• NIce to know more about you Lisa
    I never knew that Twitter can be so good in affiliate marketing. Infact after reading this post and knowing more about you, you made me to remain active on Twitter now and will start promoting some products on Twitter.

    Lets see how it goes for me.

    And I must way you have an amazing blogging journey history. Its a good inspiration for others.


    • Thank you Atul. Oh yes, Twitter has been wonderful to me over the years. But I will say this – lately Facebook has been catching up! I’m watching this closely and if it seems to be a longer trend I will be writing a piece here about that 🙂 Stay tuned!

  • Lisa, you truly are a helpful person and I’m glad you’ve made this website and have had success. I wish the best of luck to you and keep your chin up. Good things will happen. – Scott Craighead

  • Lisa, suffice to say, you are one amazing woman. I don’t think the clientele at the breakfast joint out here in the sticks has ever heard a conversation like the one we had at our table a couple of weeks ago. And you’re a great friend, too!

  • Excellent post on Adrienne’s site, I believe blogging is a sport.You have to develop your skills just like a world class athlete and you actually can make world class money.

  • Lisa, I popped into your blog after reading superb post by you on Adriene Smith’s blog.

    Being writers doesn’t mean we are bloggers as well. Blogging is even more dynamic than writing.

    Keep writing the great stuff like this. It’s good to be here at your blog. Stay blessed.

  • Hey Lisa,

    Found out about your blog because of a comment you made on a post I was reading. Let me just start by saying awesome blog. It’s interesting that you know about media both in the online world and outside the online world. I think that’s rather rare in today’s bloggers. And the fact that you were in the media business since 14 makes you very unique.

    Glad I ran into this blog. Love how insightful the blog is.

    – Mark T.

    P.S. I totally have to agree with you on blogging being therapeutic.

    • Thanks Mark, I appreciate your compliments. Welcome to Inspire to Thrive. I hope you signed up for newsletter to get FREE eBook too. Have a great day.

  • Hi Lisa,

    Just want to introduce myself. I’m also a graphic designer…and still learning web design specially in WordPress. I am very passionate about blogging and social network. I have been blogging in livejournal since the year 2000-2008. I stopped for a while due to I went back to school to take prereqs in Nursing….but later on I end up quitting due to this is really not my cup of tea. I meant to work on graphic designs & social media. Anyhoo, just saying a quick hello. Kinda late here. Hope to talk more with you later. Have a great Monday!!!


    • Thanks Angela for dropping by. Funny I jsut signed up for live journal because I wanted to leave a comment on something there. Hope you have a great day too!

  • 😆 Hi there Lisa! Thanks for stopping by the site and commenting on Sonia’s article (c: I love your site and all your insight that I am getting from you everywhere (on hersocialnetwork.com, other’s blogs, your blog, twitter, etc). I am excited to get to know you more and more! Keep doing your thing, I’ll be back soon!

  • Hi Lisa,

    You are doing great work here and enjoying every post since I’ve find your blog. Such a friendly person and always come up with informative articles.

    Keep up your good work Lisa 😉


  • Hey Lisa,

    I just saw your comment on my article on Reviewz N Tips. I came to check out your site and think it looks great! Look forward to the resources you provide in the future.


  • You’re amazing, Lisa. This little “About Me” blurb doesn’t say the half of it, girlfriend! So blessed to know you. XO

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