5 Proven Video Editing Techniques for Engaging Content

Proven basic video editing techniques are important today with video content becoming the standard for staying relevant online.

Videos are pertinent on social media, YouTube, and your website. With video being so popular, it is essential that your corporate videos stand out in the crowd. These types of creative videos are filled with relevant and engaging content.

This article will give you five ways to separate your content from the pack. Using these video editing techniques, you will get more views.

Therefore, viewers will watch longer, and take action once the video has ended. Having video as a pillar of your content and marketing strategy will be very beneficial. Good video content created now will pay off exponentially for many years to come.

1. Create a Story Around Your Video Content

There are many great videos on the web, but what singles out the best videos is the story. Viewers are intrigued and interested in stories on Instagram and Facebook. Stories are what get people to stop and take note of what they are watching. Your corporate video should be no different.

If you are selling a product or telling the story of how you were founded, it needs to be attached to an intriguing story. When planning your videos, it is critical to develop different stories in strategic and creative ways.

The stories you create should have a target audience in mind that you resonate with. Corporate videos with stories, using a step-by-step process that is replicated as you create new and more creative content.

video story
Create a story for your marketing videos.

Your story should be similar to any movie or story you have read in the past. It would be best if you started with rising action. This should build suspense, keep the audience interested, and want more of the story. The rising action should lead to the climax of the story.

The climax is when the problem is resolved. Usually, the problem is resolved by something related to your call to action. This resolution and your call to action need to correspond at the end of the video. The structure of a story is very important.

Most stories that exist follow this structure. Humans are used to it and tend to be more engaged when this structure is followed.

If you are selling a product or telling the story of how you were founded, it needs to be attached to an intriguing story. #storymarketing Share on X

2. Convert with a Call to Action at the End for Video Editing Techniques

A call to action is one of the most critical parts of your corporate video. A call to action is the next step that you want your prospective clients or companies to take for you to capture their info.

Having a well-constructed message in your corporate video that draws people into your sales funnel is one of the most important parts.

If viewers are not converting into leads, you need to reassess your call to action. A good call to action should be specific and create a sense of urgency for that person to act immediately.

Your goal with video editing techniques is for viewers to take immediate action without delay.

make your call to action
Make sure your video content has a call to action.

There is no one-size-fits-all call to action that works every time. It is an excellent idea to do A/B testing on different calls to action. You may find that subtle differences in language make a drastic difference in conversion.

Also, be aware that you should be reaching diverse audiences with your videos. Each audience may not respond the same way to a specific call to action.

Test each segment of your audience, specifically, and see what works best for that particular audience.

A good call to action should be specific and create a sense of urgency for that person to act immediately. #CTA Share on X

3. Stay on Brand with Your Corporate Video Production

As with all parts of your business, staying on brand at all times is essential. Corporate video production is no different. Close attention should be paid to the color, fonts, and content of the video. The video you produce should feel like a natural extension of your business.

To stay on brand, there must be ample energy spent with the video production team to have a clear vision of what is expected. The team should be aware of your other video assets and make an effort to keep them in line with their look and feel.

The goal of the production process is to get a lot of footage, and then in the editing process, repurpose it for multiple clips. You will get more use of the time and money spent on your production if you use all of the videos numerous times.

To achieve this for your brand,  be sure that the videos have been edited similarly.

Video Editing Techniques for your brand
Branding is key to your video marketing strategies.

Videos need to have a similar color grade and editing style for them to flow well together. Furthermore, if you have videos that have already been produced, you want to make sure they are in line with those.

Furthermore, doing this will keep continuity between all of your video assets.

4. Keep it Short – Under Three Minutes is Best

The corporate video production process can be a time-consuming undertaking. It requires communication and organization between multiple clients and companies from beginning to end.

All of this hard work of video editing techniques should produce a final clip that is three minutes in length or less.

That three minutes should be packed, from the opening sequence, with value propositions and expert opinions on why your company is the right choice. Whether your corporate video has live-action or many camera positions, the entire video needs to draw attention to your call to action at the end of your video clip.

The attention span of viewers is short. Studies show you have five to ten seconds to catch the viewer’s attention. After that, you have a maximum of three minutes to get all of your information and points across. This is a short time to convey important information about your product or service.

viding editing techniques with short and sweet videos
Keep your videos short and sweet so audiences will watch them.

Getting so much value in a short video will require a talented production company and a fantastic post-production team. You want to get enough footage for multiple video reels that can be used over time.

However, once these sequential shots are broken up, they are repurposed for many videos.

All of this hard work should produce a final clip that is three minutes in length or less. #videomarketing Share on X

5. Use Jump Cuts to Create Drama and Comedy in Your Video Editing Techniques

If you are editing these videos yourself, using numerous jump cuts will be in your best interest. Jump cuts are when two shots are spliced together but are dramatically different. The shots could have a different camera angle or camera position.

Video editing techniques with the use of jump cuts have two benefits. First, it makes it easier to edit additional footage together in post-production. Secondly, jump cuts have a jarring effect on the audience and will grab their attention.

video editing techniques with jump cuts
People love to laugh when watching videos.

Jump cuts don’t always have to be used to create drama; you can also use them for comedic effect. There are many benefits to jump cuts, but find creative ways to use them and your audience will be glued to the video.

In Conclusion of Video Editing Techniques

Corporate video production is a complex process that requires the right equipment, a team of experts, and post-production editing. Hence, your corporate video needs to be entertaining, short, and on-brand to convert viewers to customers.

As a result, nearly every company in today’s digital marketplace has corporate videos on its website or social media channels. Therefore, videos are an excellent way to build trust with your audience by showcasing who you are as a business.

How are you managing your video editing techniques today? Is your call to action working for your business? I’d love to know more in the comments below.

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Lisa Sicard
  • Hi Lisa,
    Video editing is a whole other skill set that takes time and practice to develop. I really need to work on timing. Also had no idea what a jump cut was until today. I do not watch many videos and when I do they are usually how-tos. So thank you for that new knowledge.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi SharlaAnn, it does. I’ve found Camastia to be great for me. Also, you can do a video now on Powerpoint as well. It depends on what type of videos you need. I’ve done some on my phone when I was in the videos. Let me know how I can help you if you are interested to do some SharlaAnn. Thanks for coming by and have a great new week ahead.

  • I am new to video editing and looking for information on how to create engaging video content. Thanks for your article, its very helpful.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Ashish, welcome to Inspire To Thrive. I’m glad you found this article very helpful. Let me know if you have any questions so I can help you further. Have a great day and thanks for coming by.

  • Janice Wald says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Great actionable strategies on how to boost your video marketing methods. I have recently started to get serious about growing my YouTube channel. I recall you used to use Camtasia. Do you have an opinion about using zoom to put a video on YouTube? Zoom has screen share so I could post a video tutorial. Zoom is free but Camtasia isn’t. Do you have an opinion about using zoom on YouTube?

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Janice, Thank you. Yes, I do use Camtasia, Love it! You could test out a Zoom video. I think I did that once as well. I didn’t come out as well but if you get your lighting right it should be okay. As long as you have the option on how to save the video etc that would work well for YouTube. Good luck with it Janice. Have a great day 🙂

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