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9 Ways President Trump Will Teach You To Tweet Smarter

How President Trump Will Teach You To Tweet Smarter

tweet smarterWant to tweet smarter today? Love or hate him, President Trump can tweet smart. He may appear harsh or quick witted but he can get his point across when no one else will listen. That’s the beauty of Twitter. You can express your opinion to your followers. President Trump has been… Continue reading

See How ADZbuzz Ublock Will Be Valuable To Bloggers Today

How ADZbuzz Ublock Will Be Valuable to Bloggers

Whether you are a blogger or site publisher, you need money to maintain your blog or site. And I’m sure you like to be rewarded for the quality content you publish, right? This is how ADZbuzz Ublock will be valuable to bloggers.How ADZbuzz Ublock will be valuable

This is obviously the same with every other blogger… Continue reading

Twitter Edits Will Make You Happy This Year Tweeting

Twitter Edits May Be Coming This Year



Twitter edits have been talked about for a long time. As a result this piece on Twitter Edits was started on December 1st but it was never completed. You know a little vacation and then the holidays somehow got in the way of writing.

Many folks using Twitter… Continue reading

9 Real Estate Agents Who Get Twitter Right Today

9 Real Estate Agents Who Really Get Twitter Right

real estate agentsThere are many real estate agents on Twitter today. But I have found most of them just tweet out their own listings. They treat Twitter like a billboard for their listings and their branding campaigns. And yes, some realtors still protect their tweets. Luckily I have found some great… Continue reading

How To Avoid Getting The Mute on Twitter Now

How Not To Get The Mute On Twitter

Will you get the new updated mute on Twitter? Will your keywords or phrases be eliminated by your followers?

Twitter rolled out the mute button feature over 2 years ago.  That meant your Twitter followers could turn your tweets off to mutmute on Twittere. I’m… Continue reading

Getting Verified on Twitter May Be Valuable But Not Always Easy

Getting Verified on Twitter

Getting VerifiedGetting verified on Twitter was never easy. It’s been a few months since Twitter allowed all of it’s users to become verified on Twitter. Prior to this time users were verified typically included: Accounts maintained by users in government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business, and other key interest areas. If it was a personal account… Continue reading

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