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LinkedIn Today – 6 New Things You Should Know

LinkedIn Today – What You Should Know

Are you using LinkedIn today to look for a new job, to network or share your content from? LinkedIn is one of those networks that many people do not sign into often. They sign up, fill out their profile and connect with others. They don’t go in often to update or check for updates like they may do on Facebook or Instagram. Only 40% of LinkedIn users sign in daily.  That means 60% do not sign into to check their LinkedIn account.  How often do you check your LinkedIn account? If you are one that does not check in to LinkedIn often, here are some updates you may want to know about today.

LinkedIn TodayDid you know LinkedIn today has had some recent updates?

Who’s Viewed Your Profile - You can see who has been viewing your profile. Good to know if you view others profiles. They will know it was you.

Who’s Viewed Your Updates – I love this one. You think everyone is seeing your updates in their stream? Not so! But it does give you an indication of who and how many are seeing your posts on this social network.

Pulse – The news just  for you in a stream. You can also see which topics on LinkedIn are top posts or discover new topics to explore.

Ads You May Be Interested In – Really? This is definitely interesting! It’s at the bottom right hand corner of your LinkedIn feed. It gives you choices of viewing ads on the network.

Groups – Are you missing your groups? They can be found under interests now. You will find your same groups there but they may look different.

Self Publish – Did you know that everyone can now self-publish on LinkedIn today? Just remember it’s like any social network – it’s rented space and not your own as on your own blog. The advantage to publishing on this network would be to appear as an expert in your field.  I’d love to know if you have used this feature yet – please let me know in the comments below.

LinkedIn Today’s Other Features

LinkedIn Today has some of it’s older features like jobs you might be interested in. They will show you jobs based on your profile on the network. You can make your settings turn this to private so others will not see what you are looking at for jobs. The same setting would apply if you are updating your profile and do not want your network to know about your recent tweaks. I would recommend setting that to private as well.

Groups are still big on LinkedIn. Groups are where you can get to know other liked minded individuals in your niche. They are great to participate in and meeting up with in person if they are local.

Sharing – LinkedIn is a great network to share useful links within your niche. You can share images, quotes, links and more now on this network than ever before.

Premium Feature – You may also purchase LinkedIn’s premium features to get more out this network like:   Full network access – See 35x more profiles and activity with full access to everyone in your 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree network, get a premium profile to look more professional, in-mail messages – so you can reach decision makers if they are NOT in your network, account and lead import from Sales Force and more!  Prices start at $23.99/mo and up for the premium edition of LinkedIn. If you are a job seeker only they have other plans starting at $19.99 to make you rise to the top as a featured applicant.


Other LinkedIn Stats

Check out more LinkedIn Today stats below that may convince you to log in more to your account or to have you sign up if you have not already. One hint – If you are looking for a job be sure to have your message notifications ON in your mobile device or log in daily to your account. You would not want to miss messages for a job interview lined up for you.

9 riveting LinkedIn statistics

How often are you using LinkedIn Today?

I’d love to know if you have used the self-publish feature or if you have found a job through LinkedIn. 


How to Use the Different Social Media Networks To Find a Job

Social Media Networks To Find A Job

I’m back folks, I hope you missed me! During my last visit here a Lisa’s place, I shared the benefits of LinkedIn’s job search feature, which I hope you took some time to check out.

In keeping with the topic of finding jobs using the different social networks out there, I’d thought I’d share how social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest can help those in the job hunt find one. You can now use these social media networks to find a job too.

social media networks to find a job


While I was searching through Facebook, I found there are a couple of ways you can find job here. First, there is the Social Jobs Partnership page. Facebook partnered with search sites like Monster, the US Department of Labor and other nonprofit companies. Jobs are posted on this page and there are instances when you can apply directly from that page.

You can also join Facebook groups. Using the search bar at the top of the Facebook page and type in keywords related to the results you’d like to find. I did a search using keywords “finding jobs group” and got a list of groups related to the search. A couple of them got my attention; “Let’s help each other find jobs” and “Helping Others Find Jobs”.


On Twitter, it’s all about the #hashtag. You can use keywords like #jobs, #employment. You can also use your city or the industry that you’d like to work in. For example, #houston or #customerservicejobs.


When I was doing research for this post I didn’t think Pinterest would be one of the social networks to find a job, but it is. You can’t search for jobs on sites but remember, recruiters will be looking for you.

If you do a search for “resumes” you’ll get tons of hits. I did and there are creative resumes out there. With all the competition out there you’ve got to get creative. Instead of creating one board for one resume, break it down. Create boards for your employment history and your skills.

Google Plus

Like Facebook, if you do a search using the keyword “jobs” you’ll get a return to follow circles such as Monster, Indeed, and there will be posts by others sharing employment opportunities. Keeping the keyword in the search bar, hit the “Communities” tab and you’ll see the different communities to join.


Just when you think there weren’t other social networking sites you can use to find jobs, you find one more. If you search using hashtags job, employment, or work, you’ll get a return.  At the bottom of the search Tumblr also provides related tags helping you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Remember The Golden Rule

Since you’re using these social media networks to find a job and advance your job search please remember the golden rule about posting inappropriate updates and images. If you want to lose out on a job prospect, that’s the quickest way to do it. Be careful what you post to social media networks to find a job.

Don’t Forget SEO

Yes SEO can also play a role in getting a recruiter or hiring manager to find your resume online. In the fast-paced world we live in you can bet that recruiters are only skimming through a resume. Optimizing your resume with keywords based on your industry can help you be found on search engines. And that’s exactly what we want, right?

Over To You

Have you searched for a job using these social networks? Are there other social sites you’ve searched or jobs on? Tell us how it went in the comments section below. I’m looking forward to some great conversation on using social media networks to find a job!

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I would really appreciate it if you’d share this post in your own social networks. There could be a fan or a follower who could use the information on this post. They can use these social media networks for find a job. Thanks!


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SEO vs Social Media – Which Is The Best Traffic Source To Your Blog?

SEO vs Social Media

Have you ever thought about where you should spend your time on getting traffic to your website? I joked last week with Robert Caruso from Bundle Post on Twitter as some would say “Social is the New SEO”, but is it really? Have you thought about the differences between seo vs social media to drive traffic to your blog or website?

SEO vs social media

SEO penguins and pandasIn the beginning I focused on SEO only for the retail website. Then I got started with tweets and RT’s and social media became the focus as sales were coming from both. Once the SEO was done, it was done, right? Well the Pandas and Penguins began to work at much faster pace as time went on. So then the focus shifts to SEO to clean it up to Google’s liking. Now I’m wondering, should the focus go back to SEO vs social media? Should we be in that red SEO car above? Knowing when to change lanes is key!

SEO = Search Everything Online

When one searches online for something they are ready to purchase or read about something. If they find what they are looking for you are golden, right? That’s what you want when you build a website or blog. Have people search and find your stuff. That’s the perfect scenario. 

The SEO Benefit – SEO vs Social Media

SEO lasts much longer online. Remember the time frames of a tweet or a Facebook post? Well, a great post or website will last much longer than those social posts any day hands down.  Your website will last as long as you own the domain name and continue to host the website. Even Google likes to see your domain name registered for 10 years vs just one or two years. They want to be sure you will be a staple online, not just a fly by the night type of website. When Google recommends you, you will be found!

8 Reasons Why is SEO So Hard!

  1. It takes a lot of time and patience.
  2. It takes testing, and re-testing, over and over. analyze SEO
  3. It must be consistent – you have to continue to build quality content and links. You cannot do it once and forget about it. If you do, Google will forget about you too!
  4. You must read up on the latest SEO techniques and changes via Google and the other search engines. What worked last year may not work this year.
  5. You need to analyze stats often and re-adjust SEO techniques.
  6. Once you learn, you must re-learn it and re-do.
  7. It’s like housework, it is NEVER done.
  8. It can be a real downer when your stats sink and they can sink fast too!

Why is SEO Great for Your Blog or Website?

  • It keeps you more focused. It gets results over the long haul. It will not happen quickly and that is why many people get so discouraged. It takes time and patience. SEO should be called

“TPO – Time Patience Optimization.”

  • It creates an audience – by showing up on the first pages of Google or other search engines when people are searching, you are creating an audience. You don’t have to build an audience as you do with social media.

Why Do People Love Social vs SEO?social is fun

  • Social media is easier to do once you get the hang of it.
  • Social is more fun – who doesn’t like to hang out with their friends and peers?
  • It is quicker than SEO, you see immediate results if you get RT’s, shares, etc. via the social network sites.

What Is Hard About Social Media?

  • You must build an audience – you won’t get shares if you don’t have an audience.
  • You must be available at all times to respond to people on social media. A smartphone is a must!

Read more from the Examiner on SEO vs social media as they make an excellent point how little control we have with social media networking sites vs. own our blogs and websites. We saw it once with Facebook when they decided which likes on pages were fake and took them away. Others have been put in Twitter Jail and lost their Twitter accounts. That’s why I believe we can never put our eggs social or seo in any one basket.

The debate will rage on- SEO vs social media. The social media specialists will say social is the new SEO, SEO specialists will say SEO is the main driver of traffic. I believe one must have SEO in place before they do social to gain traffic to their blog or website. A perfect combo of the two methods would be ideal. I’d love to hear your thoughts on SEO vs social media.


Which method do you prefer for driving traffic to your blog or website, SEO or social media? 

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The Benefits of Searching For Jobs In LinkedIn

Searching For Jobs in LinkedIn

When I told Lisa I would take a closer look at searching for jobs in LinkedIn features I was expecting to find the same features I’d find on any other job search site, but I stand corrected. Turns out, there are benefits of searching for jobs in LinkedIn. I’d like to thank Lisa for letting stop by and chat with you about it.

 Searching for Jobs In LinkedIn

About LinkedIn In A Nutshell

LinkedIn is a professional network with 225 million members and counting. Members can create a free professional profile and connect with associates and friends. And like all the other social networks you can catch up on the latest updates through its news feed.


Finding Jobs In LinkedIn

search jobs on LinkedIn

What you won’t see on other social networks is a job search feature. What I love about it is there are onsite and telecommuting jobs available. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits there are of searching for a job in LinkedIn’s job search page.

LinkedIn gives members the opportunity to discover new business and employment prospects and connect with folks like the founder of a company to talk about a joint venture or your own start-up company or a hiring manager to discuss a job opening.

Once you land an interview you know one of the questions you’ll likely be asked will be about company and what you know. As a LinkedIn member, you can find information about a company and be ready with a killer answer to impress the interviewer!

You can also use LinkedIn’s job search page to discover the skills that are required for certain industries or positions.


Searching For Jobs In LinkedIn

With a free LinkedIn membership you can do a basic job search by country, industry, and function. But if you want more out of a job search you might want to consider upgrading to a Premium membership.

When you upgrade to a Job Seeker Premium membership you are shown as a featured applicant, you can contact a recruiter through their Inmail system, and you can see a list of who has viewed your profile. This is an added benefit while searching for jobs in LinkedIn. 

Membership Thresholds

 LinkedIn Premiums

There are four membership thresholds; Basic, Job Seeker Basic, Job Seeker Premium, and Job Seeker Plus. As you can see from the screenshot above, when you upgrade to a paid membership, it comes with added benefits while you are searching for jobs in LinkdedIn.

The Basic membership is free. You have can do your standard job searches and have limited access to knowing who has viewed your profile.

The other three packages have the same features which includes profile viewing, featured applicant, and premium badge to distinguish you as a premium member, salary data, and support. These will help you searching for jobs in LinkedIn.

The only difference is the InMail Messaging System that is only available in the Job Seeker Premium membership currently for $14.98 a month for up to 5 messages and the Job Seeker Plus membership for $49.95 a month for up to 10 messages. The Job Seeker Basic membership is $19.95 a month and does not include this feature.


Over To You

Now that you know what the benefits are to using LinkedIn’s job search feature and what you can get out of each membership, would you be willing to give it a try?  Let me know what you think by filling out the comments section below.

If you know someone who is searching for a job, share this post with them. They just might find this feature helpful. Thank you for sharing!


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Three Reasons Why I Love HootSuite Pro

HootSuite Pro – The 3 Reasons I Love It

I’d like to thank Lisa for thinking about me for this post. I’ve been going on about HootSuite Pro for some time now and you’ll soon find out why. Enjoy the read!

Hootsuite Pro

Throughout my first year of blogging I was introduced to tons of online tools I “just had to have.” But out of all the tools I’ve seen and been using the one that has helped me keep it together has been HootSuite Pro. Allow me to explain.

Being a work-from-home mom is a split shift between running a home and running a business. It’s a 24-hour 7-day a week job so there has to be a balance. And while I’m reading the latest on a new tool I always ask myself, can I use this while I’m on the go?

I think Lisa summed it up best in her post called The Race To Post, Comment and Share To Success in which see talks about making time to accomplish all of our “things to do” as a blogger.

We all know we have to be consistent posting new and informative content. But in order to maintain traffic and make connections we have to take time to read other blogs, comment, and share.

And how to do I that when I’m sitting in the parking lot waiting for my kids to get out of school or practice?

Enter HootSuite      

I had been seeing HootSuite all over the place it was THE platform to access your social media accounts in one place. You would think that should have been good enough for me to sign up but I was okay with having multiple windows open and accessing each social media account separately. That is until it started getting busy.

I Love Me Some HootSuite!

I signed up for the free version of HootSuite. Imagine my surprise when I learn there’s much more to it than just accessing social media accounts. The free version includes adding up to 5 social media accounts, access to an analytics report, message scheduling, and up to 2 RSS feeds.

I finally found a tool that can help me save time and for a work-from-home mom on the go that is just about the best gift I can get. I didn’t hesitate to go Pro and here are the three reasons why I love it.

  1. You can add as many social media accounts as you’d like.  This allows me to see my Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and G+ accounts without opening multiple windows. I can reply quicker to friends and colleagues.
  2. Unlimited RSS Feeds. This feature is awesome! Now I won’t miss any new posts from my favorite bloggers and I can share the posts at the same time.
  3. Message Scheduling is an awesome feature for those who are always on the go. Let’s say you have an appointment in the morning but you want to share your post. You can schedule a day and time for your messages to post to your social media accounts. It keeps traffic going to your blog even while you’re away.

But Wait, There’s More

There are some other cool features as well. I’ve recently learned, wait for it…that there’s an app for HootSuite for those of us who use a mobile phone to conduct business and they launched a new feature called HootSuite Conversations that lets us talk to team members or end users in real time.

Awesome tool, huh?

To HootSuite or HootSuite Pro

If you’re still using the free version and haven’t decided on upgrading, like my friend Adrienne says in one of her posts, what the heck are you waiting for? If you’re looking for something to help you save time, this is it.

There’s even a free 30-day trial. I know you’ll love it as much as I do. By the way, I am an affiliate, so if you do decide to purchase using one of these links, I will get commission for it. But trust me folks, I wouldn’t promote something I wasn’t using myself or I thought was a questionable product. HootSuite Pro is the real deal.

HootSuite Social Media Dashboard

Over To You

Looks like I’ve gone on and one about HootSuite Pro haven’t I. So what’s holding you back from going with Hootsuite Pro? Maybe we can talk about any questions you might have. Not that I’m an expert, but I do love solving problems. Fill in the comments section below and let’s talk.

Manage Your Social Network Settings Easily

Social Network Settings Today

The Technology is changing our lifestyles. Isn’t it? Think about the days before the year 2000. The term “Social Media” was popular at that time? Anyway, the first identifiable social network was born in 1997 as Most people didn’t know it existed. But nowadays, Social Media keeps us busy all the time and people have been spending a lot of time there. If you ask any person now, even though they have no computer literacy, they just know there’s a thing called Facebook.


social network


Social Media Era


Now I hope you already know many of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and may have been on multiple social platforms too. It’s your choice to be on different social networks and due to different kind of reasons. However if you are on multiple networks, you will have to personalize your profile there or take control of settings in different occasions too. If you are on Facebook, you will have to be there and access releavant settings. If you are on StumbleUpon, again you have to go there and access your settings if you need to add or change anything related to your profile. But what if you can navigate to a specific setting of your social profiles from one place?


Think you wanna change the username on Pinterest, but you don’t know how to. So what if someone can take you to the exact place where you can change the username? Yeah, kind of assisting. Isn’t it convenient? Obviously, you just need to ask him/her to take you to the specific setting and you don’t ever need to worry about where it is. Would you like it to be happened in real-life?


Manage Settings


It’s already there and someone thought about it some time ago. It’s called BlissControl. BlissControl is a website where you can access settings of different social networks without worrying about where they are. You just need to make sure that you already have a social profile and it will help you find the setting you need to change on specific social network. Things made easy and no need to follow different instructions to change what you need now. Actually it’s a very simple idea but worth a lot for many people. Would you love to try out? Let’s see how to manage the settings of your social networks there.


● First off, you need to go to BlissControl website.


● Now it’s very easy to follow. You will see two boxes there,


Left Box to select the setting you wanna change




Right Box to select your social network




● Click on the right box and select the one from available social networks you would like to change settings.




● Now click on left box and select the setting you wanna change in selected network.




● Simple enough. Isn’t it? :) Now click GO button and it will take you to where the specific setting is located.




If a selected setting is not available for your selected network, then you will get a user friendly message there saying you can’t proceed.


Do you think it’s an easy way to manage social network settings?

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