as prep time to ensure success.

In the pre-production stage, you should plan out the schedule and attendance of your video shoot. #vloggingtips Share on X

Creating and Using a Pre-Production Checklist to Increase Your Vlog’s Production

This is one of the best practices for making the most of everyone’s time. It helps you to eliminate potential problems that can derail your video shoot. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail.

If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a handy video guide:

See how that can increase your vlog’s production value now?

If you just want the highlights, Eric Sui recommends that you cover the following before you even start filming:

  1. Are you speaking to the right audience?
  2. Is your script polished?
  3. Does your budget cover all the production needs?
  4. Has the script been storyboarded, so your shots are visually laid out?
  5. Is the talent in place?
  6. Are the crew positions filled & aware of the schedule?
  7. Is all the required equipment in place?
  8. And, Is the shot list available?
  9. Is the call sheet separated by setups?
  10. Do you have backup plans?
  11. Is the gear ready and in place?
  12. Do you have the previsualization with key members done?
  13. Is the game plan set?
  14. Have the locations been locked down?
  15. Are the lights, camera, and sound equipment ready to go?

More To Increase Your Vlog’s Production 

During the shoot, you should be on top of the production, because you rarely get a second chance. Budgets don’t last forever, even when you’re shooting vlogs. Whether you have an extended crew or not, always make sure there is enough space and time to record everything that you need.

Always shoot more than enough raw footage, so you’ll have plenty of takes and angles to choose from in post-production.

Post-Production Vlogs

When it comes to post-production, the only limit is your imagination. You can add in a range of additional visuals, like motion graphics or special effects. But again, you’ll want to have a deadline for yourself, don’t spend a month editing every vlog you shoot. 

The more quickly you edit, the more videos you can produce, which means more views and more subscribers. 

vlog editing to increase your vlog's production


Vloggers need to use these videography techniques to transform and boost their video projects to be more popular and earn more revenue. If you want to be a successful vlogger, you will have to dive into the realm of modern production practices.

These practices will help to increase your vlog’s production value. Therefore, they are the difference between having a channel and making a great living.

The more quickly you edit, the more videos you can produce, which means more views and more subscribers. #vloggingtips Share on X

Conclusion of  how to increase your vlog’s production

Running a vlog is a business, and must be treated as such. Finally, the good news is that you can roll out these quintessential production changes without dramatically increasing your budget.

I’d love to know if you have done vlogging for your blog today or if you vlog only. Please leave a comment below so we can discuss it in the comments!


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