Can We Prevent One More Suicide?

Can We Prevent One More Suicide?

September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day

suicide site

This site is a local young man’s gravesite that was the result of a suicide. He went to school with my sons and every time I drive by my heart goes out to the family.  When I heard on the radio the other day that World Suicide Day was coming up on September 10th I had to take a picture and share. Maybe we can prevent another one from happening. There have been at least 2 in the past several years in the town I live in and they both were friends with my sons.

According to WHO almost 1 million people a year die from suicide throughout the world. In the last 45 years alone suicide has increased a whopping 60%. That’s a lot! It is the top 3 leading cause of death of those aged 15-45 in some countries. Suicide rates were among the highest in male elderly but that has changed to the younger age set. Mental disorders are a major factor in all these suicides. Other factors include:  Alcoholism, family history, terminal illness, stressful event or loss of someone close, (does not have to be death, the above ones I believe were break-ups with girlfriends), exposure to others doing it and a history of trauma or abuse.

So what signs can we see if someone is suicidal?


  • Lack of interest in their daily activities
  • Decline in grades if in school
  • Misconduct in school or work
  • Repeated and unexplained absent  from work or school
  • Excessive use of drugs, alcohol or smoking
  • Withdrawal from friends
  • Self hate
  • Frequent complaints about not feeling well – headaches, stomaches and fatigue.
  • Talking about suicide – saying that they wish they were dead
  • Loss of independence in elderly
  • Getting affairs in order – saying goodbyes and making out  a will and giving away prized possessions
  • Sudden calmness after being depressed- means they may have decided to go through with committing suicide

What can you do to help?

  • Talk to them if you suspect they are suicidal – ask what you can do to help or if they want to seek help
  • Let them know they are NOT alone
  • Let them know you may NOT understand it but are THERE For them
  • LISTEN – Sometimes they need someone to just LISTEN
  • Be sympathetic and NON-judgmental
  • Ask if they have a suicide plan so you can access the risk
  • Do everything in your power to get them professional help – call a crisis line for advice
  • Call them daily to see how they are – don’t wait for them to call you

The Hotline numbers to call: 



Let’s see if we can prevent one more suicide from happening today. Do you have more to add to the lists above? 

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