Industries To Consider When Starting A Small Business Now

If you’re looking to ditch your 9-5 and pick a rewarding and reliable small business career path to go down, then you’re in the right place.

In this article, I’ve outlined several industries you should consider launching your new small business. These types of businesses will ensure you start as a success.

industries to consider when starting a small business

Web Design as One of the Industries to Consider

With every business needing a great-looking online presence these days, then why not make it your business to ensure that everybody does?

Setting up a small web design agency could be incredibly lucrative. Web design remains a very niche field with only a handful of talented professionals. This will enable you to deliver the kind of industry-leading design clients will be after from your firm.

If you possess the skills and are willing to hire an experienced team to support you, then there’s no reason why web design couldn’t prove a reliable and profitable industry. It is one industry in which you could get up running a small business quickly.

With everyone working from home today you would not need a lot of money to start up this type of small business.

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Digital Marketing

If you’re rather savvy on social media, then you’ll be fully aware of the power that digital marketing has in its ability to raise brand awareness, drive lead generation, and identify new growth streams.

Utilize your talents and set up a digital marketing agency where you charge clients retained monthly fees for running their social media advertisements.

Digital marketing extends much further than social media, though. There is money to be in delivering small business SEO services and PPC campaigns.

If that type of language doesn’t sound foreign to you, then you are definitely the right person to be setting up a small business in this particular industry.

Furthermore, most businesses don’t have the time to manage their own digital marketing.  It has become more complicated than ever before to manage it.

the best social media management tool

Freelance Writing as Another Industry to Consider for a Business

If you have a talent for written communication and you enjoy the creative freedom that writing naturally brings, then why not consider a career as a freelance writer?

There a whole host of opportunities to attract work. Hence, this can be a really reliable and secure freelancing option for you.

You could even grow this into a small business. Take on briefs from larger clients. Then, rely on your team of writers to create content on their behalf.

Tools like Grammarly make proofreading and ensuring grammatical accuracy in all of your writing super straightforward. I love using Grammarly on Inspire To Thrive. I’ve found it extremely helpful when I went to update old blog posts from years ago.

So why not give it a go and turn freelance writing into the ideal small business?

Real Estate – Another Industry to Consider

If you’re thinking of going into a career in real estate, then make sure you know the landscape inside out. A lot of rookie real estate developers are unaware of several planning laws. These laws can get in their way during big construction projects.

For example, many construction firms consult specialist cultural heritage advisors such as Andrew Long and Associates to carry out archaeological surveys and excavations before going ahead with a particular build.

To some, this may seem unnecessary. But often this is an unavoidable part of the planning application process. However, in other cases, this can simply just be seen as good practice by property developers. Remember, know the industry and you’ll be fine. 

Another real estate option is becoming a real estate agent. Real estate agents are one of the happiest professions there is according to the Resume Coach and Forbes Magazine.

You can set your own hours and work from home but do expect to work hard in this industry to succeed. However, it will take time to become successful in real estate as people will want to know you first before hiring you to sell their home.

real estate industries to consider

Real estate is one of the best industries to consider when starting a business. People are always moving thus buying and selling properties.

If you’re thinking of going into a career in real estate, then make sure you know the landscape inside out. #realestatebusiness Share on X

Execute Your Small Business Idea Now

You can come up with many ideas for your small business but you must execute one of them to move ahead.

There is nothing worse than delaying a great idea as timing can be everything. If you have done your research and know you can make it a success, get started!

However, stick with it for a while as too many quit before they reach success with their small business.

execute your business idea now

What is your big industry to consider for your small business idea? Finally, I’d love to know more in the comment section. Thank you.

Lisa Sicard
  • Now is definitely the time Lisa. Digital marketing is especially prospering in this day and age of more folks working from home. The offline world and its businesses gradually shift to the online world. Observe how this shift went down especially during 2020 to see a harbinger of the future.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Ryan, yes, 2020 was the year it really became real for many people. Many would have scarfed at this year a few years back. Working from home didn’t sound like real work to many who traveled back and forth to offices. Now almost everyone gets it! Thanks for coming by Ryan and I hope you enjoy your weekend down there in paradise!

  • Moss Clement says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Your business ideas are fantastic, that’s because they are more demand for the products and services. Digital marketing, for instance, encompasses blogging, content marketing, Facebook ads, SEO services, and more. However, I also want to add that online tutoring is great as well, particularly in this time of covid-19. As a result of the pandemic, several schools are now operating online. It provides an avenue for an increased demand for online tutoring.
    Moreover, Facebook business advertising and creating online courses are excellent businesses one can start and grow significantly. Although they’re parts of digital marketing assets, I need to point them out for emphasis. For example, more marketers are using Facebook to generate more income, and businesses are looking for expert FB ad managers to create campaigns that get results. Many of these brands and individual marketers sell online courses and e-books, and they use ad campaigns to drive leads and sales.

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you Moss. I do like the addition of tutoring to this list 🙂 So many are doing it online today and become more the norm. Yes, Facebook ad managers need to be on top of the latest changes and updates like the new Apple implications on Facebook ads coming. So much to stay on top of these days that any business owner would not have the time for. Thanks for your input on this piece Moss 🙂

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