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Sane Blogger Tips

Blogger Tips For You To Keep Sane

Tips For Staying Sane While Blogging and Being Online 

Blogging Tips by Lisa

sane blogger tips

Comment System Choices – Disqus Comments vs CommentLuv and Other Comment Systems. (A lively debate!)

Bloggers Learn to Get More Done and Stress Less!

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10 Ways to Screw Up Your Blog – So You Don’t!

How Important is a Thank You in Blogging?

What is in Your Blog’s Detective Toolkit? A Contributor Post by Lauren Salkin.

Don’t Burn the Brownies Looking at Your Triberr Stream – You Are On Triberr Right?

What if your blog became the most popular blog online? Could you handle it? Read about one that happened in less than 3 days.

Why Are So Many Blogging Today? Join the discussion!

Get Over Blog Burnout Today!

Learn to Master Blogging via My Interview with Ms. Ileane Smith

Need help with some aspects of your blog? Why not use Fiverr?

Need help with the next Penguin coming to your blog? See how you can update your SEO for your blog.

Do you race to post, comment or share? The race is one for blogging success.

What will make your blog different from the rest?

How do you research for your blog posts? 4 tips!

What will you use for your next RSS feed if Feedburner disappears?

Triberr Can Rock Your Blog – Are you looking to get more traffic to your blog? Join Triberr today!

Do You Find Yourself Getting hung Up On Technical Issues With Your Blog? You are Not Alone!

Building Relationships Blogging When Your Blog Is Invisible – Guest post By Sonia from Logallot

Must We Choose Between our Time Online or With Our Spouses?  – How do you balance it all?  Spending time offline and my Klout score took a dive, better than the marriage taking a dive.

Why I Choose Self  Hosting – Have you dived in yet to the world of self-hosting?

How To Follow Other Blogs – Which of these ways are your favorite way to follow along?

And the Blog Went Poof – How your blog can disappear into thin air too, learn from my story.

Are Your Blogging Friends Leaving Social Media? –  How to do less and other ways to gain traffic to your blog.

Do You Analyze Your Blog? Do you look where people come from to your blog?

8 Reasons Why I Come Back to Your Blog Again and Again – Why I like your blog and how you can your blog better so readers will return again and again.

Blog to Music – Your blogs may be more creative if you blog away to music. It’s called the Mozart Effect.

Conversation Starters – Tips from the community on ways to engage your audience and start conversations.

Burn-Out – The signs you may be getting burnt out and 5 Tips to avoid it!

Can You Be On One More place Online? – The hurdles of being everywhere online and which are the best or not.

10 Confessions of An Obsessed Blogger – Are you one of them too?  You can confess here.

6 Tips To Getting It Done on Christmas or Anytime!  If you are finding you can’t get it all done – check out these tips.

What If You Don’t Feel Like It?  Do you have days you just do not want to?

Who Do You Ask For Help? Someone who is busy or not?  The answer may surprise you.

Do You Just Ask For It? – One of the most popular posts here about getting what you really want.

Having A Bad Day? – Watch this video – it may help you…

Time Spent on Social Media – Have you made your chart to track it? It may help you keep focused.

Don’t Get Bogged Down – Tips to avoid getting bogged down being online and blogging.

Time for You -An Inspiring video to remind you to take time for you and why it is so important!

Password Fatigued Today-  Sound Familiar? – Tips to prevent it!

Technology on Holidays – Can you unplug on holidays? Why it may do you some good…

When To Know Your Are In IT Deep – Are you in so much you can’t do much else? Test yourself.

Do you have some blogger tips you would like to share? Contact me to do a guest post today on blogger tips. 

6 Responses to Sane Blogger Tips

  • Casandra says:

    Wow! So many great articles I’ve never read before. Thanks for putting together this list – I bet it took a long time.

  • Rahul Chalana says:

    wow what an article i must appreciate and great tips and also this is a different post than others as you said it should be .. keep sharing 🙂

  • Phil says:

    Such a great list of resources, there is much here to digest but this offers perfect advice for anyone looking to start or expand their blog.

    I particularly liked the link to ’10 Confessions of an obsessed Blogger’ and could certainly identify with some of the items raised in the post 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, I have bookmarked this page and will return.

    – Phil

  • Amy says:

    Wow, ask and you shall receive…many of these are issues I am currently dealing with while working on my 4 month old blog. I’m glad I found you and can work through some of them…thanks for the helpful info!

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