How to Create An Appealing Facebook Live Video Today

A few months ago I recall Lisa saying how she felt she knew me better through my live Facebook videos.
That makes sense, right?

Facebook live video

Even if someone digs your writing style you still may appear to be words on a screen to many of your readers.

Create Your Facebook Live Video

If you want to develop a deeper bond with your audience, broadcasting live videos on Facebook is a simple way to connect with your readers by humanizing your blog and brand.

There is no better way to prove that you are human than by broadcasting live videos persistently. Even if you intellectually know that bloggers are people you often need a clear, powerful reminder that strikes an emotional chord with your readers.

Enter Facebook live video.

We human beings do things based on our emotions, or, our feelings.  When you see a blogger live, in the cyber flesh, explaining how to do something, engaging you and other Facebook friends, you feel the love, the genuine nature, and the overall positive energy of this human being.

Bloggers may see me as some mindless, cyborg-like blogging machine but after a live video, they tend to say to themselves: “Hey! This guy is human, just like me.” In this instant, everything clicks, because a stronger emotional bond forms between two human beings.

As you may reckon, bloggers who bond with their readers get plenty of traffic, social shares, comments, sales, and all that good stuff.

Let’s dive into how to create an appealing Facebook live video.

1: Have Fun with Facebook Live Because Everything with Videos Is Energy

Even though you may feel nervous or outright terrified to broadcast live on Facebook for the first time, set a general intent of: “No matter what happens, I will have fun with this.”

The energy behind your video means everything. Even if you come up a bit short on the content, if you are authentic, genuine, and just plain enjoy the process, Facebook buddies will feel your energy and get notified every time you go live.

When you are having fun doing live broadcasts you will naturally be engaging, charismatic, and most of all, you will think on your feet. Tension and anxiety dissolve. You will just be chatting with old – and new – friends.

The 2 most critical tips are this one and tip #5. Have fun. Practice. Tips 2-4 work out just fine when you enjoy the process and broadcast live videos persistently.

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2: Tackle Pressing Issues in Your Niche

Tackle common problems in your blogging niche.

My most watched videos tend to address pressing blogging problems, like how to drive blog traffic or how to increase blogging profits.

Share 1-3 practical tips. If you need notes simply jot a few lines in a Word document on your laptop and glance toward the notes, assuming you do live videos on your phone.

If Facebook users know what to expect as far as your video subject matter they are more likely to get notified whenever you go live.

solve problems with live video Faceobook
Solve your reader’s or clients’ problems with live videos on Facebook.

3: Short and Sweet? Or Long and Meaty?

I’ve had steady video views with both approaches.

My 20-minute videos do tend to get more views but I am feeling the guest posting bit these days, and cannot write 5 posts daily while doing 30-minute videos.

For starters, aim for 5-10 minute videos as a Facebook live broadcasting Young Turk. Creating short videos inspires you to get clear mentally so you can find that video’s sweet spot of being relaxed and engaging while still getting to the main point of the video.

4: Link to Beef Up Your Facebook Live Video

Recently I’ve been adding links to videos to beef up my offering.

Whether I link to an eBook, course, or blog post, adding a link gives my Facebook friends a resource for further study. Linking out also boosts my blogging profits if I direct readers to one of my premium resources.

5: Practice Practice Practice Practice

Practice doing Facebook live videos.

No; not once a week.

If you want to get comfortable in front of the camera I suggest broadcasting live at least 4-5 times weekly.

Broadcasting live is unlike recording videos because the real you comes out; this is not about rehearsing or trying to get things perfect.

The fear of being live, on video, and engaging with other human beings, quickly dissolves through habitual practice.

The only way to practice live video is to broadcast live videos. Get in front of the camera. Stop trusting your excuses. Practice. Have fun. Reap the sweet benefits of broadcasting live on Facebook.

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How to Download a Facebook Live Video from A Facebook Page

Sometimes you may want to download a live Facebook video. You may want to embed it on your blog or share it elsewhere.

download Facebook live

Here are the instructions per Facebook:

  1. From a computer, go to your Facebook profile.
  2. Find the Videos tab at the top of your profile and choose the video you’d like to download.
  3. There are two ways to download a video from your profile:
  • Click the edit button pencil button in the top right corner of the video, then choose Download HD or Download SD.
  • Click the video to open the fullscreen view, then click the 3-dots icon next to your name and choose Download video.

Your video will download automatically. If the download doesn’t start, refresh the Facebook page and try again.

Your Turn on Facebook Live Video

Are you using Facebook Live videos?


Why not?

I’d love to know more in the comments below.

  • T I Antor says:

    Hey, Ryan,
    I read your another post of 11 fundamentals blogging course and like to congrats for that. I saw your video and what a inspirational video it is! Ya, this is a great way to be all over the place through live video. Yes, you said the actual thing, “stop trusting your excuses”. That is why i afraid to be live. Also, I am on the team of shy people :). Have to overcome from these annoying things. BTW, thank you for your post. It’s really inspired me.

  • Gaurav Kumar says:

    HI Ryan,

    Facebook live is a powerful tool that can make a blogger boost conversion. Your tips are helpful to understand how to start Facebook live videos. I must say its about practice. The more you practice the more you learn and improve.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Moss says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Facebook live videos has gained momentum. In fact, it grows in an alarming rate with each passing day, making it one of the biggest assets in digital marketing.

    Many brands and marketers, big and small want are now utilizing the power of Facebook live videos to grow their businesses.

    The tips you presented for creating live videos are breathtaking, however, the are many other tips that works well.

    For example, a recent study by Buffer found that Facebook live Square Videos out-perform landscape videos in terms of average engagement, views, and reach. With this analysis I believe it’s important and in our best interest to create Facebook live Square Videos.

    Another tip I want to point out is the use of a descriptive titles on your videos.

    Why is that important? Facebook users make over 2billion searches each day. For this reason, Facebook recommend crafting a compelling descriptive titles for each videos to make it easily searchable.

    Thanks so much for sharing this epic article. Your tips are amazing!

    • Moss those are awesome adds my friend. Especially the note about titles; I need to tighten up my Facebook Live video game in that regard. Thanks much.

      • Anil Agarwal says:

        Having fun, that’s the key!

        People don’t start few things and they delay things to make them perfect.

        You don’t need to use a HD cam, you don’t need a podcast gear and you certainly don’t need a professional video making service if you want to start making videos. Just get started with what you got!

        The message is the key. You’re doing great with it Ryan.

        Always love your stuff and you always seem to have fun in the blogosphere with your content.

        Keep rocking.

  • Mohammad Faiz says:

    Thanks For This Great Article! I Also have A Confusion About This.

  • Hello Ryan,

    Good to see you here on Lisa’s space 🙂

    Indeed Ryan, I regularly follow your profile and the quality of live video you bring in is just amazing. The confidence
    level, to the topic and every thing which is require to set up a quality live video, you have it all.

    One of the best ways to establish our social proof and also to connect more freely with our clients who wants more to
    know about us and what type of things are we in to.

    I have always feared facing the camera, the video short of thing, it makes me nervous and thing go wrong all the time.

    Its good thing to keep the video short and interesting, for the freshers, as digging into long videos, can may lead to
    lack of topic and also get on to our nerves.

    Thanks for these tips.


  • Vishwajeet Kumar says:

    Hello Ryan,

    Facebook Live Videos are really picking up the face and it is one of the best ways to connect with your audience and convey your message to them. I haven’t tried the Facebook live videos but will definitely going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing these great insights here.

    Have a great day 🙂

  • Hi Ryan,

    Fancy meeting you here on Lisa’s place.
    When it comes to live stream videos, I am having a blast with it. I mix up my 15 to 20 minute videos to a five minute one. All depends on the message I want to put out. I have done a 30 day challenge on a Facebook group that I recently finished. All doing it with Live Stream. I had a great time doing it, meeting new folks and bonding with them.
    Live stream doesn’t have to be perfect because we want to show our viewers that we are real. When I think of your Live Streams I think of your cat lol. You aways give good information and fantastic Calls To Action (something I need to remember to do)
    I always say that video is a virtual handshake, but Live Streaming is a virtual hug!

    • I really dig that analogy Donna; live streams are like a virtual hug. You broadcast awesome ones as I often see them via your blog posts. Keep up the great live streaming work!

  • Ravi Chahar says:

    Hey Ryan and Lisa,

    It’s always good to see Ryan around.

    Facebook live is giving up at its best and people are trying to build their business with it.

    Short and sweet always works. having fun with the audience adds one spoon of happy hours.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Enjoy your day.

  • Susan Velez says:

    Hi Ryan and Lisa,

    It’s nice to see you here on Lisa’s site.

    No, I haven’t started using Facebook Live videos. I do YouTube videos and that keeps me busy enough.

    I can definitely use some of these tips to help me improve my YouTube videos.

    Personally, I have found that most of my YouTube videos are about 10 minutes long. Some are shorter, it just depends on what type of video I am creating.

    I like how you are testing things our to see which ones people prefer.

    I definitely need to start testing out my video length as well.

    Thanks for sharing these tips, Ryan.

    Hope you have a great day 🙂


    • I kinda hop back and forth a bit Susan. 10 minutes sounds good, but it is up to the video producer and how much fun they are having creating videos of a certain length.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Susan, If you do YouTube you would probably be a natural with Facebook Live! I can’t wait to see you using this one as well Susan. Thanks for coming by and have a wonderful day ahead!

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