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Social Media Posting: How to Fix for More Visibility

Social Media Posting Is Evolving Before Our Eyes

Social media posting is changing rapidly with each of the social networks. The days of just posting content may no longer cut it as stories, videos, and more evolve. Not to mention, the old post it once and leave it are almost gone.


Now, you must promote and boost your social media posts along the way. It doesn’t matter which social network you use either. From Twitter to Facebook to LinkedIn and even Pinterest, the methods of social media posting are all evolving quickly!

The days of just posting content may no longer cut it as stories, videos and more evolve. #socialmediamarketing Click To Tweet

What is a Social Media Manager To Do?

Keeping up with these changes is of utmost importance today. Not only keeping up with the news but trying out the newer posting methods on one’s own social networks first is key to learning as you are doing. Therefore, I’ve called my own social networks “the playground”.

The playground is where I learn, test, analyze and re-do all over again. Then, what works well, I use for my clients. What doesn’t work, I don’t use.

Of course, you must keep in mind what niche you are in. What may work in one niche may not work in another. It’s best to learn about the niches you work in along the way. Oftentimes I do a lot of research in a niche that I’m working in as well.

Finally, one thing that what DOES work well is something to make others laugh. Posts that are funny often seem to generate more engagement than those that don’t. 🙂

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Facebook Algorithm Changes and More

Recently it was announced that Facebook was making major changes. Yes, they are changing their name to Meta.

And now, Facebook says it will allow users to have more control over their own feeds. “As part of this, people can now increase or reduce the amount of content they see from the friends, family, Groups, and Pages they’re connected to and the topics they care about in their News Feed Preferences.”
Starting in 2022 it will change how advertisers can target demographically. This will make a huge difference to many advertising categories.

These changes will affect options that refer to “sensitive” topics, such as ads based on interactions with content around race, health, religious practices, political beliefs, or sexual orientation.

What’s Happening With Facebook Posts?

It wasn’t long ago that Agorapulse wrote about sharing links in their Facebook posts.

They recommend you now do NOT use links in all your posts and put the links in the comments instead. (I’ve tried one with not-so-great results, more to come!)

Now, Facebook is putting greater emphasis on groups, videos, and more. Mark Zuckerberg at the conference emphasized the need for intimacy and privacy, turning from the idea of a “social media town square” to a “social media living room”.

Furthermore, the new Facebook interface places the focus on Groups, the much more private aspect of Facebook than, for example, public Pages. The Events will have a more prominent place in the new version as well, with a new Events tab sitting right next to the Groups tab.


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Facebook Video and Social Media Posting

Facebook’s updates to the video ranking algorithm will affect video distribution across the News Feed, Watch, and the “More Videos” recommendations. Facebook wants to ensure engagement with its videos in the newsfeed.

“We will add more weight in ranking to videos that keep people engaged, especially on videos that are at least three minutes long,” wrote Facebook.

Videos are now being emphasized on Facebook if they are 3 minutes long and have original content. Even though you can make money by watching videos on YouTube, sharing from YouTube will get you nowhere on Facebook fast! But hang on, Ryan Biddulph makes a great point on why you should still use YouTube.

Videos are now being emphasized on Facebook if they are 3 minutes long and have original content. #Facebookvideo Click To Tweet

Facebook Messenger App

The other area of Facebook that will be changing is their messenger app. You will soon be able to book appointments via the new app. This newly redesigned app will also be able to highlight your closest friends and choose your current status. Fun or scary?

These upcoming changes will also make Facebook more of a personalized social media service.

Instagram Updates Coming

Instagram has been testing a new feature where people will not be able to like your posts. Imagine, Instagram doing away with likes?

Do you wonder why? I believe it has to do with all the apps created to have bots like this and that. Gaming the system is not what Instagram had in mind when they began their image social network!

IGTV is another area that has grown on Instagram. Likewise, it is a longer video feature for brands to compete with TV. Instagram claims “Longer vertical video on Instagram makes it even easier to get closer to your audience and be discovered by new people.”

Moreover, IGTV videos can be 15 seconds up to 10 minutes. If you want to do longer videos with IGTV, you can via desktop. The videos from the desktop can be up to 1 hour long!  A normal video on Instagram can only be up to 1 minute.

Last, don’t forget about the Instagram stories video option – you have only up to 15 seconds to publish a video story! Stories are still a great way to generate some visibility on both Facebook and Instagram today.

Twitter Roll Outs Updates

Furthermore, Twitter has not stopped with its recent updates. The most recent is the ability to add video or photo in a retweet or reply on Twitter.

Not to mention the recent Twitter camera that makes this network more like Facebook and Instagram. The Twitter camera apps give your tweet a “story feel”. 

Pinterest Updates to Make Shopping Easy

Let’s not forget the Pinterest social media posting. Back in March, they made their pins more shoppable. The updates there include personalized item recommendations for shoppers within the style, home, beauty, and DIY boards based on what they’ve saved.

In-stock product pins now appear at the top of search results, and a new “Shop a brand” section that appears beneath product pins enables a merchant like Levi’s to highlight other items within its own catalog.

Now, retailers can now upload their entire catalog to Pinterest to create Product Pins on Pinterest. Product pins enable consumers to see dynamic information about an item within a pin, including its price, availability, and where it can be purchased.

Consumers can click through a product pin to buy the item on the retailer’s website! This makes Pinterest better able to compete with Instagram’s shopping feature.

What Should You Do With YOUR Social Media Posts Now?

My advice at this point would be to use more video. If you are extremely uncomfortable with video, then create images into videos with Canva or another service available out there.

At the same time, I would consider using some humor with some of your social media posts. You may have to be careful depending on what niche you are in. And of course, always keep humor in clean taste!

Next, I would get more involved in Facebook groups and think about starting my own. Be sure to engage with others so they will in return engage with you. Keep your engagements on social media genuine. Of course, don’t spam in groups or you will quickly get banned 🙁

If you are on Instagram spend a few more minutes a day engaging there. Not only will engaging give you more visibility but it will help you if the likes do disappear as Instagram is testing a no likes Instagram feed.

Finally, use stories in your social media posting and marketing. People love looking at stories, they don’t want to miss out on anything. These stories disappear in 24 hours.

Of course, now the Instagram reels are all the rage as they compete with TikTok.

Your Take on Social Media Posting Today

I’d love to know in the comments below what you are doing to improve your social media posting with all the recent changes.

Have you tried posting without links in your Facebook page’s feed? Do you find humor increases your engagement as well?