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Launching an International Business at Home Today is Easier Than Ever

What’s Stopping You From Launching an International Business?

While there are positive talks of a COVID 19 vaccine, it would be optimistic to claim that the pandemic is over. We may face further waves of infections and increased risks for the months to come. In other words, it might seem as if now were the worst time to launch a business.

In reality, this could be a unique chance for aspiring entrepreneurs to make their dream into reality. At a time where most people are working from home, physical and geographical limitations have become meaningless.

When many new businesses worry about the best location to reach out to their target audience, the digital sphere opens a borderless network that lets you interact with suppliers, customers, and talents all around the globe.

As the pandemic is bringing borders down, you can seize the opportunity to build an international business from home without leaving your home.

Reach Out to Your International Suppliers

Why limit yourself to local suppliers and supplies when the world is your oyster? A lot of small businesses concentrate their activities on creating a geographically limited network to support their local economy.

While your local economy is a priority in recovering from the pandemic impact, there is no denying that specialist ventures can struggle to find the support they need. Unfortunately, reaching out to international suppliers can come at a cost.

If you’ve ever tried to send money to Japan or France, for instance, you’ve probably noticed additional transaction and currency conversion fees. If you’re going to create a global network of partners, you need a banking system that makes it easy to interact with foreign expenses.

As a result, you can make the most of your unique supplies at the best price!

Create an International Launch Date

Hello world, I’m here.

That’s, in essence, what a launch event is designed to do. Virtual events> enable you to spread the word about your venture without needing to settle on a time or location. Indeed, an online launch event can be streamed in real-time to your audience groups.

You can also record the event as it happens so that people outside of your time zone can watch it later.

Unlike business events set in a specific location, you can maximize attendance without going over budget. 

Digital Language is Universal When Launching an International Business from Home

While English is the preferred language online, it doesn’t mean that every customer will be fluent. Thankfully, tools such as Google Translate can keep your website accessible, even to foreign speakers.

When it comes to everyday communication, you will be pleased to know that most Internet users have some level of written fluency in English. As a result, you can run an international business without needing more than one language on your website.

A company such as Bokksu, the Japan-based snack box subscription service, runs all marketing campaigns in English even though they ship their boxes worldwide. What makes their communication accessible is the use of simple words combined with emojis.

Indeed, an emoji can help clarify your content and make it understandable to people for whom English isn’t their first language.

Adding visual clues creates an accessible and inclusive digital language.

Indeed, an emoji can help clarify your content and make it understandable to people for whom English isn’t their first language. #inspiretothrive #emojis Click To Tweet

Working Together While Being Apart is Easy Today!

Growing your business requires time and patience. It’s not easy to recruit new talents. But when you work online, you have a range of options to find the best person for your team.

In a virtual office, it’s essential to focus on collaborative and safe tools that enable your team to work together – even if nobody is in the same place. Naturally, you can Zoom away and get a lot of work done virtually.

Cloud storage services are an essential addition that makes your data accessible from anywhere in the world. Additionally, clouds are scalable, which means that it’s easier to expand your team without struggling against size limitations.

24/7 Opening Hours when Launching an International Business

Most brick-and-mortar businesses have changed their opening hours to manage pandemic challenges. Limited opening hours reduce the risks of infections. For online businesses, however, the trend goes in the opposite direction.

There is no need to reduce opening hours, especially when people are staying at home. Customers are likely to reach out to your business at any time of the day and night. Does it mean working overtime?

No, you can rely on your international team to provide support almost 24/7. Depending on the location of your employees, you can increase your business hours, ensuring that customers can find an answer to their queries at almost any time.

The future business is a collaborative, digital environment that can let entrepreneurs make the most of international resources. Whether you seek new talents or new suppliers, the new home office opens up the borders to global business expansion.

For aspiring entrepreneurs who are working on a tight budget, digital growth has never seemed so achievable.

Are you working in an international business or looking to in the coming weeks or months? I’d love to know more about it in the comments below 🙂


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