Business Networking Is The Offline Skill We All Need To Learn

We can over-rely on networking online. After all, it is so easy to fire off a few emails or connect with somebody on LinkedIn or Twitter. But learning how to do business networking using real human skills is something that has disappeared these days.

Business networking offline is a crucial step in growing your company, and it’s a powerful tool to help you connect with customers and like-minded people.

business networking

But how do you do this effectively? Can you do business networking on a phone call or only in person to be effective?

But learning how to do business networking using real human skills is something that has disappeared these days. #networking Click To Tweet

Finding the Places to Make Connections for Business Networking

Much like you would find the right website to find people, you can do the same thing in real life. You go where the talent is. You may look at attending more professional conferences and trade shows, which can give you a perspective of the talent.

Trade shows are a great way to gain exposure. And there are many things that you can do to make your trade show booth stand out. The Infinity Exhibits trade show displays and booths with display shelves can make your exhibition stand out.

But the cardinal sin in using your trade show booth to people’s interest is that it’s all style and no substance. But this is where you need to be ready to network in a human sense.

A lot of your business networking success will rely on the setup of your business stand at tradeshows. Take advantage of laptop rentaland projectors to draw the eyes of prospective clients and make your stand visually appealing so that talking to people becomes easier as a result.

The Importance of Making a Human Connection

Networking is one of those things that is all about trying to benefit yourself. And when we’re trying to grow our business, the people who are long in the tooth will smell your selfishness from a mile off.

This is why we need to get into the habit of helping others.

Rather than being in it completely for ourselves, approaching new connections as people who you can help can be a fantastic way to forge new relationships. Business networking is about helping someone out and them helping you. But it’s important not to go in for that tit-for-tat approach.

helping others

Focus on making human connections, and forging friendships, and this will make for a far more mutually beneficial partnership.

Rather than being in it completely for ourselves, approaching new connections as people who you can help can be a fantastic way to forge new relationships. #networking Click To Tweet

Mastering the Elevator Pitch

A logical extension of networking is about being able to promote yourself and what you are selling in record time. An elevator pitch is one of the best things anybody can do to make sure their business is good to go.

You should always have an elevator pitch on standby ready to use. Your elevator pitch should only be 20-30 seconds long. Start to practice it with a timer so you will be ready when you need it.

Now, you could hire a business consultant to help you master this elevator tip. They would be able to critique and guide you into making a fabulous pitch!

Knowing When to Walk Away

Working hard to introduce your business to the market means that on occasion you will find people that are not interested. At the outset, when we are trying to get as much recognition for our business as possible, we try to cover all bases.

But it’s far better to know when to cash in your chips and walk away in order to be effective at networking offline. Hence, you need to learn how to leave people with good impressions, even if you are not able to benefit each other.

know when to walk away in business networking

Everybody Is Shy at Business Networking

Even those people that have bravado coming out of their ears are all going to be self-conscious in one way or another. According to Psychology Today, shyness is a response to fear, and research suggests that although there is neurobiology of shyness—the behavioral repertoire is orchestrated by a specific circuit of neurons in the brain.  It is also strongly influenced by parenting practices and life experiences.

Therefore, try to get over your fears in life and help yourself to get over that shyness. Do something you are afraid of. I know that’s my way of getting over my own fears. It is NOT easy by any means!

Then you can prepare your offline networking capabilities without that fear.

Whether this is working on your soft skills or learning a killer opening line, the importance of offline networking will become very apparent when life returns to normal.

Your Turn On Networking Today

Have you been doing any business networking offline today? Or have you been able to get creative to do it online with other business people?

I’d love to know more about your networking efforts in the comments below!

Lisa Sicard
  • Nate L. says:

    Hi Lisa,

    A saying that I hear all the time and that is, “Do one thing every day that scares you.”

    The directive to “face your fears” is often boiled down to doing the scary things to help you grow.

    The magic happens outside your comfort zone.

    The pandemic last year has allowed me to do so.

    Thank you, Lisa!

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Nate, I love that one! I need to work on that as I have a few fears. I love doing them because you are right, you get over them by doing them. Otherwise, you just keep on thinking and thinking. Thanks for your input on this one and make it a great day! 🙂

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