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6 Comment Rules

There seems to be some confusion on comments and backlinks so I wanted to try to make it clearer for you. Here are the comment rules at Inspire to Thrive. 

  1. You must leave your real name. No fake names or company names only. This is a must for comment rules.
  2. You must have a gravatar or at least a photo of yourself. No icons or images in place of a photo. (Unless I truly know you – there are some bloggers who have been leaving comments for years like that). Gravatars are images that follow you from site to site appearing beside your name when you leave comments or post on a blog, forum, or website. They are very easy to set up, so if you haven’t – get yours today.
  3. If your comment has nothing to do with the post or page it will get considered spam and treated as such.
  4. You must comment 3 TIMES before receiving a backlink. One-time visitors will not receive a backlink.
  5. If you link to a product or sales page your comment will be considered spam.
  6. NO short comments like “great post” or “thank you” and that’s it. This is one of the comment rules that can surely have yours ending up in the spam folder quickly.

The Comment Rules

That’s it  – pretty plain and simple. Comments should be here to add to the conversation, to add to the topic, to answer or ask questions. Comments are the lifeline of a blog and I surely welcome them. Commenting helps us all to become better, to learn about each other, to learn new things, and interact. I’ve gotten to know many wonderful people via blogging and commenting.

So be sure to drop a comment on a post that inspires you to do so. I look forward to hearing from you. (A special thank you goes out to Adrian Jock of  for his persistence and for inspiring me to create this page.) 



Inspire to

This blog uses now uses Thrive Comments. We no longer use CommentLuv Premium. as the owner hasn’t updated the plugin in years due to illness. Recently, though I hear someone else may have purchased it, Stay tuned!  


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