Harassed By Debt Collectors? 3 Things To Do To Stop It

Debt is a normal part of life for just about every American and small business. There is nothing wrong with taking on debt at the right time to get through a certain phase of your life. The problem with debt arises when life circumstances happen that prevent you from being able to pay it back on time. Maybe your clients haven’t paid you.  Or perhaps you are being pestered by debt collector scams. However, if you are harassed by debt collectors there are things you can do to stop it.

harassed by debt collectors

When this happens to you, you will often be confronted with threatening phone calls from creditors. They obviously want to be paid back. However, the frequency and tone of the calls borders on harassment and you don’t have to put up with it.

If you are in debt and being harassed then the following list of tips will help you put a stop to it.

How to Stop Being Harassed by Debt Collectors

1. – If You Claim Bankruptcy

If you’ve already spoken with Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers and have started the process to declare bankruptcy then you can stop receiving these types of calls. When you file for bankruptcy there is an automatic stay that applies and means that collection is no longer allowed. You are protected from your creditors under bankruptcy laws and are no longer responsible for paying those debts.

This doesn’t mean that you should file for bankruptcy to avoid having to pay your debts or to keep your creditors from calling you. A bankruptcy is going to follow you for years and will stop you from being able to take on any debt which can hurt you financially.

What it does mean, though, is if you are in bankruptcy you can make the calls stop right away. Once the courts discharge your debts that creditors are no longer able to call you can be reported to the court.

2 – Put it in Writing if Harassed by Debt Collectors

As many people know, asking a creditor to stop calling you is a lesson in futility. They are not obligated to stop just because you asked. However, if you ask them in writing then they do indeed have to stop contacting you.

You should get the address of the creditor and then send them a letter telling them that their calls are harassing and need to stop right away. If you have your lawyer send the letter then this is even better.

put it in waiting
Put it in writing to stop the creditors from harassing you or your small business.

The creditor will have to contact you to let you know that they received the request and will no longer contact you. If you receive any more calls then you can report them.

Make sure to keep a copy of the letter that you sent and any other documentation about it.

3 – What To Do Next

If you haven’t declared bankruptcy then you do still need to pay the debt. Even if a creditor can no longer call you they can still send you to demand notices by mail and take you to court.

Try to talk to them to find a way to pay the debt in a way that benefits you and gets them to stop contacting you until you can get the entire debt paid off.

Watch for Debt Collectors Scams

You may also be contacted by debt collector scam artists. They may ask you for the following information:

  • Sensitive Personal Information
  • Not provide you with a callback number
  • Asks you to pay by a money transfer
  • Not give you a mailing address where they are calling from
  • Pressure you with a threat of an arrest
be aware of debit collector scams
Watch out for debt collection scams that may try to swindle money from you.

If you spot any of these tactics, be sure to report them to the FTC.

Your Turn

Have you ever been harassed by debt collectors personally or for your small business? What were you able to do about it? I’d love to know more in the comment section below so we can discuss it.

Lisa Sicard
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