Hashtags Today Are Everywhere – Learn How To Use Them To Get Results

Hashtags Today For Search Optimization

Hashtags today are everywhere today. No longer is Twitter the only social networking site you visit where you will see the use of #hashtags. They now can be found on Facebook, Google+, You Tube, Instagram and even  your own blog posts you can have… Read more...

4 Simple SEO Tips for Bloggers

Simple SEO Tips

Ok, so you have setup your blog, networked with other bloggers, become active across multiple social media platforms, and written a plethora of high quality articles.  But you’re still not ranking well in search engines and the web traffic gods just aren’t smiling on your blog they… Read more...

Pingbacks and Trackbacks – What Do They Do For Your Blog?

Pingbacks and Trackbacks – What To Do?

The question came up on the last post on SEO Kindergarten – the AZ SEO list. Lauren asked what are these and what do they do. I’ve heard of them, read about them many times and accept them here but did not realize I… Read more...

SEO vs Social Media – Which Is The Best Traffic Source To Your Blog?

SEO vs Social Media

Have you ever thought about where you should spend your time on getting traffic to your website? I joked last week with Robert Caruso from Bundle Post on Twitter as some would say “Social is the New SEO”, but is it really? Have you thought about… Read more...

Link Shy After The Latest Google Panda Workings

Have You Become Link Shy With The Latest Google Updates?

Link shythe fear of linking to the wrong website or blog. It would appear the latest Google Panda update of about 2 weeks ago now affected sites with links to various types of websites. Anything that appears… Read more...

The Ultimate Personal SEO Checklist for 2013

Your Personal SEO

This is the reality of SEO in 2013. Google believes that you are an accumulation of your activities online. When you have a Google profile, you are telling the search engine what you “own” and marking your online territory. It’s your personal SEO. If you have a… Read more...

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